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Denon DJ Prime 2

2-Deck Standalone DJ System with 7-inch Touchscreen

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Denon DJ Prime 2 Product Description

Introducing the Denon DJ Prime 2 - a compact and portable all in one DJ system. 

Based on the ground breaking Prime 4, the Denon DJ Prime 2 has many of the same, popular features in a more mobile friendly form factor.

Engine OS 2.0 now includes some major updates:

New look user interface

Built in lighting control for Philips Hue and DMX lighting with SoundSwitch.

Run your DMX lightshow directly from the Prime 4 once you have syncronised with SoundSwitch. You can also sync Philips Hue lights with the Prime 2 with no software or programming required.

New database structure with faster access, searching, analysis etc.

The database in 2.0 has been completely rebuilt to provide accelerated browsing, lightning-fast song analysis, enhanced system stability, and a significantly smaller database size. These new under the hood adjustments offer the user a streamlined experience when managing, browsing, and playing the music they love.

Ableton Link Compatibility

Users can now sync tempo with external hardware using Ableton Link over both wired and wireless networks. Once Ableton Link has been enabled, an orange link icon will be shown in the top right of the toolbar providing the number of linked devices, sync lead tempo, and phase meter showing the current beat position. When synced, the tempo will match the tempo of the longest playing device. The lead tempo can be adjusted from any device and all other linked devices will automatically follow.

Playlist Deck

Users can now assign a deck as a Playlist Player providing continuous playback with automated crossfading. The crossfade time can be adjusted in the Control Center settings menu. Playlist Deck is available for Prime 4, Prime 2, and Prime GO.

Previous Engine updates include:

Adds support for BeatPort Link and SoundCloud GO+ streaming services, improved BPM analysis, recording of the mic channel and ability to adjust the gate settings for each mic input.

The new quick source menu lets you load different sources on to either deck so you can mix between USB and SD, Tidal to Soundcloud, SD to Beatport and more.

Support for Dropbox linking to access tracks in your personal cloud storage from anywhere.

Support for Beatsource LINK streaming service

Track preview: listen to a track without having to load it to a deck.

Reads variable beatgrids prepared in Engine Prime 1.6.

Prime 4 is now fully supported by Virtual DJ 2021 with a Pro license. Browse tracks, trigger samples, control stems and stream directly from the software. No setup required yet huge customisation possible with the comprehensive setup options.

Free 3 months soundcloud go+

Get 3 months of Free music on Soundcloud GO+ with the Prime series players.

The player controls have 6 inch touch capacitive jog wheels with built in display to show the track artwork and information, as well as the 8 performance pads, 100mm pitch slider and dedicated loop control. Each deck has its own FX controls with 14 onboard effects to chose from.

The two channel mixer features 3 band EQ as well as filters for each channel, easy to use track browsing with the large dial and losing buttons or use the 7 inch multi touch screen.

denon prime2

You also get two dedicated mic inputs with eq and talkover, each input is on a combi TRS / XLR connection too.

The mixer has a stereo AUX input with dedicated control and a balanced booth output.

The fixed 7 inch multi touch display allows the user to browse, load and even create playlists on the fly as well as clearly showing both waveforms and essential information. It is also the gateway to the multitude of settings to customise the Prime 2 to be just how you like it.

Multiple sources

The Denon Prime 2 can take up to 3 USB devices (and analyse them on the fly) as well as an SD card and has space for an internal hard drive to keep all your tracks in the unit and ready to go.

You can even use online subscription services like Tidal, Beatport Link and Soundcloud GO+ to stream to the Prime 2 via its built in wifi.

Denon DJ Prime 2 Key Features:

• Fully-featured, 2-Deck standalone smart DJ console

• 7-inch HD touchscreen with gestures

• Built-in 2.5-inch SATA drive bay to store music onboard

• Built-in Wi-Fi and wired internet connectivity for music streaming

• Capacitive-touch jog wheels with HD central display

• Internally analyse music files & Rekordbox™ collections direct from USB

• Standalone Track Preview

• Full integration with Virtual DJ 2021 Pro

• Independent FX units, 3-Band EQ and Filter

• (8) Multi-function performance pads for triggered audio manipulation

• (2) Dedicated XLR (¼-inch combo) mic inputs with EQ/Level and Talkover

• RCA aux input for media players, tablets, phones

• Ableton Link

• Lighitng control by SoundSwitch


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Technical Specs

Frequency Response 


20Hz – 20kHz (±1dB)

Dynamic Range 


>112dB (A-weighted)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio 


> 92dB (A-weighted)










Channel Separation


<-85dB (1kHz, unity)



<0.01% (1kHz, unity)



<0.02% (1kHz, unity)

Analogue Input


+15dBV (maximum) 

0dBV (unity)



-40dBV (unity)

-60dBV (minimum)

Analogue Output

Master, Balanced

+24dBu (maximum) 

+4dBu (unity) 


Master, Unbalanced

+20dBu (maximum)

0dBu (unity)



+24dBu (maximum)

+4dBu (unity)


Headphone Output

< 150mW @ 40Ω


Audio Outputs

(2) XLR outputs (master left/right, balanced) 

(1) RCA output pair (master left/right, unbalanced) 

(2) XLR outputs (booth left/right, balanced)

(1) ¼” (6.35mm) stereo output (headphones) 

(1) 18” (3.5mm) stereo output (headphones)


Audio Inputs

(1) RCA input pair (line-level, unbalanced) 

(2) XLR+¼” (6.35mm) inputs



(3) USB ports (for USB drives. Port 3 with 5V, 1A) 

(1) USB port (to computer)

(1) Ethernet port

(1) power adapter input 






100–240VAC, 50/60Hz



34W (with smartphone charging from USB3 port) 

32W (without smartphone charging)


(width x depth x height)

25.39” x 16.15” x 4.73”

644.8 x 410.1 x 120.2mm


15.9 lb. 


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Denon DJ Prime 2 Reviews

Do you own the Denon DJ Prime 2 ? Why not write a review based on your experience with it.
9 May, 2020
Way better than the XDJ RX2!
1 found this helpful
5 May, 2020
1 found this helpful
24 April, 2020
Perfect Compliment To The Prime 4
With my laptops going end of life, I had to look at a solution to act as a backup unit to my Prime 4. As I already use Engine Prime, the Prime 2 was a perfect fit for my need. Without any additional transfers of music I can easily add an internal SSD and use my existing USB SSD drives as back ups to easily swap from the Prime 2 and Prime 4. The Prime 2 layout is slightly different to the Prime 2 due to it's size but this really does pack in a lot of features for the money. You wont get better than this for value considering its a controller and laptop player in one unit. One outstanding feature is the needle drop and pre-play feature which the Prime 4 does not have (yet). As ever djkit.com were great with handling the order and delivered on day of release :-)
1 found this helpful
17 June, 2022
Prime 2 denon
Not thinking much ATM should've got the prime 4s
0 found this helpful
13 April, 2022
I this controller great buy
Loving these denons great upgrade from pioneer 400
0 found this helpful
10 April, 2022
Very pleased with the denon prime 2
Great item would recommend it. I wasn't sure about moving over from pioneer but i am not disappointed
0 found this helpful
17 March, 2022
Fantastic piece of equipment
Great price from djkit.com.com and a fantastic turnaround.. excellent service can highly recommend this company
0 found this helpful
2 March, 2022
Great piece of kit &#128077;&#127995;
Great product . Came really quick with no issues also thanks to who ever called me when I made a mistake with the order
0 found this helpful
Stevie C
28 February, 2022
Very nice DJ Console. Updated 'Engine software 2.0' much better but still not perfect.
So I come from a background using Traktor and Serato as DJ Software, I prefer Traktor overall but as I'm tired of lugging gear around :D I've wanted to go to a standalone for a while now. First up the djkit.com pump: I had my eyes on a Prime 4 when it was first released but it's out of my budget so I waited and when the prime 2 came out, it was still a bit pricey, then the GO and Numark Mixstream came out and I got happy, I ordered a Mixstream Pro and while it was out of stock I was happy to wait for it to come back in, While I was waiting the 'price drop' to &#65533;999 came in.... a stretch but I called and asked if they'd allow me to up my purchase and swap to a Prime 2 and djkit.com graciously allowed me to do that and then sent it next day delivery. I purchased my MC6000Mk2 from djkit.com about 7 years ago so it was about time to upgrade and so far, it's such a nice piece of kit, everything just works smoothly, the jog wheels are amazing, the sound quality is great, it feels like it could take a tank shell. Now the small 'bad' is the Engine DJ software has taken a week or two to get used to, but I have an SSD with my main collection in the Prime 2 and I just connect and manage that through the engine software on my PC, now I'm used to it, it's pretty easy to manage. Before I was using my library on my PC and just getting confused with moving it across to my drive in the Prime, which already HAD the collection on it (It was a backup drive) it was just confusing so I just added the backup drive (now in the prime 2) as the main collection and that's sorted the issue as they are mirrors anyway. Tidal integration works perfectly, so I use my phone as a hotspot and it can take a few seconds to analyse a track but once it's in, it's in and it gets added to your hard drive so you can use it even if offline. I presume only if you have a Tidal account. Overall I'm very pleased with my upgrade and it's going to get plenty of use over the next few weeks. Thanks djkit.com and Thanks Denon. 5 Stars for the prime 2, 4 stars for Engine DJ as it STILL needs a little work
0 found this helpful
16 February, 2022
Denon Prime 2
Amazing piece. Service was excellent as usual.
0 found this helpful
Sound Events Scotland
1 February, 2022
Best controller on the market
I can't praise this controller enough. I've installed a 2TB SSD which has my entire music collection so my laptop stays at home now.
0 found this helpful
15 December, 2021
Quality Piece Of Equipment
The Prime 2 is a good quality piece of DJ equipment. It does exactly what I need it to do. djkit.com were so helpful when I was looking for a new DJ controller and delivered the equipment very quickly.
0 found this helpful
14 November, 2021
Not Impressed but DJ kit were great
I find the Tidal part useless, used at 6 events so far and the Internet connection has been unworkable as has the hot spot on my phone. Its hard work to sink all your hard drives through engine, plus the processor on the u it is really slow compared to a Mac laptop. All looks good,sounds good but so far I wish I would have stated with a denon 6000 plus mac book
0 found this helpful
2 November, 2021
Excellent unit
Great bit of kit, excellent for the times you want a full SC setup but need a bit more portability with less cables involved. Most of the features you need are carried over from the full setup. Very easy to use and reliable
0 found this helpful
1 November, 2021
Denon DJ Prime 2
Bought this as a backup for my Prime 4. This has now become my main deck as I rarely use the Prime 4. Running 2.0.1 F/W I have had no problems running around 15K tracks on a Samsung 500gb SSD. Love it!!
0 found this helpful
3 August, 2021
Great Bit of Kit
0 found this helpful
Mark G
24 May, 2021
Excellent upgrade
So obviously at the time of purchase and review we were still not allowed to get folk dancing so this is based on my time learning it's functions at home at use at 1 wedding fair. I had already bought an SSD to put in it before purchase so this was ready to go as soon as delivered, I found the software easy to navigate on the touch screen and after a few Google/YouTube searches the setting up of playlists and continuous play was ideal for the fair (and for future weddings during the meal).
0 found this helpful
Steve Hammond
13 January, 2021
Denon Prime 2
Unbelievable cracking service. What a mean DJ player this is!!!!!! So glad I choose the Prime 2, quality product. Had a XDJ RX a couple of years ago and I think Pioneer need to watch the opposition. So easy to use, and took my old Rekordbox USB straight away. Very happy and once again djkit.com delivers top notch again. Thanks guys.
0 found this helpful
24 November, 2020
Prime 2 and broken software.
The prime 2 unit is a nice bit of kit but the software for "Prime-Engine" 1.5.2 is a complete let down in my opinion. after spending days getting used to the file structure which is complicated and not very well explained. I find that playlists disappear when trying to sync between laptop and and the prime 2 unit. And Denon are now saying they want you to use a Dropbox service to get it working in a fashion.
0 found this helpful
30 September, 2020
Great prices fast delivery
0 found this helpful
27 July, 2020
Quality piece of kit!!
As part of the development of my business I have now upgraded to this beast of a deck, its been a long time coming!! The Prime 2 is an all in one unit that allows both static and streaming audio and comes with a great range of options and tools. I am still going through the instruction manual to get the best out of this unit. For a mobile DJ this is a great unit to have, I would certainly recommend it.
0 found this helpful
24 July, 2020
What a great piece of kit! Pioneer who?
What a great piece of kit this is. Took the jump from having Pioneer CDJ 800s and 400 mixer as outdated. Decided to go with the Denon Prime 2 over the XDJ RX2 or XDJ RR because this thing basically out does in and more in every category regarding tech and functions. I know Pioneer gear is regarded industry standard but getting this will not affect your ability to use use pioneer all in on controllers or pioneer CDJ Nexus series. Would recommend to anyone who needs a home set up.
0 found this helpful
3 July, 2020
Prime 2
No problem with ordering, in fact I used the finance option then decided I'd pay it in full I called djkit.com the finance deal was cancelled with ease I paid in full for Prime 2 was delivered swiftly!! As for the Prime 2 itself it' a [email protected]@kin weapon
0 found this helpful
30 June, 2020
As I'm new to the DJ world I would highly recommend these awesome bit of kit
0 found this helpful
21 May, 2020
Demon prime 2
Amazing piece of kit, quality build. Service was excellent as usual.
0 found this helpful
19 May, 2020
prime 2 changed to Prime 4
I originally bought the prime 2 but unfortunately it doesn't work with serato at the moment so I called them up and they were helpful. I returned paid the difference and upgraded to the Prime 4 and the prime 2 was collected when the 4 was delivered. Can't fault them
0 found this helpful

Denon DJ Prime 2 Questions

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Can you video mix with this
nlouthy asked 10 months ago
No in standalone. When in controller mode with VDJ, sure. Videos play out of the laptop so use HDMI/VGA output to screens.
dj answered 3 months ago
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Denon DJ Prime 2
2-Deck Standalone DJ System with 7-inch Touchscreen
£1,299.00 inc. VAT

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