More Questions Never to Ask a DJ

More Questions Never to Ask a DJ

The hallmark of a professional DJ is being able to maintain polite conduct, even when faced with the world’s most annoying revellers. By its nature, life as a professional DJ means having to contend with all types of irritating folks on a near-constant basis.

There’s nothing you can do to avoid them, so you may as well accept they’re part of your life now.

On the club scene in particular, DJs are often approached by people with the most inane and infuriating questions imaginable. If you’re lucky enough to play a DJ booth that’s safely out of the crowd’s reach, good for you.

If not, you’re almost definitely going to be presented with at least some of the following questions, every single night you play:

  1. Can’t you play some rock music now?

You’re not at a wedding, it’s not your own private party and the DJ is playing a certain type of music for a reason. If it’s a dance music club or a specific dance music night, why the hell would any self-respecting DJ suddenly throw a bunch of rock tunes into the mix? If you are looking for a great way to annoy your DJ with absolutely no chance of getting what you want, this is it.

  1. What do you mean you don’t have it? Seriously?

This is one of many ways revellers effectively tell DJs they don’t know what they’re doing, and that they (the punter) know best. If you ask for something and the DJ doesn’t have it, it’s because nobody they play to wants it…apart from you. If they were inundated with requests for it, they would have added it to their set by now. If they say they don’t have it, accept it…the end.

  1. Will you play this right now I’ve got to leave in 10 minutes?

Why should your DJ care whether you’re leaving in 10 minutes or 10 hours? Why would your agenda matter more than those of the other thousand or so people sticking around? Adding crappy reasons why your DJ should do as he/she is told right away (which are almost always fake) makes it even less likely they will comply.

  1. How about I pay you £10 to play (insert stupid suggestion here)?

Bribing DJs to put your request right on the top of the pile can work. However, bribing DJs to play something completely unsuitable for the venue or crowd in question never works. If you have to pay them to play something, it’s clearly something that isn’t right for their set.

  1. Play it again, I just got here and I missed most of it!

Tough – it’s already been played and it’s your fault you turned up at the wrong time. A good DJ will never replay the same track simply to fulfil the request of one keen reveller who missed it the first time around…period.

  1. Why can’t you play it? They play it every night in other clubs?

Last up, make any comparisons to any other clubs and you’ll be told exactly where you can take your business. If they play ‘better’ music that’s more in line with your tastes, feel free to frequent them instead – you’ll be doing everyone a favour in doing so.

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