The Best DJ Software and Applications Available Right Now

While we've nothing against the classic vinyl approach to DJ performances and studio recording, there's no disputing the unique convenience and flexibility of the digital alternative. There will always be an important place for traditional vinyl and CD hardware, but tooling up with quality computer hardware and software can allow any DJ to perform at a massively higher level.

If you're already sorted as far as hardware goes, all you'll be needing to get things moving is a quality software package. The good and bad news alike being that you'll probably find yourself spoilt for choice.

With so many weird, wonderful and downright wild packages to choose from, which provides you with the biggest bang for your buck? As with most things, it depends on your preferences, priorities and pocket - aka budget.

Still, in terms of both stellar performance and overall value for money, we absolutely guarantee you will not go wrong with any of the following top picks:

Ableton Live 9 Suite

First up, the most impressive (and unusual) thing about Ableton Live is that it was never initially intended to be a DJ application in the true sense of the term. Instead, it was launched as an all-round production tool, which went on to become one of the world's favourite professional DJ suites. Not that it's a huge surprise, given the exceptionally user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes Ableton Live an absolute joy to use. Perfect for studio recording and live performances alike.

Serato DJ

What can we say about Serato DJ that hasn't already been said? It's quite remarkable to think that the original Serato DJ software was only released in 2013, yet has gone on to become the global standard for millions of pro and amateur DJs alike. Still, these guys were breaking new ground with digital DJing more than a decade ago, so it's not as if they're lacking pedigree. Over the years, various expansion packs, interface enhancements and improved hardware support have catapulted Serato DJ right to the top of the table on a global basis.

Pioneer DJ Rekordbox DJ

The simply stunning Rekordbox DJ suite landed as recently as 2015 and has been earning the most extraordinary reputation worldwide ever since. An enhanced version of the software originally created as a music librarian and track preparation tool by French developer MixVibes, Rekordbox DJ came out of nowhere to take the industry by storm. Intuitive mixing, special effects, looper, beat slicer, eight-slot sampler and the fact that Rekordbox DJ was recently opened up to all DJ hardware across the board (rather than just Pioneer's) adds up to one seriously impressive package... borderline unbeatable.

Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate Upgrade from Select

Last but not least, those on the lookout for something that goes way beyond premium should check out what the Native Instruments Komplete 11 brings to the table. A superior music production suite in every sense of the word, boasting an unrivalled collection of 87 instruments and effects. Rich orchestral libraries, beautifully sampled acoustic instruments and state-of-the-art synthesizers, all for a price that's almost unbelievable for the quality and completeness of the package.

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