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Laserworld PRO-1600RGB

1,600mW RGB ILDA Laser with SD Card

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Product Description

The Laserworld PRO-1600RGB is a white light RGB laser light system with analog modulation and a total output power of up to 1'600mW. It is not only equipped with fast scanners for great projections, it also comes with the super bright 637nm red, that is visible several times better than the 650nm plus has a thinner, more accurate beam profile. Therefore the Laserworld PRO-1600RGB ensures great visibility and is suitable for beam as well as for graphics projections.



Technical Specs

This show laser light provides an analog modulation. It means a better color fading and a much broader color hue. These facts make the Laserworld PRO-1600RGB ideal for all applications requiring many different color hues and color fadings.

The very advantage of the projectors of the Proline Series is the integrated Glass Effects Actuator: The systems not only run in normal scanner mode. Similar to an optical bench they are equipped with additional grating effects. Without the effects it is possible to show emotionalizing beam shows as well as graphis projections. Through DMX control three different grating effects can be chosen:

Integrated Effects

The integrated effects can be used individually through selecting a dip switch on the back panel or with a DMX controller, in addition all integrated effects can be used through Automatic mode or Music Mode including in conjunction with ILDA software for spectaculars results

 Proline Series Dip Switch settings:

Normal scanner mode – creates emotionalizing beam shows and graphics projections (Dip Switch 5)

Burst Grating mode – the scanned pattern is multiplied many times and covers a wide range (Dip Switch 6)

3D Effect mode – creates a great 3D-looking effect on the scanned pattern (Dip Switch 8)

Radial Pattern Effect mode – A pattern is displayed in the center, the effect shows a multitude of this projection in circles around the center projection (Dip Switch 7)

 Computer control:

The Laserworld PRO-1600RGB has an ILDA interface for professional computer control. Thus own or pre-programmed lasershows can be displayed by use of a laser control software, e.g. of Phoenix or Pangolin.

 DMX Mode:

Through DMX preset patterns, like waves, tunnels, circles etc. can be projected in different colors and at various speed.


Automatic Mode:

The laser system has an automatic mode, which runs the pre-programmed patterns automatically. (Dip Switch 1 & 10) 

 Music Mode:

If the music mode is active, the laser system projects according to the sound. The microphone sensitivity can easily be adjusted at the rear side of the projector. (Dip Switch 10)

 Next to the modi mentioned  above, this laser projector provides a master-slave-mode. Show lasers of the same series (slave projectors), connected via DMX to a main projector (master projector) project the same patterns like the master projector.

 The rugged housing of the Laserworld PRO-1600RGB is very compact and has dimensions of only 27 x 19 x 16 cm (W/B/H). A special feature of the housing is the mounting bracket that allows to fasten the unit in about 360° turns around the mounting axis of the bracket. This feature makes a fixed installation very easy.

The microphone for the sound-to-light reception and the status LEDs are located at the front panel of the Laserworld PRO-1600RGB, next to the laser aperture. In the sound-to-light mode the MIC LED on the front side is flashing when the microphone receives sound triggers. A second LED lights if the laser is in operation mode.

 On the rear side of this laser device, a variety of features can be set and different interfaces can be used. In addition to the power connection socket and an on/off switch there are interfaces for DMX in and out, ILDA in and out and for Interlock connection. In case of an active ILDA connection a green LED lights next to the ILDA interface. An integrated key switch prevents the laser system against unauthorized use. The Laserworld PRO-1600RGB is equipped with a beam block "Scan Fail Safety", that can be switched on/off on the back panel as well. In active state this prevents the laser from projecting single beams.

Two rotary buttons on the rear side of the device allow adjustement of the pattern size and the sensitivity of the microphone. Furthermore there are dip switches for setting the different operation modes and DMX address. Finally a special loop for a safety cord has been integrated.

The Laserworld PRO-1600RGB is equipped with red and blue diode laser modules and a green DPSS laser module. The red diode has a wavelength of 637nm for very good visibility at great beam specifications. Togehter with the green DPSS laser module with a wavelength of 532nm and the royal-blue diode laser module with a wavelength of 445nm the laser sources create brilliant colors and form a powerful source for the Laserworld PRO-1600RGB.

The projector has good beam specifications with a beam diameter of about 3mm and beam divergence of about 1.3mrad. At the same time it offers a galvo system with up to 40kpps with a max. scan angle of 40° and a deflection angle for the grating effects of up to 80°.

 The Laserworld PRO-1600RGB is a powerful whitelight laser system. This device is well suited for private use and professional applications and it is ideal for use in medium to larger sized clubs, discos and nightclubs or in other party locations. It is also a great solution for mobile DJs and rental companies.


Total Power typical: 1'600mW
Minimum output power: 1'300mW
Power Red: >300mW / 637nm
Power Green: >300mW / 532nm
Power Blue: >700mW / 445nm
Beam Specifications: ca. 3mm / ca. 1.3mrad
Laser Sources: Diode, DPSS Laser
Laser Class: 4
Operation Modes: auto, music, DMX, ILDA
Scanner: Galvo system, up to 40kpps @4°
Scan Angle max.: 40° max. / 80° for glass effects
Basic Patterns: >200 Patterns (layers, tunnels, fences, waves etc.; grating & 3D effects)
Accessories: power cable, manual, interlock connector, key
Power Supply: 85V - 250V AC
Power Consumption: 50 W
Dimensions: 270/190/160 mm
Weight: 4.75 kg


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29 February, 2016
pro for a reason
just used couple of these at the weekend...beams and waves were amazing and the 3d capability of them are truly breathtaking..works well with 1 as a centerpiece or an array for awesome show 9/10
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18 June, 2018
Great value for money laser
I was looking for a powerful laser that I could program. The Pro-1600RGB is so good I bought two. They are easy to set up and packs a punch. Nice to have the lens-guard to put in place when transporting the light.
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18 November, 2016
I'm In Love!
I went through a period of picking the right one to fit my needs but having limited knowledge other than clubbing back in the day I didn't really know what would be the best choice, I just knew I needed 2 simple effects, a Tunnel/Vortex & the Horizontal Scanning going up and down... that was my starting point. But I talked to Greg @ djkit.com & he really helped me out, & win many occasions. It does seem though this in this world you really get what you pay for. But! I must say if you can just escape in what any laser can do & not get obsessed about the finer details, if your budget is low then I still think you'l at least have fun until you're able to raise the extra funds for the more in depth models. But if you Can find the extra cash then the likes of the Pro Series is amazing man! Just to say, I'm using this at home so noise levels are important especially as I use a microphone in my home studio & want to use this to do film some creative things I have ideas about. I tried the CS-1000 the DS-1800 & my Pro 1600. The CS was lovely with decent noise levels & I was so happy but it did lack a bit on the Scan Rate so some things weren't as smooth but they can be used depending again on your needs. If you just wanna play the CS is great value & actually have heard people use them and create an income so man your imagination & creativity will be your biggest friend & people will like it. The DS is an amazing piece off kit though it had an issue but Greg and the other guy's at DJ are great about & helped me exchange for the Pro! What I will say though is if you can handle noise if use at home, fine! But this should really been in a club/venue scenario as man, the fans are incredibly loud! But these are meant to be in clubs and the music will totally drown that out. Although it had an issue I know the DS was really special! Then I chose the Pro... & I am a very happy customer!!! One of m6 requirements was I needed white! But unfortunately this is where money comes into play. The lower models produce tones of white, the CS is an electric blue, didn't get to see the white on the DS but I guess it may be similar to the Pro. The Por is nice & I am happy but I isn't a pure white. I guess I'll have to fork out a bit more or quite a bit more for a pure white, but I know from being an LED Lighting freak that white is very hard to simulate, so just be aware. My Pro seems a bit pinkish to blueish at times but it is c.loser to what I needed. And man it has the best fan of all 3!!! But it still has a highish noise level but that's to be expected being as the internals need to be cooled, But the noise in the Pro is now acceptable for me but my mic will pick it up the fan but it's a product made for big spaces so I'll have to accept it and move on. Just quickly, if you only have the budget for under £100 or around that please don't be put off. You won't get RGB or White, you won't have as smooth a beam, but all though I never had one in that price bracket, |I saw many vids through online reviews. But one thing you will have is loads of fun & actually their flickering isn';t so bad cos that's what I grew up with clubbing, Gree Tunnels flickering are attached to some of my greatest memories growing up raving! On the downside! If you can call it that, but I am an extreme perfectionist and these model have had some body work (for lack of a better word) defects or better still imperfections but they are only noticeable close up & mine may have been a one off. But all they are are imperfect finish to the spray job or the logo print carrying white around it like a halo so it won't a fine print fully. But on mine they are only 2 point I've noticed finish issues to the paint job and logo. Now it sit atop a chrome stand and it looks majestic, full of futuristic splendour. I can literally be in front of it for ages upon ages messing with the software!!! I'm a totally fan and now think could I do this as career and learn how to create shows and see if I can work in this field. But not sure if I will but it's opened doors in my imagination for now who's to know how things'll turn out. From being in front of a Green Tunnel With a Vortex effect from the smoke machine to Bright Colours spinning around I'm in unadulterated bliss. You can't dismiss beauty, even in technology and this makes me smile man, cos I get truly lost in what it can do! For what the laser can create I believe you won't be disappointed! If you have the cash for better though go for it as I can only imagine the experience will only get better. And if cash is an issue just go for the green laser the EL-60 and just enjoy yourself flicker and all, as that's what I clubbed to most times! Life is short and tough enough as it is, so just let go and enjoy if that's what you can afford and hopefully you'll get the bug and save for that better model. Thanks the guys at djkit.com & Laserworld for all of your help, it's well appreciated!
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7 October, 2016
My new toy for Christmas!
Fantastic laser - great with or without Haze.
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Laserworld PRO-1600RGB

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