What Does a Smoke Machine Do And How Do They Work?

Smoke machines, also known as fog machines, are fascinating devices that have become a staple at many events and productions. Whether you're planning a party, setting up a concert, or creating a spooky atmosphere for Halloween, a smoke machine can add a dynamic and dramatic effect. In this blog post, we'll explore what a smoke machine does, why you might want one, where to get one, and how to choose the right smoke machine for your needs.

What is a Smoke Machine?

A smoke machine is a device that produces dense vapour that looks like smoke or fog. The primary purpose of a smoke machine is to enhance visual effects in various settings. The vapour is typically created by heating a specialised fluid (commonly a mixture of water and glycol or glycerin) to a high temperature, causing it to vaporise and create the smoke-like effect.

How Does a Smoke Machine Work?

1. Fluid Heating: The smoke fluid is heated in a chamber until it vaporises.
2. Vapour Release: The vapour is then expelled through a nozzle, creating a thick cloud of "smoke".
3. Fan Assistance: Some machines use fans to disperse the vapour more evenly, enhancing the effect.

Where Can You Get a Smoke Machine?

You can purchase smoke machines from various retailers, both online and in physical stores. One reputable source for smoke machines and related equipment is djkit.com. They offer a wide range of smoke machines suitable for different needs, from small portable units for home parties to large, professional-grade machines for concerts and theatrical productions.

Why Would You Buy a Smoke Machine?

1. Event Ambiance: Smoke machines can dramatically enhance the atmosphere of events such as parties, concerts, and weddings. The mist created by the machine adds a mystical, exciting feel that captivates guests.

2. Theatrical Effects: In theatre and film, smoke machines are used to create special effects, such as foggy scenes, ghostly apparitions, and dramatic lighting effects.

3. Photography and Videography: Smoke machines are popular in photography and videography for adding depth and texture to shots, making the scenes more visually appealing.

4. Halloween and Haunted Houses: Smoke machines are perfect for creating eerie and spooky environments during Halloween or for haunted house attractions.

5. Safety Training: Smoke machines are also used in fire and emergency training to simulate real-life scenarios, helping trainees learn how to navigate through smoke-filled environments safely.

Types of Smoke Machines

 Standard Smoke Machines: Ideal for general use, these machines are versatile and easy to operate, suitable for parties, events, and small venues.

 Low-Lying Fog Machines: These machines produce a thick fog that stays close to the ground, creating a "dancing on clouds" effect, perfect for wedding dances or theatrical productions.

 Hazer Machines: Hazers create a lighter, more dispersed mist that enhances lighting effects without creating dense clouds of smoke. They are commonly used in concerts and clubs.

How to Choose the Right Smoke Machine

When selecting a smoke machine, consider the following factors:

1. Purpose: Determine the primary use for the smoke machine. Is it for a one-time event, regular use in a club, or for professional productions?

2. Venue Size: Consider the size of the venue where you will use the smoke machine. Larger venues may require more powerful machines with higher output.

3. Control Options: Some smoke machines come with remote controls or timers, offering more convenience and flexibility.

4. Fluid Capacity: Check the fluid capacity and consumption rate to ensure the machine can operate for your desired duration without frequent refills.

5. Portability: If you need to transport the smoke machine frequently, look for a portable and lightweight model.


Smoke machines are versatile devices that can transform any event or production with their captivating effects. Whether you're looking to create a spooky Halloween atmosphere, enhance the ambiance of a party, or add depth to your photography, a smoke machine can be a valuable addition to your toolkit. For a wide selection of smoke machines and expert advice, visit get in touch with us today and find the perfect machine to suit your needs.

Investing in a smoke machine can elevate your events and productions to new heights, creating unforgettable experiences for your audience. So, why wait? Explore the possibilities and add a touch of magic with a smoke machine today!

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