Selecting the Best Studio Headphones for DJs

What's the secret to producing better-quality music in the studio? The key to stepping into professional circles as a DJ?

If you've got the talent and the ambition, it could simply be a case of investing in better hardware!

In so many instances, DJs and home recording artists alike sell themselves short in some of the most vital areas. One of which being headphones - a simple yet critically important weapon in the DJ's arsenal. In case you weren't already aware, the answer is yes - headphones can and will make all the difference. Which is precisely why some cans sell for £4.99 while others come closer to the £500 mark.

Is it necessary to spend a fortune to pick up quality headphones? Not at all. Can you expect to get by with bargain-basement headphones? Again, not at all.
As with all DJ kit, it's a case of shopping smarter. Making sure you get maximum value for money. So with this in mind, we've pulled together a quick shortlist of some of our own top picks from the high-end headphones currently on sale:

Sennheiser HD25 Headphone (2016) - £129

First up, the Sennheiser HD25 represents the flagship headphones at the core of the brand's line-up, delivering everything needed to step up studio and live performances alike. Superb sound reproduction and the kind of long-wear comfort that's surprisingly rare these days.

Technics RPDJ1200 Headphones - £129

For the same price, the Technics RPDJ1200 headphones make a great alternative choice from one of the industry's most respected brands. Designed specifically for DJ monitoring, they're designed with a full swing-arm system and reversible housing, along with a decent level of splash-proofing protection for those somewhat livelier performances! Max input capacity 1500mW, 24K gold plated stereo plug, frequency response 8Hz-30kHz.

Pioneer HDJ 500 Red - £79

One of the biggest and best bargains of the bunch, Pioneer's HDJ 500 are a top-seller all over the world. Having been designed to deliver many of the best features of the brand's flagship HDJ-2000 headphones, these ultra-affordable alternatives are durable, comfortable and pack a serious punch.

Pioneer HDJ-2000Mk2 Headphones (Silver) - £289

That said, if it's unbeatable flagship quality and performance you're looking for, look no further. The latest version of Pioneer's exceptional HDJ-2000Mk2 take everything you know about external noise reduction, sound reproduction and superior durability to the next level. Far from the cheapest headphones, but quite possibly the only pair of headphones you'll ever need to buy.

Denon DJ HP800 Headphone - £84

Last but not least, Denon recently introduced a trio of new and enhanced headphones, including the Denon DJ HP800 Headphone. The mid-ranger in-between the 600 and the 1100, we chose the HP800 for its proven prowess in all areas of performance and studio recording alike. An excellent choice at an unbeatable price for discerning amateurs and savvy professionals at all levels.

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