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Streaming services and DJ apps in 2024

We often get asked which streaming services to use for new DJ’s and whether or not they work with specific apps. 

To start with, let’s get the most common questions out of the way. 

Spotify will not work on any DJ apps or programs. Despite what older posts say, Spotify removed integration with the djay app a few years back and there’s no sign of anything changing. 

Apple Music and Amazon Music are the same when it comes to mobile and desktop software. 

Update: As of Feb 1st 2024, the Algoriddim djay app on iOS, Android and Mac WILL work with Apple Music streaming service. 

The only minor exception is Amazon Music unlimited, which can be used with some Engine OS devices from Numark and Denon DJ.

There are two main apps to DJ with on a mobile device (phone or tablet), Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox and Algoriddim djay. Both have Android and iOS versions with free and paid for features.  

Rekordbox is great for organising and preparing tracks, analysing them and setting cue and loop points. In “performance mode” you can DJ with it, using certain controllers if you want. Currently, the app recognises the DDJ-200 and DDJ-FLX4.

The Rekordbox app is free to download and includes basic effects and functionality. For a monthly or annual premium you can unlock more features and effects. 

Currently, Rekordbox only allows access to Tidal and Soundcloud Go + as well as music stored on your device. 

Djay is probably the most popular app and most established. There is a big difference between the Android and iOS versions. The Android version is still functional, with minimal features and effects as well as connection to only Tidal and Soundcloud. It also only works with a handful of DJ controllers too. However, the price reflects these limitations. 

The obvious difference is the iOS version, where Algoriddim have clearly polished the app for use with iPhones, iPads and Mac OS. The iOS version gives you stems separation, samples, sound effects and even DVS capability. It also connects with Beatport and Beasource as well as Tidal, Soundcloud and now Apple Music. 




Soundcloud Go+

Beatport Link

BeatSource Link

Apple Music

Rekordbox (Android)

Djay (Android)







Rekordbox (iOS)

Djay pro AI (iOS / Mac)







Rekordbox (Mac / PC)

Serato (Mac / PC)







Engine OS devices

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