Denon DJ Engine OS v1.6 and Engine Prime v1.6

Denon DJ have just released the official update of Engine OS and Engine Prime 1.6.

This latest update of their hardware operating system works on the SC5000/M, SC6000M, Prime GO, Prime 2 and Prime 4. Engine OS 1.6 shows the commitment from Denon DJ to support the Prime family of players.

Here are some of the key improvements in Engine OS 1.6 and Engine Prime 1.6

Denon DJ Prime Dropbox

Dropbox support.

You can now access your music from your own personal cloud storage on Dropbox. Engine Prime software on your computer can access your Dropbox collection and analyse tracks as if they are stored locally.
The Prime players can connect to Dropbox over wifi and access your collection too. This type of integration is the first of its kind for DJs and allows you to access your tunes from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

To celebrate this update, Denon DJ are offering all Prime users an extra 25GB of Dropbox storage for 6 months for FREE. Simply make sure your hardware is registered o access this promotion.  Register here:

Engine OS Beatsource

Beatsource LINK support

In addition to Tidal, Beatport Link and Soundcloud GO+ streaming service, Prime users can now use Beatsource LINK as a streaming service. Engine OS players can access this service along side the other supported platforms and even mix between the sources. All the track information is stored locally on the users storage, so when you load a previously played track the BPM, key and hot cues are all immediately loaded.
Beatsource LINK requires a subscription and details can be found here:

Denon SC6000 stacked waveforms

Stacked waveforms for SC-5000 and SC-6000

The SC-5000/M and SC-6000/M players have always been able to play two tracks at the same time thanks to the dual layer functionality. With Engine OS 1.6 you can now have both waveforms and track information at the same time. This is even better thanks to the extra screen real estate on the SC-6000/M larger screen.

Flexible beat grids

Both Engine OS and Engine Prime 1.6 can now handle tracks with changing tempo even better. Engine Prime software can manually create dynamic beat grids for songs and Engine OS can detect songs with dynamic beat grids making it easier to mix between different genres and with tracks that have variable BPM.

Denon Prime 4 track preview

Track Preview

A big request for the Prime 4 has been track preview, this function is now available across Engine OS and Engine Prime. Browse through your local stored tracks and easily preview them by tapping on the artwork without having to load the track to a deck.  You can even needle drop through the track to jump to different sections.

Denon DJ have also improved how Rekordbox and Serato DJ prepared tracks are  imported with more data available. As usual there are some minor bug fixes and stability improvements too.

Get the latest version of Engine OS and Engine Prime here:

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