New Pioneer DDJ-REV controller, what is it?

Pioneer DDJ or XDJ Revolution- What is it? 


UDPATED: It's the Pioneer DDJ-REV7 and DDJ-REV1

More info about them here:


Pioneer have dropped a teaser video and we’re breaking it down to take a closer look at what it might be.

Clearly, it’s a new product, or more than one. The 10 second teaser flashes between close-up shots of the product(s) revealing very little. We’ve gone through it frame by frame and here’s what we’ve found.         







Firstly, we’ve rearranged these in order to match what might be the same product. The first two frames look like a mixer or the mixer section of a controller, the second one showing a paddle style switch. This paddle could be an FX switch as used in other brands of controllers or scratch mixers. 


The next two show a jog wheel, there’s not much to guess from this other than these likely belong on a controller of some kind.


The next image shows what looks like a a two channel scratch mixer with the corner of a wheel or platter. This could be an existing mixer next to a newer product or they could be one product. 


Image 6 shows a display with scrolling waveforms, potentially from a media player or similar to that of the DJM-S11 scratch mixer. 


The next 3 are the more interesting, one is a platter looking like a turntable, the next shows what could be a platter next to Pioneer’s unique circular play button with a blue light around it, with two thin rectangular buttons next to it, again similar to the 33/45 rpm buttons, all found on Pioneer turntables. 


In the last clip of the video, we see a platter coming to a stop. Put these together with the word Revolution that Pioneer are using, one can guess this is about something revolving. 


So with different style jog wheels and platter, this probably more than one product. Some of the guesses on social media have been things like an all-in-one controller with motorised platters, a single turntable style motorised controller with a full size platter or even a single media player with a motorised platter. 


One thing is for sure, people are buzzing about whatever new product or products Pioneer is about to release and so are we! 


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