10 features the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10 has over the DDJ-1000

Pioneer DDJ-1000 or DDJ-FLX10

10 Differences between the DDJ-FLX10 and the DDJ1000/ SRT

Pioneer DJ have just launched the DDJ-FLX10 to replace both the DDJ-1000 and DDJ-1000SRT controllers.

We've put together a brief list of 10 key differences (well, improvements) between the new and older models.

Pioneer FLX serato and rekordbox

1. One controller - two platforms
The FLX10 is a single unit that working on both rekordbox DJ and Serato DJ Pro. No additional license is required, the DDJ-FLX10 is “hardware unlock” for both platforms. In addition to this, the DDJ-FLX10 unlocks DVS in Rekordbox. 


2. Part separation in rekordbox and Stems in Serato DJ Pro.
Dedicated controls on the FLX10 let’s you remove or isolate the vocals, instruments and drums of a track in rekordbox and Serato DJ. This function in rekordbox is unlocked with FLX10 hardware, however is only available using mouse control with the DDJ1000 unless you have a subscription to the Core plan. 


 pioneer dj flx10 crosfader

3. New Magvel Crossfader
The FLX10 has a brand new Magvel crossfader with 4 sensors, compared to 2 sensors on the DDJ1000.

 Pioneer FLX10 FX

4. FX Part select
You can apply both sound colour fx and beat fx to isolated parts of the track. 

5. Colour FX
There are now 6 sound color FX on the DDJ-FLX10 compared to 4 on the DDJ-1000. 


6. USB -C connectivity. 

FLX10 lighting control 7. DMX out
Connect your lights directly to the FLX10 and control with rekordbox lighting module.<

Pioneer DDJ-FLX10 jog display 8. Improved in-jog display with stacked waveforms and selectable information display.

pioneer flx10 jog ring

9. Multi colour jog ring to indicate live track part.

 flx10 mixpoint

10. New mix point link to automatically trigger another deck when a specific point is reached on the live deck. 

 Watch Ratzi compare the two controllers and talk you through the differences between the DDJ-1000 and the new DDJ-FLX10

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