Recording Vocals - The Best Studio Microphones to Use

Having an outstanding voice and all the creativity in the world is all well and good. But it'll only get you so far. If you want to produce the kinds of recordings that do you justice, you're going to need a studio microphone that's up to the job.

It's tragic to say the least, but thousands of potentially fantastic artists are right now selling themselves short in a big way. Simply by working with substandard equipment, you could be dealing a hammer-blow to the quality of the music you produce. Not to mention, your own likelihood of going pro.

Which in the case of vocal recordings is even more tragic…given how affordable the industry's best hardware can be. If you're looking to sound your best and produce your best work, you need the best hardware in your corner.

Give things a shot with any of the following studio mics and you might just be amazed by the difference:

Shure SM58 - Legendary Vocal Microphone - £92

First up, the story begins and ends with the Shure SM58 for millions of artists and producers the world over. In short, this is the single most legendary and popular vocal microphone the world has seen for decades. Exceptional warmth and clarity, rugged durability and a superior shock-mount system to minimise handling noise. One of the best vocal mics in recent history for a price that's almost too good to be true.

Shure 5575LE - Unidyne Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Vocal Microphone - £349

Or if you'd prefer something a little more special, the Shure 5575LE is the kind of limited-edition mic that's got collectors all over the world drooling. Created to celebrate the 75th anniversary of this industry-leading powerhouse, the Shure 5575LE features the kind of timeless design that speaks for itself. Featuring Unidyne III cardioid cartridge technology for superior sound performance, the Shure 5575LE performs every bit as good as it looks.

Sennheiser MK-4 Condenser Microphone - £224

The Sennheiser MK-4 Condenser Microphone was designed for the most demanding professional studio use and delivers sound quality that's second to none. A standard in industry circles though affordable enough for the discerning home studio recording artist, the MK-4 is easy to work with and is built to make you sound your very best.

Behringer C1U Studio Condenser Microphone with USB - £60

Ideal for hobbyists and studio use alike, the price of the Behringer C1U Studio Condenser Microphone far belies its performance. It's basically the exact same mic as the legendary C-1, only taken to new heights in terms of versatility with the addition of a USB interface. Plug-and-play quality and performance at the highest level.

AKG 2000 B Specialist Recording Studio Microphone - £149

Last but not least, the AKG 2000 B Specialist Recording Studio Microphone was designed from the ground up to mirror the precision and quality of the world's most cutting-edge recording media. An uncompromising microphone of the highest sensitivity and a perfect addition to any recording studio or rehearsal room.

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