Engine DJ 3.1 - It just keeps getting better

Eingine OS 3.1

Engine OS 3.1 - it keeps getting better! 

Engine OS has had yet another update. The team and Engine DJ keep updating their amazing OS to add features and functionality to the expanding range of products. 


Touch FX

This time all the Engine devices get Touch FX multiple FX controlled via the touchscreen, swipe left to right for one parameter and up or down for another depending on the effect. The you hit a sweet spot, you can simply latch the position to keep that effect. 

Denon DJ products get 10 touch FX where the Numark Mixstream Pro range get 4 effects. 


Filter Dub Echo – this effect places the filter cutoff over the echo tail, controlling the entire mix with the filter movements.

LFO Echo – filter LFO cutoff feeds into an Echo, allowing for modulating echo waves to add shimmer to your mix.

Filter Reverb - tweak the filter cutoff and reverb level with one touch. Set the room size to suit.

LFO Filter - control the LFO filter cutoff and rate to modulate the audio.

Filter Echo - the classic echo and filter cutoff combined into one easy touch for transitions and blends.

Filter Roll - capture a section of audio and manipulate the length of the roll size and filter cutoff to create dramatic buildups.

Filter Gate - control the gate size and filter cutoff to get creative with chopping the audio into audio slices.

Noise Gate - control the gate size, reverb amount to create noise gate. Noise level can be adjusted from the Settings > tab.

Flanger - adjust the flanger amount and rate with a simple swipe of your finger.

Filter - control the filter cutoff and resonance to manipulate the filter bite to create dynamic drops.

Touch FX are available on both Engine consoles and players (SC5000/M & SC6000/M) and can be assigned to any channel or layer of audio.

New main effects 

Denon DJ standalone units Prime GO, 2, 4, SC Live 2, 4) get new and improved effects, 25 in total. 

Echo Out – turn on and twist the amount knob past 50 to engage an instant echo out.

Swell Verb – a special type of reverb which grows longer with a twist of the amount knob. Sweep from metallic reverberation to lush ambient soundscapes through the use of the Room Size parameter.

Hold Echo – Grab a slice of audio and hold it for as long as you dare. Useful for transitions. Turning it on and off quickly can also be used to grab a small bit of audio to repeat over a track for additional build-ups or dub-like workflows.

Recycler – an idealized analog-style delay, which adds warmth and saturation on every cycle.

Stutter Out – choose between 13 patterns to echo out in a stylized manner, perfect for transitioning to new tracks.

Riser – a glitchy delay which rises in speed and pitch before echoing out.

Pitch Down – an effect which chromatically pitches down the captured audio in time with the beat.

Scale Down – similar to Pitch Down, using four different scales to add color to a transition.

Reverb – all-new redesigned reverb. Add shimmer and depth to any mix as an effect, or to help transition between songs.

LFO Verb – a reverb with a knob-controllable LFO rate – good for building up additional energy in songs.

Reverb Drop – is it a reverb, or is it a drop? Well .. it’s both. Add pump to give this effect a sidechained feel to it.

Reverse Reverb – a backwards reverb.

Reverb Rise – similar to reverb drop, but in the opposite direction. Good for adding build-up energy to a track.

Flanger (Negative) – they’ve taken there flanger and phase-inverted the flange, resulting in vowel-like swirly goodness.

Beat Break – previously on the PRIME 4 only, the Beat Break effect repeats slices of audio in a musical fashion. Choose between 10 different patterns.

Backspin – means you can backspin your track without actually losing your place in the song. Choose from 3 different backspins.

Brake – simulates a turntable slowdown.

Roll – same effect, now with trigger phase quantization.


Dual High Pass / Low Pass filter is now available on all units with Main effects


Drop Sampler improvements 


Sampler audio can be routed to any available channel or main output

Sampler pad mode is accessible with the 2nd press of the ROLL performance mode button for the: PRIME 4, PRIME 2, PRIME GO, SC LIVE 2, SC LIVE 4, SC6000/M PRIME, SC5000/M PRIME, AND LC6000 PRIME.

Sampler volume setting is now remembered between power cycles.


This update once again shows the commitment from the Engine OS team to updating their units with new and exciting features giving all hardware owners amazing value for money with improved functionality. 

These updates are available now directly from within the settings of your unit if connected to the internet, or via a USB download or by connecting to a computer and using the Engine updater.


There's even more to come. 

Engine have teased us with a daylight mode which will invert the colours of the main screen to make it more visible outdoors. Also bluetooth connectivity will be activated, we believe this will be used for auxiliary input. 



Engine DJ have also shown off stems, offering the first on-board separation of voacals and music on a standalone device with no computer required. 

This will be released later this year for beta testing exclusively to Denon DJ Prime 4 + users. However we believe it will be more widely available on final release. 




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