The Best DJ Mixers on the Market Right Now

What makes the best DJ mixer money can buy?

The short answer...well, it all depends who you ask. Every DJ and artist across the board has different preferences, not to mention budgets to allocate to hardware purchases. But at the same time, there's no disputing the fact that some mixers represent so much better value for money than others.

So whether you're a wedding DJ, regular club performer or touring artists at any level, we've pulled together a selection of the very best mixers on the market. All somewhat different in terms of features, though all right up there at the top of the rankings in terms of value for money:

Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 - £1,459.00

First up, the DJM-S9 was designed to port all the features and functionalities of the DDJ-SX2 over to an innovative, incredibly capable battle-style mixer. Switching between DJ sets is made easy with dual-USB connections, while the oversized performance pads take control and creativity to the highest possible level. The FX buttons can be customised for maximum versatility - an all-round exceptional mixer that's perfect for every type of DJ.





Allen & Heath Xone 43 - £599.00

What sets the Allen & Heath Xone 43 apart from its rivals is the pedigree and reputation the brand has earned over the years for truly superior analogue audio quality. The legendary analogue Voltage Control Filter (VCF) system makes an appearance in the Allen & Heath Xone 43, as do LPF, BPF and HPF modes. Not to mention, resonance control and frequency from ‘mild to wild'. Creativity and flexibility are taken to extremes with the Allen & Heath Xone 43 - a mixer that might overwhelm amateurs, but has high-end performances and studio recordings written all over it.




Pioneer DJM-750 Mk2 - £1,069.00

Another simply stunning entry from one of the world's most reputable brands, the Pioneer DJM-750 Mk2 has been built around the same framework as the club-standard DJM-900NXS2. A great way of taking your performances and skills to a more professional level, without paying a fortune for the privilege. Seamless mixing, unrivalled precision for even the most complex scratch techniques and the kind of sound quality you'd typically expect from a mixer way out of this price bracket. The inclusion of full licences for Rekordbox DJ and Rekordbox dvs only sweetens the deal even further!





Numark M2 Mixer - £89.00

The best mixer on the market right now as an entry-level option? Quite possibly, as the M2 represents the kind of value for money that's borderline mind-blowing. Perfectly suited to scratch DJs, clubs, parties, weddings and pretty much anyone looking to build pro-level skills with an entry-level mixer. A true bargain that's hard to fault.





Numark M6 USB Mixer - £169.00

Last but not least, the Numark M6 USB Mixer represents a great entry-point to four-channel mixing, with near-endless flexibility and versatility. Boasting compatibility with traditional audio sources like CD players and turntables, it can also hook up to a computer via USB. Plug and play digital recording lets you lay down your live and studio performances with ease and in the highest quality, while the three-band EQ and LED metering per channel headline the list of performance essentials. An impressive package that delivers more than meets the eye.

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