Matter of Fact: Grassroots Vinyl Pressing Plant Now Open for Business

Matter of Fact: Grassroots Vinyl Pressing Plant Now Open for Business

As the world’s love affair with vinyl intensifies, more artists and musicians than ever before are setting their sights on classic LPs. The issue is that with most vinyl pressing companies, indie labels and aspiring newcomers to the scene are pretty much counted out of the running.

Precisely what inspired the creation of Matter of Fact – an innovative vinyl pressing specialist in Germany, aimed exclusively at grassroots music and indie labels. Two years in the making, Matter of Fact was founded by a group of entrepreneurs who almost went bankrupt running a smaller record label, as a result of major label dominance on the vinyl market.

Delays on the vinyl manufacturing market coupled with increased production and shipping costs have made it practically impossible for small labels to compete with bigger players.

“If a small label has a banger or hit and wants to release it, they have to schedule it in 8-12 months. This is an extreme situation. Only majors can plan years ahead”, said Andrew Kroenert, co-founder of Matter of Fact.

Affirming his company’s commitment to “the underground, the small and the indies who have held up the flag all these years,” Kroenert stated outright that under no circumstances will the company press any records for any major labels.

Black Gold for the Masses

“MATTER OF FACT is specialised in the production of ‘black gold’. Are you looking forward to pressing and manufacturing vinyl records? It does not matter if it is a short run or a major project, we take care of every step of production: from mastering and lacquer cutting to GEMA registration, creating unusual prints and packaging, to the actual finished product. We are your record pressing plant! We produce your vision – your vinyl record!”Matter of Fact

Setting its sights on continuous growth and expansion, Matter of Fact has the capacity to put out around 30,000 vinyl records each month. They also have the technology to record and produce “very unusual colour presses”, for artists on the lookout for something a little different.

Sustainability lies at the heart of everything Matter of Fact does, including environmentally-friendly pressing practices and commitment to carbon-neutral shipping.

Kroenert also said that Matter of Fact has no intention of biting off more than it can chew, and will only accept orders it can comfortably fulfil within the required timeframe.

“For those we work with we want to be fast and good. If we are full, then we are full and do not continue to schedule requests at the end and extend the waiting time for everyone. This should not happen.” said Kroenert.

“We have invested an incredible amount in appropriate scheduling software and will try to stick to this guideline. In many cases, however, our hands are tied, such as raw material shortages or even the pandemic or energy situation in Europe. We have to see what comes, but we are optimistic”.

Glass Houses

“Are you looking for a company that loves vinyl as much as you do? In that case, we are the right partner for you. For us, vinyl records are more than a music medium. Because every detail is important to us, we offer expert advice and accompany you through every stage of vinyl production: from mastering, vinyl cutting, GEMA registration, the creation of unusual prints and packaging, all the way to the finished product, followed by the creation of EAN codes and download cards. Only the highest quality and best craftsmanship can satisfy our audiophile demands.”Matter of Fact

Hoping to spark interest in the global vinyl renaissance, Matter of Fact will be housed in a glass structure, enabling those outside to see the pressing process in motion.

“Have a beer or a tea with us, hang out. We want this factory to become a part of an almost lost culture. Like the record stores where you can sit, talk, chill, drink and have a good time. Vinyl is more than a medium. It is a culture”, said Kroenert, putting out an open invitation to anyone in the vicinity.

Head over to the official Matter of Fact website for more information, and to learn more about pressing and shipping prices.

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