What is the future for hopeful UK musicians following the Brexit touring crisis?

Brexit Minister Does not Believe Resolving Musicians Touring Crisis is his Responsibility

Lord Frost commented the department for digital, culture, music and sport are to take it forward with our embassies

Frost is a minister for Brexit within the UK government and has denied responsibility in solving the musician touring crisis in the wake of restrictions following Brexit.

In a recent committee hearing with UK ministers, with UK prime minister Boris Johnson confirming that Frost would be fixing the EU touring crisis, the MP told his delegates "the department for digital, culture, music and sport to take it forward with our embassies" and that the UK took a decision to end free movement" that inevitably "brings big changes.

Musicians and DJs were hopeful that the final UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement that was reached on Christmas Eve 2020, would have included consideration for touring professionals; this includes free long-term travel arrangements for the crew and artist.

The UK government denies claims that it had rejected an offer that would allow UK musicians to enter the EU without a visa following the finalisation of Brexit; the current deal imposes new regulations, visa requirements and tariffs that will surely halt the progression of any budding artists career, in turn affecting the UK music industry as a whole.

UK Music carried out a poll after the rise in complaints across the events and music sector, increased fees and paperwork will inevitably become an issue as venues and clubs re-open across the UK and EU following closures. 2080 people were quizzed on their views as part of the poll carried out in the beginning of June, 58% of which agreed, ìThe government should be doing more to ensure musicians can work abroad post-Brexit. Only 7% disagreed.

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