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Pioneer DDJ-SX2 Product Description

Pioneer DDJ-SX2 Controller with Performance Pads for Serato Flip

Pioneer’s DDJ-SX2 controller is the new and revised version of Pioneer’s incredibly popular DDJ-SX. The Pioneer DDJ-SX2 is a practical, portable controller that provides you, the DJ with all the functions you could ever need to kill a set.

The Pioneer DDJ-SX2 retains the classic, familiar layout of its Pioneer predecessors. The layout of all knobs, sliders, buttons and performance pads are tactfully placed to integrate with the Serato Dj software, allowing you to mix intuitively.

Pioneer has fitted the DDJ-SX2 with high accuracy Jog Wheels, which now have a significantly improved reaction time. The Jog Wheel’s Latency has been cut down even further, so now you can scratch like no other.

As well as improved Jog Wheels, the Pioneer DDJ-SX2 has a new feature called “Hot Cue Countdown”, which uses the Jog display to count the DJ in to the next “Hot Cue point”. This feature is really useful in helping the track quickly arrive at a specified point.

The Pioneer DDJ-SX2 controller is also the first controller designed to accommodate the Serato Flip, a new utility in Serato DJ that lets DJs record hot cue combinations and replay them on loop.

Pioneer has really focused on improving the MIC input circuit in the Pioneer DDJ-SX2. The controller is now fitted with a balanced microphone, which delivers clear audio output with no distortion. The new and improved DDJ-SX2 controller can now provide clear audio even at high volume levels, due to the improved signal to noise (S/N) ratio.
This improved MIC output means that you can now integrate different sounds with an improved impact, be that a killer MC or vocalist, adding an individual flare to every one of your sets.

Another exciting addition to the Pioneer DDJ-SX2 is the multi-coloured performance pads, ideal for those DJs that like to colour code their key points. You can use the Serato DJ software to colour code the different commands, meaning that when it comes down to performing your set, you can hit each performance pad with fluidity and conviction, setting your show on fire!

The Pioneer DDJ-SX2 also has extended functionality with the new 4-channel mixer. The independent 4-channel mixer can be used with external sources like CD players, microphones, analogue turntables and much more. The DDJ-SX2 can also support the Serato DJ DVS function.

DJkit present Pioneer’s DDJ-SX2 as the complete piece of kit, with every function a DJ could need in the form of a portable and upgradable controller.

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Technical Specs

1. EXCLUSIVE: designated buttons for intuitive control of Serato Flip Serato Flip lets DJs record hot cue combinations and replay them on loop. So they can record themselves triggering cues with the Performance Pads and automatically loop the sequence back on demand. The six slots let DJs store up to six sequences to be played back later. Three buttons cover all the functions of Serato Flip: Record (start/stop recording), Start (start/stop loop) and Slot (store).
2. NEW: Performance Pads with multi-coloured cue point LEDs DJs can instantly trigger Quantized Hot Cues, Roll, Slicer and Sampler, or hit Shift to save and activate Cue and Slicer Loops – while Velocity Mode lets them control the sample volume with the amount of pressure they apply. The multi-coloured backlit LEDs give a visual reference to which modes are in play and will reflect cue points that DJs have preset in Serato DJ.
3. NEW: Enhanced jog wheels with digital cue point markers and countdown The DDJ-SX2 has improved low-latency jog wheels for perfect scratch response every time. In addition to the backlit-LED On-Jog display, which shows the playback status of tracks, this model gains illuminated cue point markers and an accurate countdown for even greater scratch and reverse precision.
4. NEW: Serato DJ DVS upgrade-ready and a variety of inputs and outputs Like its predecessor, the DDJ-SX2 has four inputs, so DJs can connect it to DJ players and/or turntables and use it as a four-channel stand-alone mixer. It’s Serato DJ DVS upgrade-ready, so DJs can buy a Serato DJ DVS Expansion Pack and scratch with CDJs/analogue turntables using Serato NoiseMap Control CD/vinyl. Two master outputs (XLR and RCA) and a booth output enable connections direct to professional PA equipment. And the two MIC inputs have been improved to eliminate distortion.
Slip Mode
Sound Colour Filters on every channel
Crossfader curve adjust
Needle Search
Master level and channel level meters
Controls Traktor Pro2 (DJs need to download and set up the TSI mapping file)
MIDI compatible
Professional build quality
High quality audio circuitry
Serato DJ
Input ports
CD x 2 (RCA), Line/Phono x 2 (RCA)
MIC x 2 (XLR & ¼ inch combined jack x 1, ¼ inch jack x 1)
Output ports
Master Out x 2 (RCA x 1, XLR x 1)
Booth Out x 1 (¼ inch jack)
Headphone Monitor Out x 2 (front panel ¼ inch jack, MiniPin)
Other ports
USB x 1 (B terminal)
Frequency response
20 Hz – 20 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion ratio
0.003% or less
S/N ratio
107 dB (PC)
Maximum dimensions
(W x D x H)
664 x 353.4 x 70.4 mm
Unit weight
5.8 kg
Applicable OS (Windows)
Windows® 8.1/ Windows® 7
32-bit: (CPU) 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo/(Memory) 2GB
64-bit: (CPU) 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo/(Memory) 4GB
32-bit: (CPU) Core i3, i5 or i7 1.07 GHz Duo/(Memory) 2GB
64-bit: (CPU) Core i3, i5 or i7 1.07 GHz Duo/(Memory) 4GB
Applicable OS (Mac)
Mac OS X v10.9.4/10.8.5/10.7.5
32-bit: (CPU) 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo/(Memory) 2GB
64-bit: (CPU) 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo/(Memory) 4GB
32-bit: (CPU) Core i3, i5 or i7 1.07 GHz Duo/(Memory) 2GB
64-bit: (CPU) Core i3, i5 or i7 1.07 GHz Duo/(Memory) 4GB
Display resolution
1280 x 720 or higher resolution
* Serato DJ is a registered trademark of Serato Audio Research Ltd.
* Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the US and other countries
* Mac OS is a trademark of Apple Inc. registered in the US and other countries
* Intel® is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation in the US and other countries
* TRAKTOR is a registered trademark of Native Instruments

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Pioneer DDJ-SX2 Reviews

Do you own the Pioneer DDJ-SX2? Why not write a review based on your experience with it.
13 October, 2014
First delivery batch!!!
I pre-ordered my DDJ-SX2 online which was simple and easy to do. I then paid the balance over the phone, receiving excellent customer service and quick card payment. I received a courtesy call advising me the unit had arrived in stock and was being despatched immediately. Delivery was tracked and very quick. The DDJ-SX2 is an amazing controller! The layout is very similar to Pioneers' CDJ 2000 and DJM800 layouts, but the amount of features squeezed in is unreal! The included Serato DJ software and Serato Flip voucher is simple and easy to download and activate, and I was lucky enough to be one of the first 1,000 to have Serato Video voucher included! Professional Pioneer DJ build quality too! Highly recommend!
3 found this helpful
30 September, 2014
Next Level DJ Controller
After only having this less than 24 hours I absolutely blown away by this piece of kit, it has everything I need and more!
3 found this helpful
paul lewis
15 September, 2016
a great controller at a great price. this has most things controllers at way above this priceline has, need;e search, fx]s, an sp6 sampler, i could go on & on. if you're looking for a controller & this is in your price range, buy one, I'm sure you won't regret it.i bought one & haven't looked back,
2 found this helpful
27 January, 2016
Perfection by Pioneer yet again
I've used a number of controllers over the years both with Traktor and Serato and this is by far the best controller used to date. The action pads, buttons, deck plates are of only the best quality as are the faders and knobs. It's very hard to fault this device as an added bonus i've discovered is that you can also use this controller with rekordboxdj.
2 found this helpful
10 December, 2015
Was looking to upgrade from my current controller, after weeks of reading reviews on various other controllers on the market decided that the DDJ-SX2 and I was not disappointed, it's a fantastic piece of kit, was easy to purchase from, and arrived on the following day.
2 found this helpful
Steve Briers
1 October, 2015
Steve Briers - Tenby, South Wales
2 found this helpful
20 December, 2016
Pioneer DDj Sx2
One of the best controllers I have ever used in my life I fully recommend this controller for any DJ I Love the size of it and all of the features it has to offer. thanks to for the quick delivery service😀
1 found this helpful
27 October, 2016
It's a hit!
I ordered this for my brother and he loves it!
1 found this helpful
22 October, 2016
Amazing decks spot on hours of fun .. really qwick payment and delivery very recommended really happy with the seevice .... future shopping a 100%
1 found this helpful
29 June, 2016
ddj sx2
Great controller, I love it and you have everything what you need like professsional DJ.
1 found this helpful
3 March, 2016
ddj sx2
Awesome piece of kit with great features
1 found this helpful
22 January, 2016
brilliant product
moved to this product from using cdj 400s and the difference in quality is incredible! perfect set up for house parties and more. delivery was quick
1 found this helpful
3 January, 2016
amazing purchase
really happy with this controller, such a good controller for a begineer, really happy with the servicew provided. thanks
1 found this helpful
28 December, 2015
1 found this helpful
Undisclosed Reviewer
2 December, 2015
Great product
Great bit of kit and amazing value for money
1 found this helpful
25 November, 2015
Great Product
Love the piece of kit excellent build quality and great for an amateur like me!! Will take a few months of watching Youtube videos to work out what everything actually does!! Minor point being that I cant seem to get the crossfade curve setting right and hitting a bit of a dead spot when mixing over. probably my own failings and should get it if I keep practicing! Swift and quick delivery also! Chuffed
1 found this helpful
28 October, 2015
Fantastic service. Brilliant controller. Hopefully take my dj'ing to the next level.
1 found this helpful
Undisclosed Reviewer
20 October, 2015
Can't ask for more
These decks were perfect for what I needed them for, the whole interface and functionality of the decks works perfectly and the effects it comes with is seamless.Definitely worth a buy for any DJ
1 found this helpful
12 September, 2015
Fantastic piece of kit!
really enjoy this piece of kit! fantastic build quality and really great inputs and outputs for all your DJ needs! highly recommended!
1 found this helpful
3 September, 2015
Great Customer Service
I ordered my SX2 online after a few very helpful phone calls to ask about finance. Once the order was place I recieved a phone call informing me of the dispatch time estimate. The controller its self is what you would expect from Pioneer, Rock solid build quality and packed full of features. I would highly recommend this controller to anyone thinking about getting one.
1 found this helpful
18 August, 2015
1 found this helpful
21 May, 2015
DDJ- sx2
Brilliant service
1 found this helpful
5 March, 2015
This is a dream to work with it has endless possibilities I try to get on it most days really is a piece of the future .....I wanted the sz but pennies didn't stretch that far but belive me when I say I am not without in anyway. ... Love it!!
1 found this helpful
2 March, 2015
Pioneer DDJ-SX2
Had this for 4 weeks now and I cant fault it used it with serato DJ that was supplied with it and also used it with virtual DJ8 works to perfection. And as usual fast delivery and excellent service from the team. And free Decksaver great fit.
1 found this helpful
19 January, 2015
Top top DJ controller
Brilliant controller, the DDJ-SX was great but some how they have made it even better. Super fast delivery from as always. thanks guys.
1 found this helpful
1 January, 2015
This is my first controller it is amazing loads of great features I really love it I'll recommend it to anyone looking to start DJ or just for hobby
1 found this helpful
23 October, 2014
Amazing contrller
A beilliant piece of kit this is my first controller nd i wont go back to mt cdjs thw effects are brilliant and the layout is perfect...anyone thinking of buying def get this
1 found this helpful
30 September, 2015
Ddj Sx2
Serato dj is awful, waiting for Rekordbox dj to arrive, then I will pass Judgement... .
1 found this helpful
6 November, 2020
Great Controller
Amazing controller, would recommend this for small gigs and a play about controller, its compact and very durable!
0 found this helpful
6 June, 2020
Great service and easy finance.
0 found this helpful
26 December, 2019
0 found this helpful
22 November, 2019
son loved these also got help from to set up brill thanks guys
0 found this helpful
20 September, 2019
Amazing piece of kit
Great piece of kit both the controller and Serato Cant fault it
0 found this helpful
2 April, 2019
I have been using this controller for over a year and I am very pleased with it Does everything you could ask for in a Dj controller
0 found this helpful
7 November, 2018
Amazing Controller
Can't fault it fantastic bit of kit worth every penny!
0 found this helpful
23 October, 2018
Pioneer ddj sx2
Spot on controller best investment
0 found this helpful
6 September, 2018
A good DJ controller if you are using Serato
I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend for home use/practising. She really likes it :)
0 found this helpful
28 August, 2018
Great bit of kit
Love this controller, so easy to use and some great features. DJ most weekends and never had any problems
0 found this helpful
25 July, 2018
DJ Nips
Amazing piece of kit... does exactly what it says ... ideal for small gigs as very compact and easy to carry around. Amazing service as always by
0 found this helpful
8 April, 2018
I would go as far as saying that this is the best all-round controller that I have used. It's robust, functional and simply just works. Its size also makes it ideal for the majority of gigs (DJ booths aren't that big these days) and with the outputs provided it is all you will need to get yourself going
0 found this helpful
15 March, 2018
Super Fast Service
0 found this helpful
17 January, 2018
Good Product but not easy to set up on a laptop
Serato DJ software is not as good as expected, had to spend another £500 to buy a new laptop with i5 processor as my old i3 laptop was to slow for this mixer!
0 found this helpful
16 January, 2018
good controller
works very well
0 found this helpful
Carrie Anne
12 January, 2018
My son is in total awe of his new Controller DDj SX2
My son is in total awe of his new DJ set, I even got a big hug from him on Xmas morning, he was hoping for the SR2 but when he saw the SX2 he was over the moon, totally unexpected, and just to say I had to contact Pioneer about something and the customer service was amazing, and are superb, will definitely buy again without hesitation from as customer service spot on...
0 found this helpful
21 December, 2017
Great controller
Love it. I have used an NS7 for 7 years and this was easy to get into
0 found this helpful
21 December, 2017
Lovely bit of kit, next day delivery. Couldn’t be happier
0 found this helpful
18 December, 2017
Pioneer DDJ-SX2
A great piece of kit. Once you get it out of the box and after setting up serato, it really is basically plug and play. Ive taken this deck out to nearly all of my gigs, plugged into the venues sound system and away I go, never had any issues.
0 found this helpful
13 December, 2017
Pioneer ddj sx2
Great deal and even better customer service. I don't shop anywhere else but
0 found this helpful
12 December, 2017
Best piece of kit since my 1210s
I was all set to sit tight for the Numark NS6ii, then saw the Cyber Monday special on the Pioneer which took off such a whopping amount I couldn't refuse. I'm so pleased with it - sound quality is just awesome, and the build has that solid, reliable feel you expect from a top grade manufacturer. I remember over 20 years ago the satisfaction of moving from Technics copies to real 1210s and this was a similar experience.'s service was superb as well - good communication, everything turning up where and when it was supposed to. Would strongly recommend.
0 found this helpful
18 November, 2017
Just was I was looking for
I used this amazing controller just last night for the first time. Everything mapped out really well and also a great sound, much deeper. Very easy-to-use, and very nice to use.
0 found this helpful
10 November, 2017
Great value
Great controller. Straight forward to set up. Much better than the SX1
0 found this helpful
9 November, 2017
Decent quality, but price to match, great seller
0 found this helpful
8 November, 2017
Ddj sx2
Mint bit of kit wholdt look back
0 found this helpful
6 November, 2017
In the mix
Wow ! What a beauty this piece of kit is . I'm still learning what all the buttons do . I upgraded from the ddj sb . If you want to mix with the best then why not buy this . Plus a speedy delivery from too
0 found this helpful
10 October, 2017
excelent controller
great controller works well with VDJ and very responsive easy to use well worth the price.
0 found this helpful
14 August, 2017
Amazing piece of kit
0 found this helpful
8 January, 2017
Pioneer DDJ-SX2
All good :)
0 found this helpful

Pioneer DDJ-SX2 Questions

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How do I authorise Serato DJ with the DDJ-SX2?
Thomas asked 5 years ago
Register on Serato DJ website with the DDJ-SX2 connected to your computer, downlaod Serato DJ and then your all up and running :-)
DJkit answered 5 years ago
See all answers (1)

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Pioneer DDJ-SX2
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