Live Streaming your DJ Set

Live Streaming your DJ Set   

Stuck at home? The natural thing for a DJ is to have a mix. So why not share it?

With millions of people around the world stuck at home under quarantine we‘re going to see a huge increase in people sharing their experiences of confinement on social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and more.

So as a DJ, the natural thing to do is have a mix and share it, but how? We’re going to run you through the basics of what you need, depending on how you already DJ.

If you DJ using a computer and controller / decks :

Without a doubt this is the most popular method and the easiest to stream from too seeing as your computer is doing all the work.

Your existing setup should do just fine, however if you want to stream live video with your set, you can either use your laptops built in webcam or an external USB webcam.

The limitation of using the built in webcam of your laptop means you can use certain positions which will vary depending on how your laptop is positioned.
Using an external camera will allow you to position it to show off your equipment and skills from a multitude of angles. You can use a USB webcam or any digital camera with the ability to stream video via USB, most ‘action’ cameras and many DSLR cameras have this feature so there’s a chance you may already have something around the house that does this.

There’s a great piece of free software called OBS, used for streaming video and audio. OBS lets you combine audio and video connected to your computer from multiple sources and stream it to your favourite service. 
Once you assign the audio to be routed from your controller, you can choose what video source you want to send. If you prefer not to stream any footage, you can just have a static picture instead, maybe with a logo or contact info. Alternatively, if you have multiple cameras or want to combine your camera and software screen, OBS can handle that really easily. OBS runs on your computer at the same time as your regular DJ software.

Get OBS software, and a webcam or other camera that streams to your computer.

If you DJ using an all-in-one unit or 2 decks and a mixer:

To be clear, if you’re using 2 decks and a mixer and a computer (i.e DVS or as controllers) see the above section!
If you’re using a standalone unit like the Pioneer XDJ-RX2 or the Denon Prime 4, playing from USBs on CDJs and a mixer, or even vinyl on turntables - then read on.

Option 1:  Is to use your computer to broadcast in the method mentioned above, however you will need to get your audio from your mixer / player into the computer. This should be done via a sound card (audio interface), try and avoid using the 3.5mm audio input on a laptop.

Typically you will use the booth or rec out from your mixer or player and go into your sound card, you then select that as your audio source within OBS.

You just need one with 2 inputs (left and right) see our selection here:

Option 2:  To use your phone - this is where it can get a little complicated so here we go.

The easiest way is to get an interface designed specifically for inputting audio to a smart phone like the Roland GO:Mixer or the EvermixBox 4

These both have inputs to allow a stereo feed from your mixer and go directly into your phone via Lightning or Micro USB / USB-C.

Your phone will use this as the default audio for whatever you stream or film with the camera, so you just need to launch your Facebook or other streaming app and prepare to go live.
Alternatively, iPhone / iPad users can use some regular audio interfaces (as long as they are “class compliant” - don’t require drivers) for example the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd or 3rd gen.
This will require the Apple to USB 3 Camera Adapter which allows for a regular USB connection and power to go into your phone at the same time.
Again, this audio will be the default sound when you record or stream from the built in camera so works fine for live streaming too.

All testing shows that the non-branded, cheaper versions of this adapter are unstable and often don’t work, so it’s suggested paying the money and getting the genuine one, after all, it will come in handy for other uses as well.

For Android users, simply plugging in an audio interface to the USB-C connection on your phone may or may not work - unfortunately there are too many variables to try every option. If you’d like us to try something out, let us know!

1. Use a laptop, OBS and an interface
2. Get a dedicated smartphone interface
3. Use your iOS device, adaptor and an interface.

Hopefully, you’ll have some or most of this equipment knocking around and may only need one or two things to get you online.

Don’t forget to share your live streams online and as always, if you want any help or advice, drop us a line.

COVID-19 OPERATIONS UPDATE 05/01/2021 What do you need to live stream a keep fit session, yoga or music class?

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