Virtual DJ now supports Denon DJ Prime media players

Denon DJ Controllers support Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ and Denon DJ have just announced a collab that so many have been waiting for.

The latest version of Virtual DJ now works with most of the Denon DJ Prime players.  The Prime 4, Prime 2, SC6000/M and SC5000/M will now connect to and control almost every function within Virtual DJ 2021.

I’m going to admit that I’ve only ever dabbled with VDJ and that was many years ago, so I’m writing this from the perspective of a Prime 4 user who’s used other software with my hardware.

On first connecting and firing up VDJ, you get the option to select where your audio is going, then the option to choose your EQ setting.

Denon DJ suports VDJ

This is to do with the new Stems feature in VDJ, their new algorithm separates vocals, bass, instruments and hi hats from the track. You can select to do this with the EQs to fade in and out the parts or using pads to drop them in and cut them out.

It's worth noting here that if you go for the ‘full’ control, the trim and Sweep FX controls are taken over so you won’t have those to use.

Once you’ve selected your EQ choice, you’re ready to go. Everything works as you would expect it, browsing and loading tracks, cues, loops, pitch and effects all straightforward and just like using the hardware in standalone mode. While you can scroll on the touch screen when browsing tracks, you can’t swipe to load a track just yet.

As it works as a touch screen to control your computer you can also easily use functions like dragging to reorder folders , press cue pads on screen , needle search through a track or even scratch a Waveform.

Any long press on screen is the equivalent to right clicking on the software which handily lets you do extra things like batch analysis on folders of tracks.

You can browse tracks using the screen or the navigation controls on the unit, even the on board drive in your Prime device is accessible.

You can search for tracks just as easily too using the on screen keyboard.

Switching views is easy, rotating  through options when you keep pressing the view button, or you can select a view in the settings menu.

The outer ring on the jog wheel lights up when that deck is “on air” and can be set to flash when near the end of the track.

Denon DJ supports Virtual DJ

Almost every aspect of the software can be controlled from the Prime unit, allowing you to keep the laptop out of sight. Even the sample decks and video controls are accessible from the controller. You can trigger the stock samples in VDJ and even the instrument loops for live remixing all from the touch screen. You can even control the individual level of each sample.

Virtual DJ Denon DJ Prime 4

All in all, this is integration done very very well. VDJ is a hugely powerful software and the new integration with Prime lets you maximise the potential of it with great ease.

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