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Pioneer XDJ-RX Product Description

Pioneer XDJ-RX all-in-one Rekordbox Solution with large, dual-deck screen.

Now with Full version of Rekordbox DJ Software!

The Pioneer XDJ-RX is a digital console that integrates two digital players, a built in monitor and a mixer. DJs can use the Pioneer rekordbox software via a USB storage devise to drive their set, making the XDJ-RX one of the most versatile consoles on the market.

Pioneer DJ has designed the XDJ-RX to be compatible with rekordbox software. Pre plan your set with rekordbox and enjoy the privileges of being a pioneer rekordbox DJ. rekordbox will allow you to compile, edit and save your sets prior to performance, you can also analyse your tracks using Wave Zoom, BPM, ID3 Tag, create playlists, active loops, beat grid and many other features.

The high resolution, LCD colour display screen is one fantastic feature that comes with the Pioneer XDJ-RX. Use your state of the art screen to browse your music info, consider your Wave and Wave Zoom and also use Beat count to help you fuse a faultless mix. It is the small facets of the XDJ-XR (like the screen) that will add the professional edge to your sets.

The Pioneer XDJ-RX can be a standalone console as it is USB driven, meaning that you do not have to worry about lugging your laptop or device around with you on the road.  This console is also fitted with not one, but two MIC inputs, so if you fancy getting a vocalist and/or an MC in on one of your tracks you can plug in either or both, just another way of expanding your creative horizons!

Pioneer has also taken inspiration from their flagship models when designing this console. With professional features like Beat sync, Quantize, Beat Effects and Sound Colour FX, Loop slice (new), Hot Cue and many more, the Pioneer XDJ-RX will push your sets to a new level and help perfect your mixing technique.

DJkit consider Pioneer XDJ-RX to be a fantastic feature packed, practical and portable console that stands its own amongst the range of Pioneer flagship models.

For more Information and buy the Pioneer XDJ-RX lowest price check out our Pioneer XDJ-RX Video review below:

If you looking for the new Pioneer DDJ-RX click here

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Technical Specs

1. NEW Large full-colour screen for at-a-glance information from both players The 7-inch, full-colour LCD screen displays information about both players simultaneously for intuitive alignment of beat grids and a visual reference to what features are in play. The screen has two modes:
Play: shows track playback position, dual waveform display with Wave Zoom, BPM and Beat Countdown, FX information, Quantize status and more. Browse: lets DJs quickly browse and select tracks, with easy access to artwork views and Hot Cue info for each track. Plus the traffic light system shows which rekordbox tracks are in key with the track on the master deck.
2. Integrated unit with familiar layout and pro-DJ features The XDJ-RX integrates two USB-driven players and a two-channel mixer, with build quality and performance features inherited from the club-standard Pioneer DJ Nexus set-up.
Quantize: uses the track’s beat grid to ensure loops and cues are set and triggered in time with music. Beat Sync: looks at the rekordbox beat grids, on up to four connected players, and snaps them to the beat of the master deck. Slip Mode: silently continues track playback during a loop, reverse or scratch and brings the music back at the right point when the DJ exits the performance.
3. NEW Loop Slice added to features triggered by the tactile pads In addition to the familiar CDJ layout, the XDJ’s platters each feature four tactile pads to add a more physical element to sets. DJs hit the pads to instantly trigger Hot Cues they’ve prepared in rekordbox, or to set Auto Beat Loops.
A new feature for the XDJ-RX is Loop Slice. DJs hit the pads to set a loop length (1, 2, 4 or 8 beat loop), then hit the pads again to slice it up and remix it on-the-fly. Single or continuous playback modes give DJs more control and the option to choose a Loop Slice style to suit any dance music genre.
4. Two USB ports enable DJs to record even while both ports are in use The XDJ-RX has two USB ports, with Deck 1 enabling playback while Deck 2 allows playback and recording at the same time. So two DJs can perform together and record their set, without sacrificing an input.
5. Performance mixer boasts high-quality Sound Colour FX and Beat FX The XDJ-RX’s four studio quality Sound Colour FX are inherited directly from the DJM-900NXS and feature a Lo/Hi Pass control for both channels: Noise, Gate/Comp, Crush and Filter. It also features eight of the most popular Beat FX and an improved wet/dry dial for even better control: Delay, Echo, Spiral, Reverb, Flanger, Pitch, Roll and Trans.
6. Driven by rekordbox USB or rekordbox app so no need for a laptop or CDs The all-in-one XDJ-RX is designed to breathe life into tracks prepared in rekordbox or on the rekordbox app on an iPhone, iPod touch or Android smartphone. DJs simply plug in their rekordbox USB or connect their iOS/Android devicei (wired connection only) to load tracks directly to the XDJ-RX. Preparing tracks in rekordbox gives DJs access to a multitude of performance features including:
Loops and Cues: pre-set loops and tagged cues in rekordbox can be triggered instantly. Beat Countdown: counts DJs down to cues from up to 64 bars away. Key Analysis Indicator: a traffic light system in the browser shows which tracks are in a compatible musical key with the master deck. Active Loop: an automatic loop at the end of tracks ensures DJs are never caught unprepared again.
7. Can be used as a stand-alone mixer thanks to multiple connections The XDJ-RX can be connected to additional CDJs or turntables using the switchable Line/Phone input and used as a stand-alone mixer. It also features a LAN port, two MIC inputs, two Master outs and a booth out – making it a versatile solution for any set-up.
8. Other features Midi control Auto standby Will support control via the rekordbox app of features including Needle Search and XY Pad FX from June 2015 (wired connection only)
Playable media
iPhone/iPod touch
Android phone (from April 2015)
USB storage devices (flash memory/HDD, etc.)
Computers (Mac/Windows PC)
Playable file
(iOS version of rekordbox: MP3 and AAC only´╝‰
USB storage support file systems
Number of channels
2 channels
Sampling rate
48 kHz
A/D, D/A converter
24 bit
Frequency response
20 Hz´Ż×20 kHz
S/N ratio
101 dB or above (USB)
Total harmonic distortion
0.003% or less (USB)
USB ports
USB A port x 2, USB B port x 1
Audio input ports
Phono/Line x 2 (RCA)Ń€€
MIC x 2 (1 x XLR/╝-inch jack, 1 x ╝-inch jack)
Audio output ports
Master out x 2 ´╝ˆXLR x 1, RCA x 1´╝‰
Booth out x 1 (Jack)
Headphone monitor out x 2 (Front ╝-inch jack, MiniPin)
Other ports
LAN (100Base-TX) x 1
Audio output voltage
12.3 Vrms (XLR), 7.8 Vrms (RCA)
Head room
19 dB
Electricity consumption
34 W
Max external dimension
(W x D x H)
728.2 x 411.9 x 104.2 mm
8.0 kg
rekordbox system requirements
Supported OS
Mac OS X (v10.10,10.9,10.8,10.7 or 10.6)
Windows« 8 / Windows« 8.1 / Windows« 8 Pro / Windows« 8.1 Pro / Windows« 7 Home Premium / Professional / Ultimate
Visit for latest supported OS information

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Pioneer XDJ-RX Reviews

Do you own the Pioneer XDJ-RX? Why not write a review based on your experience with it.
18 May, 2015
Great product!!
Got these as recommended by a friend and one of my best buys! Everything you need and perfect if you are on the move.
1 found this helpful
20 January, 2014
Everything and more! Pioneer XDJ-RX Amazing!
Well I have a XDJ-R1 but this has everything and more! just reading through the spec and the Youtube video from it is the ultimate Rekordbox solution, I have already put my name down on one of the first units coming in late February, can't wait!
3 found this helpful
30 December, 2021
well worth investing in
Cant Fault pioneer on there equipment. I upgraded to the RX2 recently but these lasted me well and had some good mixes on them
0 found this helpful
5 April, 2020
I have had this controller for about 3 years and have just sold it just before the lockdown, this bit of kit is great easy to use, great build quality, sound quality is good would recommend this to people who are looking to upgrade to next level from a small controller
0 found this helpful
24 March, 2020
Great piece or kit, lasted me well and is still going years later!!
0 found this helpful
24 August, 2019
Love it best piece of dj gear i ever bought great service from and fast delivery
0 found this helpful
6 June, 2019
Good product not keen on recordbox software though
0 found this helpful
19 December, 2018
Pioneer Quality
What can I say other than a fab product! I've owned this product for over 1 and a half years, and I've certainly got my use out of it! It's a fantastic piece of equipment, need I say more!
0 found this helpful
25 March, 2018
Fantastic bit of kit and great value for money
This product has made various aspects of mixing easier and has a lot of great features which allows for an easy transition to cdj's as it shares many similarities with them.
0 found this helpful
22 March, 2018
Pioneer XDJ-RX
Great product. Refreshing not to have to carry laptop around. Quick delivery and excellent service from
0 found this helpful
19 February, 2018
Excellent Controller!
Excellent mixer! Easy to set up. Rekordbox is super too. I used to have a traktor S4 and this completely blows that out of the water.
0 found this helpful
9 November, 2017
Ok it of kit
Nice bit of kit Just wish they told me about r2 coming out Would definitely not got this one (Only a week later it came out­čśö)
0 found this helpful
14 October, 2017
Awesome Machine!
This is an outstanding piece of equipment, I highly recommend to any first time buyers.
0 found this helpful
28 April, 2017
I love this thing. I've been DJing using Traktor DVS for years, but I wanted a more portable solution that would get me away from my laptop. This unit is everything I wanted and more. It's more portable than my old setup, has more features, and sounds better. What more could you want? People complain about the lack of 4 deck support, I've routed my old mixer through the mic channel so I can still have 1 of my technics running traktor, allowing me to mix 3 decks. It's a bit janky but that just encourages creativity if you ask me. Transitioning between this and a pioneer club setup is seamless, top notch kit.
0 found this helpful
18 March, 2017
this controller is the most responsove controller i have used, when using ethernet!!
0 found this helpful
9 March, 2017
Lovely product, Amazing Service!
Love the product! Easy to use and is perfect for our needs! The ordering process was perfect. Reading reviews & watching the online videos with the ease of the online finance made me buy from They even called me to let me know when I will receive it which was next day! Very happy customer - Well done!
0 found this helpful
Oli Baits
3 March, 2017
My new favourite bit of kit!
If only this bit of kit was available when I bought my CDJs and DJM900... You really don't need anything else! In fact, this is just like a pair of mini CDJ2000s and a mini DJM900 mixer. I've downsized to this set up from a full nexus set up and I'm not really missing anything from the pro system. It's build quality is superb, most of the features and effects are exactly the same as the 2000 nexus and being portable in an all-in-one system just makes it a 10/10 product for me. The new Pioneer FLT-XDJRX flight case is also the best case i've ever owned by a mile. I've added a pair of Pioneer DM-40 monitors and it's a home DJ set up to be proud of! Most importantly though, when you do use the full CDJ2000 set up, you feel right at home! Cheers
0 found this helpful
6 January, 2017
Excellent value for money!
The XDJ-RX should not be looked at as a controller but simply a 2 channel mixer with 2 xdj players bolted together. The sound card is unreal, there are more ports on the back than you can shake a stick at. The recording feature is incredibly handy and the build quality is just fantastic. I previously had a DDJ RB and this is definitely the stepping stone between a basic controller and CDJs. I couldn't recommend this enough!
0 found this helpful
23 December, 2016
Yet again pioneer with another amazing product :)
0 found this helpful
19 December, 2016
Quality bit of kit
I purchased this looking for something compacted to save space in the studio and wasn't disappointed! This packs a lot of features in a all in one unit. Works great without having to link a laptop to it which was a important purchasing point for me. More than enough effects for using on the fly which defiantly adds to my recorded sets. Have use it out at gigs and so easy and quick to set up on the fly. I would recommend this to beginners and experienced dj's looking for ease of use and functionality! Pioneer have done great!
0 found this helpful
1 December, 2016
Great service
0 found this helpful
28 July, 2016
Excellent piece of kit, highly recommended
0 found this helpful
25 July, 2016
Great bit of kit
Excellent bit of kit. Having learned on Pioneer CDJ's and Mixer, this encorporates everything into a neat package. Some features are missing compared to the big brother setup, but this is expected. Everything you need to practice is on her and works very well. Highly recommended.
0 found this helpful
24 July, 2016
Great product, super fast delivery. Highly recommended.
0 found this helpful
23 June, 2016
Great peice of kit, would highly recommend.
Great peice of kit, would highly recommend.
0 found this helpful
1 June, 2016
Probably Pioneers best invention yet, great service from you's...
0 found this helpful
Jack IT Techno/Tech House DJ & Producer
17 May, 2016
Pioneer XDJ-RX
My Baby is on its way I can't wait to get my hand on it YEhahahahahhahahah
0 found this helpful
21 April, 2016
Amazing bit of kit
0 found this helpful
15 March, 2016
Brilliant for beginners and advanced
Absolute brilliant piece of gear.
0 found this helpful
11 March, 2016
Excellent!! Has loads of top features at a much more affordable price. Great for bedroom set-up to be ready for the club.
0 found this helpful
10 March, 2016
love this pioneer!!!!
great product love it!!!
0 found this helpful
8 March, 2016
Awesome, upgraded from CDJ-1000 MK3, was a bit weary of not having CD capability but actually don't miss it at all. In fact its way easier not burning to CD all the time and just networking to the Mac/PC to access Rekordbox
0 found this helpful
1 March, 2016
A must get!
I love this controller it's easy to use and a good bit of kit so happy I've got it
0 found this helpful
27 February, 2016
for me it's better than cdj's
now with firmware 2.00 it has hid and midi in/out not just midi out so will work with dj software + standalone with usb stick,ipod or phone for backup (laptop crash) thanks pioneer great piece of kit
0 found this helpful
11 February, 2016
Everything you'd want in 2 decks and a mixer - and in one sexy package. Just wow.
0 found this helpful
Matt Canning
25 January, 2016
Amazing bit of kit
Bought this as I wanted to be able to record straight to USB to produce radio shows. It's an amazing piece if equipment that does everything you need. Lacks a 4 channel mixer but that isn't a problem for me and won't be for most. Jog wheels are quite sensitive but you get used to it quickly. All the pioneer mixer effects, which are great. What's not to like? Get it.
0 found this helpful
20 January, 2016
Solid bit of kit
Wanted something to practise on that would help me get used to the standard club set up but without spending all the money. This was hands down a perfect investment.
0 found this helpful
Undisclosed Reviewer
4 January, 2016
Great machine and great service from
Great piece of kit of the usual Pioneer industry standard. Great service, competitive price and speedy delivery from I would highly recommend the Pioneer XDJ-RX and
0 found this helpful
19 December, 2015
Great piece of kit, needs another 2 chanels so you can mix 4 inputs, I bought the Areo (pioneer) as well to go with RX so this is possible.
0 found this helpful
15 December, 2015
top company
Love this great company will be getting more soon
0 found this helpful
15 December, 2015
top company
Love this great company will be getting more soon
0 found this helpful
Stephen Dew
15 December, 2015
Mixes like melted butter
This thing is so easy to use, it seriously mixes like butter under your fingers and makes every mix sound great. Awesome not be looking looking at a laptop whilst DJing as well!
0 found this helpful
8 December, 2015
Best controller I've ever had
Really awesome bit of kit. Literally like having a pair of CDJ's in front of you. With the option of 2 USBs, MIDI connection, Rekordbox AND a record out to the 2nd USB makes it awesome! Now with upgraded RekordBox software you can connect to laptops much easier than before with this controller and traktor. Only downside is on the new software you can have 4 decks however only have 2 decks on the controller
0 found this helpful
Undisclosed Reviewer
8 December, 2015
top top top product everything ive ever wanted
This piece of kit is truly superb , its as close as your going to get to 2x cdj pioneer 2000 nexus and a djm 900 mixer
0 found this helpful
Al Godsmark
2 December, 2015
Fantastic bit of kit!
SO easy to use, for when you're not 100% on the track you're mixing into. All about the waveforms on this machine. But aside from that, it's got a great little 2ch mixer and effects. The platters are a little light, compared to the CDJ range, but this'll probably just make you more accurate after some time. Totally recommended, unless you have hundreds of CDs - and can't face running the whole lot through RekordBox. But the things you can do with the playlists, amazing.
0 found this helpful
26 October, 2015
Lots of fun, easy to set up. Could do with more colour effects
0 found this helpful
18 July, 2015
Amazed by this unit
What a unit, truly amazed by how it does a job as good as a cdj2000 nexus. Amazing bit of kit. Upgraded from a pioneer Urgo V to this new RX and im more than pleased.
0 found this helpful
Undisclosed Reviewer
9 July, 2015
Amazing work of art from pioneer
0 found this helpful
2 July, 2015
I love this product
Having done discos for over forty years with vinyl cds an now I think I have hit the top with this unit it does the lot .
0 found this helpful
22 June, 2015
XDJ RX - Total perfection......
This line of Pioneer Pro DJ equipment is what every DJ is talking about! Exceptional build quality, fantastic nexus derived features. This is perfect for what I need, takes away the need for a laptop during live performances. Just prepare tracks before hand on a laptop using rekordbox, export to a USB pen drive and all the music & track information is right there on the full colour display without the need to stare at a laptop all night. Fantastic service from, ordered 2pm on a Monday and received the following morning! Free delivery too!! Thank you :-)
0 found this helpful
17 June, 2015
Pioneer XDJ-RX
Pioneer XDJ-RX is a great controller i love it no laptop needed just mix away all your tunes
0 found this helpful
15 June, 2015
A great Product
A great introduction to the Pioneer DJ Rekordbox ecosystem. Good features, Brilliant sharp, crisp HD screen all wrapped up with pioneer reliability and great customer service from guys at
0 found this helpful
10 June, 2015
Very happy with the Pioneer
Solid metal face, standard pioneer knobs. Everything I need in one unit. Highly recommended.
0 found this helpful
1 June, 2015
Love it! great all in one device! use it everday and its improving my DJING skills immensly
0 found this helpful
30 May, 2015
amazing service and a amazing product
amazing bit of kit and top top service delivery is fantastic well please to say the least !!!!!!!
0 found this helpful
26 May, 2015
Have owned for a week, good piece of kit and I would recommend. Noticeable differences to 2000/900 combo but for price it is fantastic. Screen is excellent, build quality far better than expected and has a metal faceplate which gives that 'premium feel' haven't encountered any real 'cons' yet... Apart from Pioneer's awful attempt at master tempo again. As a Rekordbox user for last few years it is the perfect controller in my opinion.
0 found this helpful
Undisclosed Reviewer
30 April, 2015
Really happy!
So far so good with this! Couldn't have asked for anything more and real good value for money
0 found this helpful
25 April, 2015
Great product and i also think great price for what you get
Product is quality im well chuffed with the price for a change, i think its real value for money, no laptop required which at the end of the day is a bloody expensive hard drive :) What was even better was the boss (forget his name) delivered to the highlands for free, thats a first for any company :) It arrived a day later than expected however due to good customer service i can let this slide.
0 found this helpful
20 April, 2015
Very happy
Super fast delivery... DJX-RX is fantastic, I sold my mixer of 10 years and CDJ's to get this and not disappointed one bit.
0 found this helpful
15 April, 2015
Market Changer....
Great piece of kit, nice solid construction and the software is stable. The mixer is good with added fx capability, only downside is that it only has 2 channels. Overall, if you want to divorce the laptop when DJing at home....then buy this!
0 found this helpful
12 April, 2015
Fantastic Product! Very high quality of materials.Good compromise between price and features. Professional service. Highly recommend and Pioneer!
0 found this helpful
10 April, 2015
100% worth the money
Fantastic product, very happy with it! the delivery date was postponed by one day... but that wasn't too bad I guess :P
0 found this helpful
4 April, 2015
What an fantastic bit of kit . Love all the usual effects and in particular the loop slice slip functions. Recording is an excellent feature that has been addressed since the R1. Screen is large, bright and very easy to navigate . Love this product
0 found this helpful
Undisclosed Reviewer
27 March, 2015
thanks guys!
Great service provide and the XDJ is great!!
0 found this helpful
18 March, 2015
Pioneer have nailed it with this one....
Having been using a variety of CDJ's, controllers and turntables over the years, I have to say this is seriously impressive. To be honest, its club standard. I use SL2 with 1000's and an 800 mixer - this blows them out of the water and makes them look like dinosaurs. Rekordbox is fantastic and I love the fact I can now rock up with a USB stick and play. Highly recommended.
0 found this helpful
Undisclosed Reviewer
18 March, 2015
since moving on from vinyl i was looking to purchase a laptop and a midi controller. The pioneer XDJ- RX was a cheaper and to be honest better solution. Made up with it. Highly recomend!
0 found this helpful

Pioneer XDJ-RX Questions

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Can you still play cd on this player or is it should usb sticks do they come with this priduct and how many songs can it hold
balhars49 asked 4 years ago
No CD player at all. It's USB or laptop (midi) only. This doesn't come with USBs and number of tracks depends on GB size of USB. Class Olsen does a nice cheap 32GB for about £12
bobhughes1965 answered 4 years ago
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Pioneer XDJ-RX
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