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High Power LED Moving Head
£299.00 inc. VAT
18 May, 2013
Not the best moving head I have ever used.
This is a very average light and could be improved in many ways.
Performance DJ
£69.00 inc. VAT
17 May, 2013
Top headphones for studio work.
These headphones are excellent for studio work as they very comfortable and also look nice.
DJ Controller with Performance Pads for Serato
£699.00 inc. VAT
17 May, 2013
Lovely Pioneer Controller at a great price.
Awesome piece of gear at a great price for what its worth. Would recommend the buy.
£249.00 inc. VAT
16 May, 2013
Lovely piece of equipment.
Nice to control and mix sound on. Its very easy to use especially if you are new to this kind of thing.
£229.00 inc. VAT
16 May, 2013
Loud thats how i like it.
Nice piece of kit worked really nicely and its loud so it works well in a crowd environment.
£91.99 inc. VAT
24 May, 2013
One of the best pair of studio headphones I have owned.
These headphones are comfy and really do immures you in sound which is what you want when working in a studio. Perfect!
£44.00 inc. VAT
23 May, 2013
Good for mirror balls.
Lovely light for mirror balls, very bright, and its LED so doesn't get that hot either.
LED Par Can
£55.00 inc. VAT
23 May, 2013
Does suffer from brightness issues.
This light isn't very bright and can be untrustworthy. I wouldn't say its the best light I have ever used.
Profile Ultra Bright Slim Par Can
£59.00 inc. VAT
23 May, 2013
Great light and very thin and light.
Can't fault this light as it thin and very bright. It can also be used as a floor can.
£39.00 inc. VAT
23 May, 2013
Could be improved.
This light isn't bright and is quite temperamental, I wouldn't recommend it.

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