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Equinox Truss Booth System

Foldable Mobile DJ Stand

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Key Features

This lightweight, compact and collapsible Equinox Truss Booth system is perfect for professional DJs and comes supplied with a sturdy shelf, cross bars and white front board for your own branding. 

Lightweight, compact and collapsible Truss Booth

- System includes: 4 sided folding Truss Booth with white front board for your own branding, shelf support cross bars and 1 carpet covered shelf.

- Tube Diameter: 32mmØ



Product Description

This lightweight, compact and collapsible Equinox Truss Booth system is perfect for professional DJs and comes supplied with a sturdy shelf, cross bars and white front board for your own branding.

 Lightweight, compact and collapsible Truss Booth

- System includes: 4 sided folding Truss Booth with white front board for your own branding, shelf support cross bars and 1 carpet covered shelf.

- Tube Diameter: 32mmŘ


  • 1150 x 140 x 650mm (folded)
  • 1150 x 1280 x 635mm (set-up)
  • 1150 x 1210 x 595mm (internal)
  • Shelf height: 880mm
  • Shelf max. load: 25kg evenly distributed
  • Frame weight: 10.9kg
  • Shelf weight: 4.6kg
  • System weight: 18.5kg


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Do you own the Equinox Truss Booth System? Why not write a review based on your experience with it.
20 June, 2017
Equinox truss booth
very good for the price shame when it was unpacked the top foam panel was damaged i emailed djkit.com but as yet not had a reply regarding a replacement piece ? This booth is very sturdy when set up , quick easy set up like it a lot .
1 found this helpful
9 April, 2024
Great Product , very happy
Love this stand looks so professional
0 found this helpful
10 December, 2023
Love mine
So versatile. Using an o clamp you can even attach lights anywhere!
0 found this helpful
24 October, 2023
It is very sturdy, more than capable of holding a pair of decks it is great
0 found this helpful
20 June, 2023
Booth system
Excellent bit of kit, perfect height and loads of accessories fit to it, . 2 customisable signs to promote yourself. Essential bit of kit, extremely solid and well made
0 found this helpful
25 April, 2023
Great product
Great product, easy and simple to assemble/de-assemble. The only negative I can give for this product is that the 2 boards that come with it for adding your own branding are extreamly flimsy and light weight. One of the corners had broken off mine in transit however I always intended to make my own and have the frame powder coated in black so this wasn't too much of an issue. The frame and shelf are well made and solid when set up.
0 found this helpful
2 November, 2022
Brilliant bit of kit
Great product very easy to set up
0 found this helpful
Mark G
22 December, 2021
perfect replacement
this is the perfect replacement for my eqiunox DJ booth mkII Quick and simple to put together, can't wait to start using it for gigs once the starcloth comes back into stock
0 found this helpful
1 November, 2021
Lovely booth
Brilliant and sturdy booth. Delivery was straight to the point. A bit disappointed it didnt come with a carry bag and I had to purchase one, unlike the equinox MK2 booth which has a free bag
0 found this helpful
19 October, 2021
Exactly what we wanted
Speedy set up and high-quality finish, a top piece of kit
0 found this helpful
4 October, 2021
Great unit
Decent unit, very easy to assemble. I want sure if was the right one to buy but gave a quick call to the team on the phone and they really helped me pick the right booth.
0 found this helpful
30 June, 2020
Very good
Very good product. Very sturdy and easy to assemble. Definitely one I would recommend
0 found this helpful
14 February, 2020
Quick and big.
Hadn't realised how tall this was, but it needs to be. Only annoying thing for me is the back piece keeps falling off the magnets if you even think about looking at it. Lol. Other than that it works great. Planning to do a translucent logo for the square hole and back light it. I've got a DDJ 400 with Soundcraft 12 ch mixer alongside, iPad and Laptop on the accessory shelves. Plugs and a utility strip with wifi hotspot, router, and 8 port usb charger/hub at the back and have a bit of space left. For paper pad, pens, and DJ mic.
0 found this helpful
16 December, 2019
Love it
Setup time reduced massively! Love the design! Overall perfect for me. The white signboard is a bit delicate but other than that no complaints!
0 found this helpful
15 December, 2019
The overall quality of the booth is excellent, however, the fixing method for the white panels is not great. Easily fixed with sticky Velcro. Service from djkit.com excellent as usual.
0 found this helpful
Stevie Robb
17 August, 2019
Easy to set up looks the bond and great build quality a great addition to my shows
0 found this helpful
13 August, 2019
Equinox Truss booth System
Great Item easy to install the only downside is weight in the bag when carrying but the bag does the job
0 found this helpful
9 August, 2019
Great booth
After deciding for a long time between this booth and the equinox mk2 squaretubed and the equinox compact booth too small I went for this classic design and totally not disappointed great booth so sturdy the tubes are smooth and the carpetcovered shelf is nice As other people commented its not that light actually carrying it longdistance would be hard But lifting from the car to the setup is ok You get a nonflimsy setup which is nice
0 found this helpful
18 July, 2019
Very easy to set up and very steady
0 found this helpful
8 March, 2019
equinox truss booth
fantastic item and always great servicern
0 found this helpful
5 March, 2019
nice little booth
I have bought this after owning and using a liteconsole for a few years I still use the LC but wanted this booth as a smaller lighter solution for smaller gigs i wanted to go with the truss booth option rather than a square frame booth as all of my lights have a 32mm clamp attached So anything that i could mount on the LC i could mount on this booth without needing to switch hardware this booth is pretty sturdy and when loaded with a laptop sx accessories and 24 lights this booth holds Of course its not as sturdy as my liteconsole but at less than a third of the price i never expected it to be The shelf has a nice felt finish and a hole at the back in the middle it acts as a handle when carrying and a place to route cables when set the this booth comes with two boards a plain i believe the adj version has their logo printed for theirs square board for the center and another plain board for the top above the shelf to conceal your equipment Both boards feel cheap and fragile id definitely look at replacing them if you use them They are both plain white and are held to the frame with magnets keeping it neat and discreet rnrnIts extremely easy to setup the frame comes in 2 pieces they simply slot together two bars slot into the designated places on the frame then just tighten the screw Note that this screw is the cheap plastic kind so definitely look at an alternative solution It hasnt failed me yet but im sure its days are numbered the bars have two jobs they hold the frame together and stiffen it and they hold the shelf The shelf then just sits on and youre done You can then add on your accessories like scrim corner shelves and front boardsrnrnIm happy with this booth Its simple to set up it all fits into a bag that i have bought for it meaning one trip from the van to the venue i can take the entire booth and 1 or two extra items a real time saver it holds well and the joints feel sturdy when assembled Time will tell how long this booth lasts but im confident it will serve me well rnrnComparing it to my overpriced Liteconsole Its better value for money its lighter overall its soo much quicker and easier to set up And unlike the liteconsole these booths are minimal so theres a lot less to wrong meaning less to replace in the long run Its not as sturdy and wide as the liteconsole but better for tight spaces and still more sturdy than most other booths out there in this price range All in all a lovely purchase and would recommendrnrn
0 found this helpful
17 December, 2018
It looks really smart proper decent with the star cloth. It's heavy though and doesn't fold down as small as I'd have hoped. It's loads to insure a van but doable to insure a car with a big boot but that means your stuff has to be compact and I'm not sure this would fit in an estate car easily.
0 found this helpful
18 September, 2018
This truss both is light and big and so easy to put up I have also customized the white panels and put my logo over them look so professional in use
0 found this helpful
9 July, 2018
Equinox Booth
Great build quality, Looks really nice. I have added my own uprights and lighting bar to it so it's an all in one system.
0 found this helpful
Nick H
4 July, 2018
Great piece of kit
Very good price for a lot of stand - great for the use I need it for and easy to setup and use. Would highly recommend
0 found this helpful
27 June, 2018
Great Value for this, and a lot cheaper than few i could mention
This is easy to put up and done in acouple of minutes, just workinmg out now what would be good to put on the side shelves.
0 found this helpful
29 March, 2018
Solid booth
This booth is great. It's a decent size and folds down really well. The 35mm tubing makes it easy to mount lighting fixtures to it too. Awesome.
0 found this helpful
20 March, 2018
Absolutely spot on !!
Could not as for more.
0 found this helpful
29 January, 2018
Looks great
This is a great booth, looks so good at the fraction of the price of others. Would of been beneficial if a carry bag was supplied, but I have to purchase separately a 'replacement' bag.
0 found this helpful
Al James
11 January, 2018
Equinox Truss Dj Booth
Fantastic!!! Once i got my head round the price and set it up i have to say it was well worth the money. Excellent build quality, looks really good and stands rock solid. Plenty of space on the included 4 x 2 foot shelf (and it is at the ideal height for me at 88 cms). djkit.com delivered next day easily within the 1 hour timeframe and I was updated from dispatch to reciept. 5 stars!!!
0 found this helpful
3 January, 2018
Very easy, quick and simple to setup. It's little to complain about for the price, but if anything I would give thumps down that it doesn't come with carry bag. You need to buy this separate. It's funny they call the bag "replacement bag" as if the booth came with one haha. Lastly I was deciding between this model and the one from ADJ and went for this because I can fold it to smaller size and it will be easier to fit to the car..any car :)
0 found this helpful
Mr Brian
14 December, 2017
not bad for price
arrived a little later than i expected after many DPD emails ,but did get here
0 found this helpful
11 December, 2017
Sturdy with a couple of issues
Easy to set up and sturdy. The magnets that hold the board and fascias are not very strong and occasionally couldn't hold the weight of the board so will have to invest in some stronger magnets. Will need a carry case of some sorts as it doesn't come with one (for portability)
0 found this helpful
3 July, 2017
new Equinox Truss Booth
Booth itself is rig rock solid, experienced so far (not gigged yet) is if floor uneven centre can split slightly but no great issue. Aluminium truss assembly was slighted scuffed on deliver but not visible at distances, Shelf held my Denon mcx8000 in a heavy duty flightcase with no issues. Bag that come with this lets it down. there no Velcro straps inside bag to hold frame down strop it moving in transit and zip is a light weight metal zip tends to jam slightly in corners could have done with being a more heavy duty zip speeding up pack up. Had a Ultimax Trusslite Truss Gantry fitted on rear but not loaded it up yet may sped loads easier if mounted mid frame on sides.
0 found this helpful


Considering purchasing the Equinox Truss Booth System? Have questions? Ask people who've recently bought one.
I've looked at the dimensions of this booth and noticed that the shelf width is 1.15m maximum. I use a pair of Technics 1210s and Traktor Z2 set up and measured the total length on my set up and it comes out at 1.2m. I know this sounds like a stupid question but would I be right in assuming that my rig won't fit on this booth? Many thanks.
tidyboy1971 asked 5 years ago
Hey man, the size is 120cm so if that's what you need it will be ok. Alternatively you can turn them 1210s around and get 10 cm on each side. Send me an email to info@djgj.net and I will forward you some photos if you like. Hope this helps ;)
djgjlondon answered 5 years ago
See all answers (2)
Do you know where / what I should buy to attach my custom printed foamex logo card to the front? I've searched the internet everywhere for something that resembles the magnets attached to the supplied (blank) card bu can't find anything suitable? Any one else using custom cards found a solution? Thanks in advance.
dj asked 5 years ago
Hi, I had the same issue. I bought these, however If I bought them again, I would look for a slightly bigger size. The N42 Neidymium Magnets are super strong. Hope that helps. DJ Ricky Gold Magnet Expert® Adhesive 20 x 10 x 1.5mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnet - 2kg Pull (North) (Pack of 10) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00TACM282/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_lBXwBbC4B0404
hetheringtonrichard answered 5 years ago
See all answers (1)
What are the dimensions of the branding board please?
gemma asked 6 years ago
Approximately 64cm wide x 56cm high
hetheringtonrichard answered 6 years ago
See all answers (1)
It is option for second shelf ? I use pasive speakers and need one more shelf for amplifier
vlatko asked 6 years ago
There isn't at the moment, I guess you could do something using clamps and braces but we don't sell a complete solution yet.
DJkit answered 6 years ago
See all answers (1)
Is The so called 'vanity board' included?
marcel.assink asked 6 years ago
If the "Vanity board" is the square one at the front then yes. this stand also comes with a top facia board as well. If you watch the product video it shows you everything it comes with :-)
DJkit answered 6 years ago
See all answers (1)
This may sound a strange question but bear with me. Regarding the magnets, are both the parts on the frame and the boards magnetic? Or are the frame ones magnets and the boards are just metal plates?
robtoogood asked 6 years ago
The Booth has steel plates attached to it and the Facia boards have magnets.
DJkit answered 6 years ago
See all answers (1)
whats the weight of it plz
djsoundmaster14 asked 6 years ago
The system weight is 18.5kg, Frame weight: 10.9kg and Shelf weight: 4.6kg
DJkit answered 6 years ago
See all answers (1)
Looks an awesome piece of kit and cleat aimed at mobile DJ's like myself. With regards to lighting is there an option of a lighting bar for overhead lights? Also what about all the extension leads that typically sit beneath the booth where lighting and decks,mics etc plug into, the client will be able to see straight through the truss and see a mass of cables. Is there not an option to have a board like the centre one to cover the complete front to hide all of this?
info asked 6 years ago
DJkit answered 6 years ago
See all answers (2)

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Equinox Truss Booth System

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