Denon DJ release Engine OS 1.5


Denon DJ release Engine OS 1.5


Denon DJ have once again updated Engine OS adding new functionality to their Prime series of players. 


The key updates apply to all the players with some designed to add new features, as requested, to certain units.



Updates for Prime GO, Prime 2, Prime 4, SC5000 /M and SC6000 /M


More streaming services:

Soundcloud Go + and Beatport Link streaming services have now been added as well as existing Tidal.  

Beatport Link not only offers access to your saved playlists and tracks but also to Beatport curated playlists over multiple genres. Connect to these services in seconds and have your playlists and favourites directly on your device. You can even be connected to all three at the same time.


Quick Source Menu

Jump between sources and now mix between them, including streaming services.

You can now load and mix between different streaming services and USB / SD devices. So with the Prime 4 you can have 4 different sources all playing at the same time. 

You can even mix between Tidal, Beatport and SoundCloud GO which you can’t even do on a computer! 



New BPM detection

To match with their Engine Prime software update, Engine OS now has an improved on-board BPM detection. Your tracks will now be analysed quicker and more accurately than ever with improved beat gridding too.



Prime 4 update:

Users now have the ability to adjust the microphone gate threshold level for each input.


Prime 2 update:

Now has the ability to record the microphone channels.


Prime GO update:

Now has the ability to turn off the crossfader and record the mic channel.


You can find the latest updates ready here: and Denon DJ host the free hangout webinar Virtual DJ now supports Denon DJ Prime media players

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