Important information for Opus Quad users

New owners of the Pioneer DJ Opus Quad need to know this important information regarding your Rekordbox database. 

The brand new unit brings a brand new database structure, this means an update is required for anyone with an existing Rekordbox prepared collection. 

• Firstly, make sure you are running the latest version of Rekordbox on your computer, this should be v 6.6.11 or above.

• With the software in Export mode, go to the preferences menu. 

• Then go to DJ System > Device

Opus Quad rekordbox

• Next, select "Device Library Plus"  - This will update your library to be recognised by the Opus Quad as well as all other devices. 

• Once you select "OK" when asked if you want to convert the library, the conversion will take place. The length of time this takes will depend on the size of your library. 

Opus Quad rekordbox

• When you connect your storage device with your exisitng library like your USB stick or Hard Drive, on the left hand column, select the drive under "devices" and right click on it. 

• Select "convert device library" 

Your device is now ready to use with your new Opus-Quad! 


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