Beatport DJ Makes Browser-Based Mixing a Reality for DJs

Beatport DJ Makes Browser-Based Mixing a Reality for DJs

16 years after Beatport first arrived on the scene, Beatport DJ has made its long-awaited debut. For the first time, DJs will have the opportunity to use a fully browser-based application to prepare and mix music for their sets, with none of the usual software purchases or downloads required.

Accessible via Google Chrome, Beatport DJ is now available to all Beatport LINK subscribers, providing a virtual DJ interface for users to do their thing online. There is a tempo slider, two decks, pitcher effect, reverb and loads more – all available on demand on directly via Chrome browser.

As described by Beatport itself:

“Beatport’s new web app is the ultimate tool for set preparation and music discovery for DJs, giving our LINK community incredible control over their music with the ability to browse and mix tracks from their web browser.”

“Launching in 2004, Beatport led the transition from analog to digital content for DJs. Today, we continue this legacy with the launch of Beatport DJ — a web-based app set to completely revolutionize playlist building and music discovery for DJs and listeners alike.

“If you are a LINK subscriber, you now have exclusive access to the ultimate playground for music discovery and playlist management, directly in your Chrome-based browser. Offering instant track-to-track auditioning using our integrated DJ control layer and the ability to add custom cue points to any track.”

Simplicity is the name of the game with Beatport DJ, which allows users to quickly and easily drag and drop tracks from the Beatport music library onto the virtual decks. Playlists are easy to create, eight hot cues can be added to the tracks and there is an ‘Automix’ feature that shuffles your playlists.

“With the arrival of the Beatport DJ App, we are giving our community complete control over their music in ways never seen before. There are zero limitations to how much fun you can have exploring content.”

“With its straightforward, drag-and-drop, two-deck interface, users can mix and audition any two tracks instantly with all the essential controls any DJ would expect.”

“Access Beatport’s entire catalogue from within the app, from genre charts to exclusive playlists from the best labels and DJs in dance music, while building custom playlists in just a few clicks. Every track you play is even saved and available as an automatic history playlist.” – Beatport

Extensive efforts have been made to ensure maximum compatibility with the vast majority of controllers from top DJ brands, including but not limited to Numark, Hercules, Denon and Pioneer DJ – all of which can be hooked up via USB or Bluetooth.

A 30-day free trial is currently available for anyone looking to try it out before subscribing.

“If you’re in more of a listening mood, the app’s Automix feature will seamlessly blend your favorite playlists for you, letting you kick back, enjoy the party, or sneak in that bathroom break.”

“Midi-mappable and synchronized across all hardware devices and DJ software of our trusted LINK partners, the process of preparation for playing has never been easier. Midi is auto-mapped by default and can be edited in settings using controllers from partners like Pioneer DJ, Denon DJ, Numark, and Hercules.” – Beatport

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