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11 Static gobos & 8 Colours Powerful Gobo Flower
£277.00 inc. VAT
2 July, 2020
Stunning Bright Sharp Gobo
Purchased a pair of the Equinox Helix 100W Gobo Flower, stunning bright crisp Gobo, I love the hearts ideal for weddings once we can get back out there? and the Snow Flakes are also good for my Frozen theme light show. if you purchase two like i did then you also get some money of the RRP too!
Built In Air Brake To Lower Loads With Minimum Effort
£47.00 inc. VAT
16 March, 2019
Great quality product from Gravity
Great quality product from Gravity as always, I have a few of their stands and wanted to try out these Pneumatic ones as I tend to use heavy Yamaha speakers. My only issue was once the speaker is up and mounted it's very difficult to remove the locking pin as it has a ridge on it and locks in, and I haven't the strength to lift up the pole to extract the pin. So what I've done to remedy this was to use a different locking pin without the notch. Gravity maybe should look at a redesign of this pin to make it easier to remove once a heavy speaker is mounted on top locking it in too securely?
In Black
£7.00 inc. VAT
22 January, 2019
Great simple design
I required something to mount my moving heads on top of my Duratruss podiums as I had already adapted them to fit onto standard speaker poles, using these small but simple designed speaker pole adaptors solved my problem, these are well manufactured with a nice powered coated black mate finish.
Moving Head Trussing Plinth
£269.00 inc. VAT
22 January, 2019
Great quality product!
Great quality product which arrived on time and well packed. The Duratruss product is extremely well constructed with very uniform welding using top quality aluminium and sold at a great price as this plinth kit includes both the top and the bottom plates.
Superb Sound Quality
£159.00 inc. VAT
26 November, 2018
Great light weight headphones.
Great light weight headphones with a manufacture name you can trust, nice stylish white and silver colour and great sound quality. Ideal for cueing up your tracks or for just chilling at home and listening to your music.
75W LED Moving Head with 3W UV LED
£575.00 inc. VAT
26 November, 2018
Great quality compact moving head.
Great quality compact moving head light fixture, I have two of these and have them DMX'ed so I have full control of their movements. The trouble if you use the built in programs and on sound to light you risk the unit shining into your eyes, not good when your trying to cue up your next track then find yourself blinded for a few minutes!! Nice bright GOBO's and loads of different colours and effects can be produced by controlling these bad boys with DMX.
950W Active PA Subwoofer with 7 Year Warranty!
£749.00 inc. VAT
21 November, 2018
Great sounding sub with a manufacturer you can trust
I purchased a pair of these subs to go with my Yamaha DRX 12s & DXR 15s, great sounding sub, extremely well made including a lineX coating for a durable finish even after some of my drunken clients have tipped their drinks over it!! I have mounted mine on a wooden trolley for ease of movement, didn't want to drills any holes in the cabinet so they just sit on the trolley and I use a metal wheel chair ramp so I can easily push them up into the back of my van as I can't lift them as there too heavy! Great deep base yes still compact for it's size, it's a shame I notice these models have now been discontinued and therefore are no longer available to order :-(
Wireless D-Fi™ Transmitter / Receiver
£119.00 inc. VAT
21 November, 2018
Great simple to set up DMX transmitter
I purchased some Chauvet freedoms sticks and a pair of Chauvet Quad PARs so what better way to transmit the DMX signals to these lighting fixtures. Simple plug and play, just with a couple of button presses I had the system all up and running. Well constructed unit with simple to use buttons and a display on the front so you can easily see which channel your transmitting on so you can set your receiving fixtures onto the same channel, worked flawlessly straight out of the box, was up and running in the matter of minutes!
TRUE wireless, battery-operated, quad-color (RGBA) LED Par
£375.00 inc. VAT
21 November, 2018
Great Lighting Fixture!
Freedom Stick Pack Includes: 4 Freedom Sticks, 1 Multi–Charger, 1 IRC-6 Remote and 1 Carrying Bag
£579.00 inc. VAT
7 November, 2018
Great Product however beware if you use the remote?
Great product as always with Chauvet, however beware if your using the included IR remote control with other IR fixtures as this remote code seems to interfere with my ADJ PAR cans? I was using the black-out command on the Freedom Stick remote, after a while I noticed some of my ADJ PAR cans were flashing BLACK and therefore were blacked out? It became really difficult to reverse this as if I pressed the Blackout again to turn these back on other fixtures would then black out?? In the end I had to switch everything OFF and back on to reset this feature, not good during a live set :-( I wouldn't thought a product from a different brand could upset other features from a different manufacture? so for that fact I'm only giving them 4 stars, now I've had to purchase their wireless DMX transmitter so I can control these remotely and NOT use the supplied IR remote!

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