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2000W Active PA Speaker
£749.00 inc. VAT
Alpheton Hall Barns
11 November, 2017
At last my want list is satisfied
After having a number of speakers fail and seeing so many bands and DJs spoil their performance with low grade speakers, and after 7 years great service and satisfaction from our QSC 8's I made the plunge and bought these QSC 12-2's. I love them. Great range and clarity and far more than enough punch to fill our 4,000 sq ft wedding venue at a fraction of their output. Only issue is they are a little heavy to get onto our high level wall mounted speaker stands on your own!
£325.00 inc. VAT
Alpheton Hall Barns
16 October, 2017
Looked at loads of options (and bought many) for our wedding barns. We wanted something special, and the ability to do sound to light shows good wifi remote control and so forth. Price was more than I wanted to pay, but well worth it. can now control lighting from another country on IPad (subject to wifi and port forwarding etc). Many say its complicated but I found it much more easy than the ADJ My DMX which still sits in its box. Does crash occasionaly resulting in a 20 sec blackout, a bit embarrassing and feel it is something to do with the Live mobile Ipad app. Not many updates, this is both good and bad. Would have loved joy stick connectivity for moving heads. In programming shows in a big venue, not always possible to see the light you are programming from the control desk, USB to wifi converters are ok but not that reliable but do assist in this for preshow programming. Have done some great sound and light shows synced through the program for the entrance of the bride.
Feature-packed compact wash with 18 4W tri-color LEDs
£129.00 inc. VAT
Alpheton Hall Barns
24 November, 2015
Bought 14 !
I initially bought 2 of these then another 5 and then another 7. We are using them instead of halogen uplighters (350w) and found that we need two of these leds for one former halogen. The beam spread is not quite as wide but at 90 degrees is is good enough. We have had issues with all 14 being daisy chained (well with their stated parameters) and the rcd tripping when switching on and at occasional intervals. As with computer fans I this the brushless fans do have a degree albeit small of earth leakage and when combined with other devices this could lead to a unjustified trip. Generally happy with fixture which I chose over the American DJ Freq Matrix Quad (arguably a better fixture( as latter had very noisy fan, turned out there was a fault, but this is not the first time ADJ products I have bought have had fan issues. Chauvet also have much better customer support and care.
Sale was 595! while stocks last!
£505.00 inc. VAT
Alpheton Hall Barns
17 September, 2014
Well pleased
Great speakers with no problems at all. In hind sight though I might have gone for the 10" or 12" versions but money was an issue at time of purchase.
3-in-1 LED Effect
£199.00 inc. VAT
Alpheton Hall Barns
16 September, 2014
A useful acqusition
A good purchase for out wedding barns lighting linked up via a usb dmx converter to a PC. Pity that it was let down by a loose key switch mounting which locks on and off the laser beam.Otherwise 5 stars. Much better value for for money and better display than the ADJ Quad Phase I bought at the same time.

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