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4-in-1 Gig Bar with Remote Control
£379.00 inc. VAT
8 January, 2018
I have used this model about 3 times thanks to a college who'd picked one from DJkit. I was very skeptical at first about how this would preform... But I was surprised, this lighting bar is awesome. Great bit of kit with easy mid show control and honestly the brightness was more than enough for even larger venues. Thumbs up for this!!
Compact Column PA System with Mixer and Bluetooth
£1178.00 inc. VAT
28 December, 2017
Fantastic sound quality!
This particular LD system was one I work with regularly. IT IS FLAWLESS. Lets start from the ground up... The Sub Cab holds 2 x 8" cones. This provides a base that does not distort at all as the LF are carried through 2 speaker the system can provide better quality the low frequencies it projects. Although for a lot of people 8" cones on a sub might be a no go, even two of them; its perfect on this speaker. The Whole system is Modular Line Array, everything slides in to place excluding the need to run XLR all over the place and only to the Powered sub or to daisy chain to other powered speakers. The tops provide some of the best sound quality for a portable PA I've ever heard. The speakers run all the way from the sub meaning the projection of sound is not lost, plus although the top speaker cones are minuscule compared to most portable PAs there are 16 of them in a full run. Meaning (as with the subs) you get the fantastic sound quality without the speakers being over worked and distorting. Even at full wack with one of these systems a side (1000w RMS a side) which is very loud by the way. This system still sounds unbelievable. Which is ultimately the main benefit of having a line array set up. These Speaker along with honestly pretty much any LD MAUI system I've used are Amazing!
2-Way Active Speaker
£279.00 inc. VAT
4 February, 2019
Great filler
I tend to use these tiny little power houses for Audience Infill, usually halfway across an auditorium to give the sound a boost in larger venues and they deliver. Also surprisingly they make quite efficient monitors!
Dual 18" 1600W Active Subwoofer
£1949.00 inc. VAT
17 January, 2019
Awesome Sub!!
Used just one of these for a band in a venue with a 650 seat capacity and it delivered without even breaking a sweat! Fantastic sub!
Universal compact DMX-512 controller ideal for LED fixtures
£69.00 inc. VAT
17 January, 2019
Not a fan.... But its okay
For what it is its okay for basic lighting setups and i mean basic! However when you start looking at intelligent lighting it all starts to crumble. Its fine to allow DJ's to operate flashing for a few LED's but for a little bit more money something like a PC controlled Titan one Would be much better especially for expanding a lighting rig.
Bright LED PAR Can with Zoom
£673.95 inc. VAT
6 August, 2018
Love these Lights
Rush pars are kind of like the LED equivalent of the Par 64 and are basically becoming an industry standard! They are tough, powerful and reasonably priced for a professional quality lamp. Great for professional stage setups, way too much for a party DJ though!
Controls Up To 48 LED Moving Lights & Convetionals
£1620.00 inc. VAT
6 August, 2018
I don't own one but..
£22.00 inc. VAT
31 July, 2018
Honestly I own 8 of these and they are brilliant! you couldn't get more for your money!
Mixer 8 Mic Channels FX
£249.99 inc. VAT
1 March, 2018
I honestly love this desk, which have used multiple times for a large open mic and for a couple of DJs and it is Awesome. Nice easy desk to use, it has a nice weight to it but honestly is a perfect size for a Touring DJ. I've Used a lot of Behringer Desks and own a few and would say they among some of the best out there and for the price you can't go wrong! (I currently own a digital x32 Behringer and its the dogs....)
XLR Rechargeable Bluetooth Receiver
£34.00 inc. VAT
1 March, 2018
Okay Product!
I commonly use an alto TS212 and TS215s a side which is an awesome set up for medium sized setups, but honestly if you have any PA set up with that investment I'd have a sound desk anyway. The range is not too bad but will start to skip and cut out and reduce in quality after about 10-15 feet and even less with bodies. I would say this is a great product for garden parties or small personal events so you don't have to get a load of cables and your desk out, but in a professional setting... nope.

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