Six Things You Can Do With Your Pioneer CDJ-3000


It’s been around for some time, but the Pioneer CDJ-3000 is still one of the best media players of its kind to have ever hit the market. Designed to get the very best out of Rekordbox, the CDJ-3000 is no less than a technological masterpiece.

Even today, there is little up for grabs that can rival the sophistication, reliability or user-friendliness of the CDJ-3000. It may pack a punch price-wise given its age, but what you get in terms of long-term value for money remains unbeatable.

To celebrate what will soon be the second birthday of this monumental media player, we thought we would take a look at some of its most interesting features. Not the kinds of things you’d call obvious, but the ‘Easter Eggs’ of sorts you might have overlooked.

For no reason other than to emphasise just how amazing this thing really is, here are six things you might now know you can do with your CDJ-3000:

You Can Customise the Accent Colours When Inserting a USB Drive.

Should the mood take you, there is the option of customising the colour of accent lighting around the USB socket, each time you insert a USB. You can set it to yellow, green, pink or blue, which is pretty cool.

You Can Change the Colour of the Waveform Display

If you are not a fan of three-colour frequency waveforms, the CDJ-3000 provides you with the option of swapping it for a single colour, subsequently presenting the waveform in various shades of blue.

You Can Set Up An All-Digital Rig

If you combine your CDJ-3000 with a mix that features digital inputs - like the DJM-900NXS2 - you can also connect it with your preferred CDJs using an RCA cable to create an all-digital setup. In doing so, you will be removing all analogue connections from the equation for superior sound quality.

You Can Connect Multiple CDJ-3000 Devices Together

Evidence suggests that quite a few new and aspiring DJs who picked up the CDJ-3000 have no idea that they are designed to be linked together with Ethernet cables, though is a project that also calls for an Ethernet switcher.

You Can Adjust the Automatic Load Settings

The CDJ-3000 offers a whole host of customisable settings, which can be automatically activated upon starting it up. You can make it so that as soon as you plug your USB or SD card into the system, the appropriate settings are automatically activated and the whole thing is ready to go.

You Can Add a Second Column to the Library Display

The CDJ-3000 provides the option of adding a second column to the library display, making it easier to sort your tracks by way of genre, rating or artist. The library is set up to display the track’s name, key and BPM by default, but you can also add a second column with further track details. There’s even the option of tinkering with the size of the font, if you find yourself running out of touchscreen real estate.

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