5 of the Best DJ Headphones in 2022

5 of the Best DJ Headphones in 2022

DJ headphones buck the trend where most high-end hardware is concerned, in that you don’t have to spend a fortune to set yourself up with something epic. Even the most advanced cans from the market’s leading manufacturers will rarely set you back anything that’s likely to break the bank.

If anything, you’re likely to find yourself spoilt for choice. Irrespective of how limited your budget may be, you’ll find a world of seriously high-quality options to choose from.

As a brief overview of what’s up for grabs right now, here are five examples of the best DJ headphones you can pick up for this kind of money in 2022:

  1. OneOdio Studio Pro 10 DJ Headphones

First up, the fact that these OneOdio Studio Pro 10 DJ Headphones retail for less than £30 is pretty much ridiculous. Exactly how they managed to come up with such a heavy-hitting piece of hardware for this kind of price is a mystery. But they did, and what they came up with quickly earned more than 30,000 Amazon reviews of 4.5 stars or more. Comfortable, robust and with great sound quality to boot, there is nothing (serious) you can pick up for this kind of price that comes close.

  1. Pioneer DJ HDJ-CUE1BT

A step up in terms of both price and performance comes the Pioneer DJ HDJ-CUE1BT, which you can pick up right now for around £75. These things were first introduced a couple of years ago, and have been touted ever since as the cans to go for when durability is your priority. The bass response of the Pioneer DJ HDJ-CUE1BT headphones is impressive, as is their superior padding for all-night comfort. There is also a non-Bluetooth version available, which will set you back around £30 less.

  1. Sennheiser HD 25

These things were always going to become an instant hit, and so it proved. Well-deserving of the title of ‘industry standard’ for discerning DJs and performers, the Sennheiser HD 25s deliver way more than you would expect for around £120. They feature outstanding noise isolation and seem to have no limits when it comes to coping with high-level output with zero distortion. Best of all, pretty much every component in their make-up can be replaced, giving them an indefinite lifespan.

  1. Pioneer DJ HDJ-CX

Released in March this year, Pioneer’s DJ HDJ-CX were launched as the company’s interpretation of the HD 25s outlined above. Pioneer set about building something that would rival the rugged quality and superior performance of the HD 25s, and for a similar price. What they came up with is something that arguably delivers better sound quality (at least in terms of bass punch), and is certainly as comfortable to wear as its counterpart. The only difference is the lack of replaceable parts, but some would say the improved bass output more than makes up for this.

  1. Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10

Last up, anyone looking to push the boat out (at least slightly) should definitely check out Pioneer’s DJ HDJ-X10 headphones. The undisputed flagship of Pioneer’s collection, the HDJ-X10s are by far the most durable and hard wearing cans you can buy right now. They received military-grade certification, and have apparently been drop-tested more than 20,000 times. The comfort of the HDJ-X10s is rivalled only by their completely impeccable sound quality, coupled with a nano coating to extend their lifespan indefinitely. Seriously – if they’re good enough for the likes of James Zabiela and Carl Cox, they’re probably good enough for you.

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