New RANE PERFORMER - motorised RANE FOUR - leaked

UPDATE 25/6/24: The RANE Performer is here: 

RANE perforner in the UK



RANE Leak new “Performer” controller.  A motorised version of the RANE FOUR. 

rane performer

(mockup image for reference only) 

Over the last weekend, we’ve seen 2 videos of what looks like the next controller to come from RANE

The “Performer” looks to be based on the RANE FOUR, an already popular controller, considered as one of the best Serato DJ controllers on the market. The main thing that stands out as different is the motorised platters which also look familiar. In fact, they look exactly the same as the Pioneer DJ REV-7 platters. 

They have an individual “slip” disc with a high resolution display in the middle, showing waveforms and track data. The model shown in this video, posted by Cleveland Terry, looks to have been customised for a performance at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. With white skin and customised platter skins for the teams. 

Everything else looks just like the RANE FOUR, the transport and pad controls with the OLED display to show the pad modes, buttons for Stems Split, the mixer section with FX paddles and filters. 

There seems to be an extra knob on the top left of the left jog wheel which we’re guessing is me kind of adjustment for the motor, possibly a torque setting. 

The display looks as if it has two mini waveforms on either side and a larger, scrolling one in the middle. It’s showing track times, loop mode and BPM. That’s what we can see but there probably more settings we don’t know about yet. 

Here are some similarities between the RANE FOUR and the new RANE PERFORMER

 rane four motorisedrane four motorisedrane four motorisedrane four motorised


As of yet, we don’t have a price or release date on the new RANE PERFORMER but we will be sure to announce it as soon as we do!


Find out more as soon as we know. 

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