What do you need to live stream a keep fit session, yoga or music class?

What do you need to live stream a keep fit session, yoga or music class?

We’re all seeing it, live streams from people all over the world doing this to stay active, teach, keeping yourself busy and you’re thinking to yourself “I can do this”.

So, your first reaction would be to point your phone or your laptop at yourself and hit the ‘go live’ button. WAIT! There are so many ways you can do this better, and we’ll help you out.

Firstly, position your phone or laptop properly.
Put your phone on a proper stand or if you’re using a laptop, raise it up using a laptop stand which will help you adjust the height and angle. Letting you see what you’re sending out and position the camera better.
Take a look at our laptop stands here.

Second, sound good!
There’s nothing worse than ‘tinny’, distant sound. Also, if you’re playing music, you want to make sure you can be heard clearly with the tracks in the background.

There are several options for you:
If you’re using a phone, it’s worth investing in a mic designed for use with a mobile device. Shure makes an excellent mobile kit which includes a high quality mic with tripod and even a phone holder.

The MV88+ comes with a high quality mic which can be connected via lighting or micro USB to most mobile phones. This will give you targeted sound pickup and great clarity. The stand can be used to hold just the mic or both the mic and phone, allowing you to get a stable picture with your improved sound,

When folded, the stand acts as a handle to provide more stable handheld recording or live streaming.

If you plan to be further away from the phone, Rode do a fantastic wireless option for mobiles and cameras which is now used by vloggers all over the web.

The Rode Wireless Go has a battery operated receiver which will connect to your laptop, camera or phone (with the right adaptor).
The transmitter has a built in mic which you can just clip on to yourself and you’re good to go.
Both parts have built in, rechargeable batteries

Do you want to do it really well?

To produce a full on, professional level live stream for a work out or class, a few hundred pounds will be enough to get you going…

Get an actual setup like this:

Wireless Headset A headset, wireless mic system : Keep your room wire free and allow yourself to move around as much as you need £109 see our complete range here

Alesis MultiMix 4USB

USB Mixer Connect the microphone, and another mic or an instrument as well a music source. This will allow you to balance the levels to even out the sound. This goes in to your computer via USB £94 see our complete range here

Powered Speaker Keep yourself motivated with your music thumping right near you £99 see our complete range here

Lighting Add some colour to your set with some LED lighting that can be set to a static colour or to change sound to light £75 see our scomplete range here

TOTAL £377

The first two items will get your sound into your computer. From there, you can use the built in camera of your laptop or an external webcam to add video to your stream.

Using free software OBS, you can mix the audio and video as well as extra graphics like your logo, pictures, video files or even your own computer screen.
Within OBS you will connect to your chosen streaming service like Youtube, Facebook, Twitch etc and go live from there.

These aren’t just good for going live either. With OBS you can record as well, so you can create quality content easily.
Even better, when we’re not all confined to our homes and can meet in person again, the suggested setup above is great for live use as well.

We hope this has helped and as always, we’re still available to offer you any advice to get your bespoke setup just give us a call or email us.

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