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Controller for Serato DJ with DVS Control
£209.00 inc. VAT
6 October, 2017
Worth every penny
This unit is incredible for what it is. It is built like a rock, something i have found to be very common with Akai products. The faders and knobs are sturdy and there's no bending or creaking. the mixer is USB powered and acts primarily as a mixer. Although it is recomended for use with other units it can actually act as a standalone controller. the features enable you to play, cue, beatmatch and mix all on this unit, you can change bpm, nudge the track as well as eq and filter. It has a replaceable inno fader crossfader so it's really goods quality stuff. It will also enable Serato DVS when plugges into so you don't have to buy DVS with it. There is a lot to talk about with this unit but it really is a unit you should go and demo to see what it is really capable of (it's a lot more than you would expect). It has 2 rca inputs (one for each channel) an rca output, a USB B input, a kennington lock insert, a ground pin and a 3.5mm jack headphone port with cue volume and mix controls.
The LiteConsole XPRSshield is the perfect solution for keeping drinks away from your set-up
£199.00 inc. VAT
6 October, 2017
Very nice addition
I would say slightly overpriced but a good addition to the stand to stop people with drinks and flailing arms from hitting your laptop or spilling something over your gear. It does look quite nice too, provided you wipe it often and keep it clean. I have noticed though that the perspex is starting to bow, it's not majorly noticeable but definitely visible if you have a good look, i imagine it's from where people see this shield as an opportunity to lean on it. The thing i like most is the upright poles that clamp to the booth then you clamp the perspex to them. They are really more than just poles to hold the perspex screen. There is plenty of opportinity to mount lights on them too. I'm even experimenting with reinforcing these poles to the booth with extra clamps and mounting small speakers on them! - A quick side note - If you own, or will be buying the gantry for the xprs booth too, bear in mind you don't need the upright poles when using the gantry, the perspex screen can clamp directly onto the gantry. Very handy!
e845 Super cardioid handheld vocal set with e845 microphone for live stage use
£459.00 inc. VAT
6 October, 2017
Absolutely incredible
12" Control Vinyl pressing for Serato DJ
£39.00 inc. VAT
3 August, 2021
It's nothing special
They're a bit gimmicky in the sense that for them to glow in the dark you need to charge them with a bright light for a little while, the vinyl is fine and works as should but i would rather just buy a white one and shine a light on it if i wanted it to 'glow' in the dark.
Soft Padded Transport Bag for all modern Flat Pars
£38.00 inc. VAT
3 August, 2021
Great versatile bag
I actually bought one of these to store my lighting and audio cables as well as things like headphones, extension leads etc. using the partitions to categorise everything. I can get every cable and accessory i need in this and it holds together really well, i highly recommend!
For Use With Most Lighting Stands
£9.00 inc. VAT
3 August, 2021
Fits perfectly
Does a great job of sitting on a 32mm pole, and the components don't feel cheap either
Pro low-lying fog machine with road case
£1499.00 inc. VAT
26 February, 2020
One of the best machines you can buy
This machine is absolutely fantastic. The price tag is high but what you get with this unit makes it a great value purchase. There are so many good points to mention with this machine and in all honesty i can't find a bad thing to say about it. I'll list some of the main points below. Build Quality: The machine is built really well, it comes permanently fixed into it's own flight case, the lid comes off and it stays in the bottom part (on the castors). The case is built specifically around the unit keeping it solid and compact. It's exactly what you expect from a case, and this comes included, there are no extra purchases for a case or trolley. The castors are just right, not cheap and sticky, but they've kept the size small to keep the unit compact. I've wheeled it over grass and rough surfaces without issue. the inner case of the unit is tough plastic, there's a nice seal around the lid to keep the fog from spilling through through the gap. all of the components of the unit have been designed with simplicity and and durability in mind from my experience. Output: I love the output of the machine. It's even and constant. I've not used it in huge venues but when accommodating venues with 200-250 capacity this machine fills the space in the middle quite quickly. I used it in a smaller room for a first dance, the output was at 50% and the room was comfortably filled in around 10-15 seconds. I use the machine without the included hose to create that puffy effect, and i'm yet to use the hose and nozzle, but i'm sure it will create a nice low carpet. Without the hose, it's a higher fog though, naturally, it doesn't go above waist height. I tried the same venue with 70% output before the event and the jump in output was huge. I can only imagine that 100% would be enough to fill any dancefloor or stage space. I poured 10KG of dry ice into the basket and on 50% it lasted just over 3 minutes, of course the effect lingered for a while after too. Ease of use: Compared to other dry ice machines, this one is dead simple. the water is pumped up to the ice rather than the ice being dropped into the water. You plug it in, fill it up with water (tap water is fine) and let it heat. It takes my machine just under an hour to heat the water to 80 degrees from room temperature. the display on the back tells you how hot your water currently is, so gives you a good idea how long you have to wait. you then load the dry ice into the basket and place it into the machine. when you want to start the machine, it's either one button press on the machine or if you're controlling via dmx, start it via that. That's it. The capacity of the basket is 12kg so if it's being used for a first dance or similar, there will be no need to refill the machine halfway through. The fact that the water is held in a seperate chamber to the ice means that you can put the ice in a while before you need to use it, and it will dissipate at a much slower rate than other machines. I operate this machine whilst announcing B&G and playing first dance and launching confetti, so this machine is a godsend. Draining the machine is easy too. There's a little drainage tap at the bottom of the unit, flick it open and it takes probably around 5 mins to drain fully. Just to clarify, as i was confused with watching some videos of people with this unit. The purchase of this machine includes: The machine including it's flight case lid The castors on the bottom The hose and nozzle At least 1 Powercon cable (standard job) The unit is relatively heavy, but managable by one person, i can lift it in/out of the van without too much effort. When filled it is seriously heavy so be cautious of venues where you have to take it upstairs then fill, make sure you can drain it before taking it downstairs, your body will thank you. Overall it's a great unit and a worthwhile investment. Talking about income per square foot, this machine earns a lot considering it's small size. It's tough, reliable and simple, which is perfect for busy wedding DJs that want to add an extra service. Would 100% recommend!
White Lycra Cloth For The Equinox Truss Booth
£43.00 inc. VAT
8 October, 2019
Does what it should
Great product does what its supposed to Be aware its very thin and slightly translucent if you have light hitting you from behind you etc whatever is under the booth will be seen I have both the black and the white lycra so to avoid this i put the black lycra on first then the white one over that rnrnIt fits nice and doesnt crease up easily which is always good when you just want to chuck it in a bag at the end of the night
Auxillary shelf for the DJ Booth
£87.00 inc. VAT
8 October, 2019
Fits the equinox truss booth
I bought this shelf for use with the equinox truss booth the aliminium one with round metalwork It fits it really well The shelf is thick and strong Ive placed around 15kg worth of weight on there and its held no issues it sits on the booth well its not very heavy or awkward to carry etc rnrnThe only thing to be wary of is that the shelf does slide back and forth quite easily when there isnt much weight on them Some tape on the bottom of the shelf where it contacts the booth should help with thatrnrnIts fairly expensive for such a simple accessory but it does its job and does it well so worth the spend if youre putting some heavy equipment on there
Mirror ball simulator with quad-color LEDs
£225.00 inc. VAT
8 October, 2019
Best in its class
Ive now been using one of these units for a few months and im really pleased with it I also use an LED mirrorball from a different quite established manufacturer which has fallen short of expectations but Chauvets effort is a really good onernrnIts output is the highest ive seen from this kind of fixture and the colours are really vivid The fact that the unit also has three controllable output zones really gives this unit some versatility If youre into DMXing you can do some surprisingly creative effects with even just one of these units if you dont DMX the built in macros make excellent use of the zones and colours with fades and chase programs As mentioned i use one of these fixtures at most of the weddings i do The versatility of the colours and zones combinations adds a lot to the disco and the white LED is a lovely white giving off a real elegance for hotel gigs and first dances entrances etc The output isnt huge but one unit will comfortably fill out most small to medium venues I dont use it with haze much but the different colourzone configurations really come to life when you pump some smokehaze into the mixrnrnThe motor is a different story its kind of a preference thing On a similar unit from another manufacturer when changing spin direction the motor stops instantly and starts spinning the other way its quite a jittery motion but more instant This unit will slow to a stop then speed up to the required speed the other way Although its a slightly slower process its much smoother So if the motor behavior is something youre concerned about i would recommend seeing a demo of this unit and either compare it to other brands for comparison There may be a side by side review already on youtube but im hoping to do a review and side by side comparison of two LED mirrorballs one being this one in the futurernrnNavigating the menu is about as youd expect a four button configuration and a sound sensitivity hard dial Its a seriously lightweight unit so mounting wont be an issuernrnOne drawback that i do have with this unit is the mounting bracket and how its attached Its 4 little screws to secure the bracket to the unit and the screws arent great so id limit how often id attach and remove the bracket if i were you one of my screws have already rounded off so im down to three screws Im sure the screws are easily replaceable but its still a little inconveniant when one of them gets stuck in the unitrnrnOverall its an amazing unit and if i was to start from scratch and buy just one unit it would be this one Its just simply a more premium unit than its competition Highly recommend

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