Six Tips for First-Time DJ Video Editing

Six Tips for First-Time DJ Video Editing

Some say live streaming is the future, but there is still nothing quite like an expertly edited DJ video.

What’s great about shooting videos is the ways in which you have all the time you need to create something of pure polished perfection; live streaming can be hugely engaging, but recording a video opens the door to limitless creativity.

Shooting a DJ video to showcase your talents is no different to recording any other type of music video. The same basic rules apply, including the following essential tips and guidelines for an epic final cut:

1. Start with Your Proudest Work
If this is to be your first ever DJ video it will make sense to start with your proudest work; something that has not only proved popular with your fan-base, but also something that is significant to yourself. This makes it much easier to turn the whole thing into a genuine passion project, not to mention being able to produce an engaging and immersive video that sucks the viewer straight into your world.

2. Decide Ahead on a Narrative
You also need to decide ahead of time what kind of story you intend to tell with your video. This means considering the theme of the clip, the mood of its content and the way you want to make the viewer feel. Do you want to touch them emotionally? Fire them up for a party? Make them think about something specific in their life? Or perhaps you want to make them laugh?

3. Consider the Viewer’s Perspective
A little research can go a long way when it comes to getting to know your audience. Put yourself in their shoes and take a look at the kinds of videos they are into right now. See what others are doing and find a way of doing something different or better. Figure out what will inspire them to watch your video and keep them watching until the end.

4. Learn the Ropes with Editing Software
Most video editing suites or DJ software are loaded with convenient pre-set features and effects which can be applied at the touch of a button, sadly most scream amateur and produce nothing but forgettable generic results. If you are serious about putting out good DJ video content, you need to take the time to master a decent suite of editing software.

5. Be the Star of the Show
Your music videos are promotional tools to market your music to the world; it makes sense to ensure that you are the star of the show. It can feel weird shooting yourself and playing to the camera at first, but you will soon get the hang of it.

6. Build Launch-Day Hype
Aggressively promoting your video prior to launch is essential; use all online and offline channels at your disposal (social media in particular) to build hype and get people onboard. Let them know what is coming is a big deal and that you must do whatever it takes to be in the spotlight.

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