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Pioneer DDJ-SB / DDJ-SB2

DJ Controller with Serato DJ Intro Software

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Pioneer DDJ-SB / DDJ-SB2 Product Description

Pioneer DDJ-SB Entry Level Serato DJ Controller

Pioneer’s DDJ-SB is the compact controller, perfect for the entry level DJ seeking a simple yet high-end piece of kit at an affordable price.

Despite its compact nature the Pioneer DDJ-SB retains a classic and slick design and is fitted with a pair of premium 112mm aluminium jog plates, creating a professional, exclusive look.
Pioneer have packaged the DDJ-SB with Serato DJ Intro’s interface, making it easy for you to quickly grow comfortable with the Serato DJ Intro controllers. And if this was not enough, the Pioneer DDJ-SB can also be used with the Serato DJ upgrade, which will enhance your use and performance of the controller.
The compact and professional design alongside the Serato DJ software will enable you to juggle beats at a higher level and with increased ease.

Pioneer have also fitted the DDJ-SB with eight performance pads which will allow you to trigger Hot Cue, Manual Loop, Auto Loop and Sampler alongside Cue, Play, Shift and Sync functions. In doing so Pioneer’s DDJ-SB allows you to mix in exciting new ways: to the best of your abilities, no distractions.

What truly differentiates the Pioneer DDJ-SB from similar models is the Filter Fade function, a step up from the standard cross fader that will set your mixes above that of the rest. The Filter Fade Function will give your sets the professional edge by manipulating both volume and base filter, creating an incredibly seamless and slick mix that would otherwise require two hands.
Not only does this create a sound so much smoother, the Filter Fade function also provides you with the freedom to create more with your free hand and the eight performance pads at your disposal!

DJkit consider the Pioneer DDJ-SB controller to be the must-have piece of compact, feature packed gear for the in-the-know entry level DJ.

The Pioneer DDJ-SB is now replaced with the new improved Pioneer DDJ-SB2

Pioneer DDJ-SB / DDJ-SB2 Bundles


Technical Specs

1. Designed for intuitive plug-and-play control of Serato DJ Intro and Serato DJ
The DDJ-SB has dedicated controls for all the bundled Serato DJ Intro software’s features including loops, four Hot Cues and four samples. Plus the DDJ-SB has two FX units per channel, with six FX to choose from, the parameters of which can be controlled using one Level/Depth dial.
DJs can also purchase the full version of Serato DJ for intuitive control of even more cue points, samples and loops – plus advanced features including Slip Mode, recording mixes, and FX Powered by iZotope.
2. Industry first: Filter Fade enables DJs to do more than just mix
The new Filter Fade function takes mixing with the crossfader beyond simply fading the volume of one channel up and the other down. By hitting the Filter Fade button, DJs can add two high pass filters to the crossfader – so both volume and base filter can be manipulated using just one hand. Seamless mixing becomes effortless, and DJs can use their spare hand to unleash their creativity, triggering samples, loops and cues.
3. Tactile controls add a fun, physical element to performing
The DDJ-SB’s layout mirrors Serato DJ Intro and Serato DJ interface, so getting hands on with the controller’s tactile buttons and dials soon becomes second nature. Highlights include:
Performance Pads: four rubber pads enable DJs to trigger Hot Cue, Auto Loop, Manual Loop and Sampler – while a further four give immediate access to Play, Cue, Sync and Shift functions.
Low-latency jog wheels: two 112-mm aluminium jog wheels are highly responsive for precision scratching.
Manual filters on each channel: independent low/high pass filter dials for each channel are inherited from the premium DDJ-SX and DDJ-SR controllers.
4. USB powered for ultimate ease of set up
The DDJ-SB is USB powered, so DJs simply connect the controller to their PC or laptop using the provided USB cable – there is no need for additional connections.
5. Professional design and build in keeping with Pioneer pro-DJ products
The latest in Pioneer’s range of professional controllers for Serato DJ, the DDJ-SB is constructed from premium materials and audio circuitry. The robust build ensures durability, while the distinctive styling and aluminium jog wheel deliver a professional feel.
6. Other features
Built-in sound card
MIC input
MIDI compatible
Serato DJ Intro (free download)
Serato DJ (paid upgrade)
Input ports
MIC x 1(¼-inch jack)
Output ports
Master Out x 1(RCA x 1)
Headphone monitor out x 2(top surface ¼-inch jack, MiniPin)
Other ports
USB B port x 1
Frequency response
20 Hz ~20 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion ratio
0.005 % or less
S/N ratio
90 dB (PC)
Maximum dimensions
(W x D x H)
487.0 x 271.2 x 58.5 mm
Unit weight
2.1 kg
Applicable OS
Windows 7 with Service Pack 1/Vista with Service Pack 1
(CPU) Intel 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo/(Memory) 1 GB
Applicable OS (Mac)
Mac OS X 10.8.5/10.7.5/10.6.8
(CPU) Intel 1.6 GHz Core Duo/(Memory)1 GB
Display resolution
1024 x 768 or higher
* Serato DJ and Serato DJ Intro is a registered trademark of Serato Audio Research Ltd.
* iZotope, Powered by iZotope, is a trademark of iZotope, Inc. in the United States and other countries
* Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries
* Mac OS is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries
* Other names of products, companies, and organisations herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners

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Pioneer DDJ-SB / DDJ-SB2 Reviews

Do you own the Pioneer DDJ-SB / DDJ-SB2? Why not write a review based on your experience with it.
7 May, 2014
very impressed
i'm a club dj and bought this to record some mixes at home, i'm amazed by the quality for the price, and highly recommend it. i also purchased the serato dj upgrade. The intro version that came with the controller is fine, but the full version is needed if you wanna record (plus you get more functionality with the full version).
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2 January, 2014
Great Product!
Great Product! worth 5 stars!
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5 January, 2015
Christmas present for my son
We bought the Pioneer as a christmas present for my son who is 10, loves tech and has recently got into music. He'd played a little with some friends decks and controllers that where all pretty high end so we wanted something cheap but that still had plenty of features so he wouldn't be disappointed. This hit the spot and he has hardly left it alone since Christmas. The experience as a whole was fantastic, prompt shipping, great support even when you are asking stupid questions. I had bought the upgrade to Dj from Intro but couldn't find the code to upgrade the software. djkit.com where prompt and frindly with there response that it was on the invoices second page that I hadn't check doh. The controller is of very high quality and feels premium the layout is really friendly and it's light enough to carry about the house. Serato have some great intro features to get you going with the software and the controller and once you upgrade there is even more to play with, better effects more control over queues etc. Brilliant entry level controller and software that is simple enough for anybody to play with even if you have no DJ knowledge, lots of features and quality interface to have everybody smashing the choons out.
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24 March, 2014
This controller is everything you'll need
I have never had any experience DJ-ing and didnt understand anything with regards to controllers and what you need. This is perfect for a beginner to learn on, but also any intermediate users. The quality is really high and it has all the functions you need to, with the only very small down side is that it doesn't come with samples. The Serato intro software is easy to use, and after a couple of youtube videos you can easily pick up the basics of how to mix tracks using the pioneer controller. I would highly recommend to anyone because of the great quality. The customer service by DJ-Kit was excellent as well, I spoke to them on the phone and they were very helpful and the parcel arrived the next day by courier.
1 found this helpful
2 January, 2014
Amazing piece of Kit for Beginner DJ's
The DDJ-SB is a very well designed controller with all the features a DJ would need. It's brilliant for mixing tracks and is equipped with a brand new feature called Filter Fade which allows you to seamlessly mix into the next track and is very effective at doing so. I would recommend this controller to any DJ who is looking for a new, cheap but superb controller. Joe
1 found this helpful
21 February, 2020
brilliant bit of kit
took a bit of a hiatus from dj ing for a few years, got back into at and within a month i was back at the level which i was at a few years ago, highly reccomended, also quick delivery
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17 July, 2019
I was lucky enough to win this in the djkit.com xmas competitionrnCool little controller
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19 September, 2015
I'm just starting out as a DJ and these decks were exactly what I needed. They are so simple to use and there are various features that make the decks high quality and will help other budding DJs to become pros!
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10 September, 2015
Pioneer excel again
Great product great priced perfect for the beginner or more skilled DJ
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DJ Spydr
28 August, 2015
Really good piece of kit!!!
I've had the DDJ SB for a while now and it has definitely served its purpose. It's neat and ideal for the amateurs as well as the professionals, lightweight but still well built. All in all I've had no problems with this.
0 found this helpful
20 August, 2015
ddj user
Brilliant bit of kit !! Very easy to use and everything you need in one well built controller !! Also very quick delivery !!!!!!
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25 June, 2015
Awesome controller!
Beginner DJ, used to vinyl.. first controller I've bought so can't compare with others but really is fantastic. Compact and lightweight which is really important for me as I'm always on the move, but plenty of features, lovely smooth jogwheels, hours of fun!
0 found this helpful
Undisclosed Reviewer
19 June, 2015
Came with all the software and does everything I need as a first controller. Delivery was surprisingly fast too, only downside was I needed to buy a cable to link it to my speakers but that was only a few quid so no biggie.
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4 June, 2015
for a budget controller very good when used with serato intro and virtual dj
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18 May, 2015
Great for beginners
Had this controller before upgrading to Pioneer XDJ-RX and glad I did, this is great for beginners and gives you a great introduction to DJing!
0 found this helpful
11 May, 2015
pioneer ddj-sb
Best bit of kit I've ever bought highly recommended
0 found this helpful
6 May, 2015
Great piece of kit
As a complete beginner, it was easy to pick up the basics on this controller. Having said that, it does come with more advanced features for more experienced DJ's.
0 found this helpful
4 May, 2015
Very Good for Beginners
Loved this product, still use it today. Very easy to set up and use. No faults whatsoever
0 found this helpful
27 April, 2015
this item is very good, works well with virtual dj, cant fault it for the price I paid.
0 found this helpful
14 April, 2015
Worth Every Penny!!
Paired with great software (not bundled), this piece of kit will give any DJ all the tools needed to produce great works from their fingertips. Fantastic value!!
0 found this helpful
3 April, 2015
Great controller
A great bit of kit at an affordable price. Arrived in time. Packaging was nice and neat and there was plenty of it to keep it protected through it's journey to me. Thanks guys.
0 found this helpful
30 March, 2015
Very Good
Pioneer DDJ-SB Is Very Good. I Would Recommend It To Any One.
0 found this helpful
24 March, 2015
nice and compatible great and fast delivery
0 found this helpful
17 March, 2015
Pioneer ddj sb great 1st controller
Great delivery speed. Awesome functions and really advanced for such an affordable controller. Definitely would recommend.
0 found this helpful
5 March, 2015
Absolutely love it, easy to use, even for an absolute beginner like me, and even for more advanced users alike.
0 found this helpful
7 February, 2015
Excellent bit of equipment!
Very impressed with this product overall! The unit itself is of a high build quality, with the faders/knobs feeling solid, not cheap. I would highly recommend buying the full version of Serato DJ, as the features it unlocks are well worth the money. Very portable and easy to set up. Perfect for beginners, or someone on a budget that wants to buy from a reputable brand.
0 found this helpful
5 February, 2015
1st controller.. great product .. dont hesitate
Just wanted to say a few words about the SB, its a great product, do not hesitate to get one, I have been DJing for 30 years with 1210's and CDJS so this was pretty much my 1st full on digital Dj purchase, I am so pleased I did, in the past I have always gone with Numark for the value for money and nearly went for the Mixtrack pro II, I am glad I have spent the extra for the pioneer, its so well made, and with the Full Serato DJ upgrade, its basically everything I have always wanted, there is so much you can do with it and found the software very user friendly. I have to mention also that I received a great service from djkit.com from start to finish and would recommend them to you.
0 found this helpful
Undisclosed Reviewer
5 February, 2015
Pioneer DDJ SB
What n amazing bit of kit. Great for a novice like me. Has some great technical enhancements for me to learn. I am a bit disappointed that the 24 free tracks from CD spool only allowed 6 downloads ;-(
0 found this helpful
Undisclosed Reviewer
4 February, 2015
Simple, smooth & easy.
This is a fantastic product, especially for the price, it has it's similarities with the Numark Mixtrack Pro 2, but this does beat it for the fact that its easy to use with Serato. Would definietely recommend this to anyone, just as a mess about, starting to DJ or switching from Numark!
0 found this helpful
Undisclosed Reviewer
3 February, 2015
A great place to start for me. Just... works. Feels well built too
0 found this helpful
31 January, 2015
this is the first set of decks i have purchased and they are great to start on , easy to set up and with the videos showing how , would recommend these for a starter set.
0 found this helpful
30 January, 2015
Really great product!!
Was dispatched really quickly, and was very easy to track the order and know exactly when it would be delivered. There was a bit of damage to box, but this didn't damage the product itself. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the whole service and the product. I would definitely buy from here again!
0 found this helpful
30 January, 2015
Basic but lots of potential and fun!
I bought the DDJ SB because I'm limited for space but the potential this basic midi mixer can do is amazing. It looks good, weighs nothing and is easy to use and feels great, if you know you're stuff the potential for this midi mixer is there...
0 found this helpful
26 January, 2015
Excellent for beginner, easy to use very pleasd!
0 found this helpful
26 January, 2015
good product
very good product for the money its a lower end controller , but still packed with features , I bought this so I can get used to a computer based dj equipment and this product has been perfect for that introduction , eventually u will always want to upgrade but perfect platform to start , would also advise getting the full serato with it as u would always want that anyway so may start with it ,
0 found this helpful
25 January, 2015
Great Service
What great service i received from djkit.com,my order came within 2 days off ordering it,and was puzzled about how to upgrade my serato dj,i sent djkit.com an email and within minutes somebody had called me back Excellent work guys. Am loving my Pioneer DDJ-SB just learning the hard part now off how to mix lol. :-)
0 found this helpful
16 January, 2015
Heard so much about this can't get wait to get them !
0 found this helpful
Undisclosed Reviewer
14 January, 2015
Great product, great service.
0 found this helpful
29 December, 2014
Fantastic product. Exceptional Value for money
Great product Does exactly what it says on the tin. And it arrived really quickly too. Brilliant!!!!
0 found this helpful
Mark McDonald
26 December, 2014
1 year owner of the SB
0 found this helpful
16 December, 2014
DJing straight out of the box
So easy to setup and get right into the mix. -Great pioneer build -Outstanding value for money **Superb djkit.com service** Cheers guys!
0 found this helpful
Undisclosed Reviewer
10 December, 2014
Fantastic Product
Thank you for a quick delivery, excellant product.
0 found this helpful
V Williams
6 December, 2014
A great product.
0 found this helpful
2 December, 2014
Great value for money
The quality of this product for the price is amazing, it feels superb,nice and light for mobile use if you are looking for a quality, affordable but compact solution.
0 found this helpful
20 October, 2014
Fantastic Controller
Great DJ controller for beginners and pros alike. I'd strongly recommend purchasing the full Serato software with this controller - you get a lot more features and it gives you the ability to record your mixes. The size, weight and build quality of the DDJ-SB is fantastic. 10/10, well done Pioneer.
0 found this helpful
10 October, 2014
Charlie England
excellent. Great for beginner dj's, professionally or just for a hobby.
0 found this helpful
Undisclosed Reviewer
9 September, 2014
wicked product, great service.....
no more can be said really it all turned up on time in full working order. due to disability i only will go on when im able which will be occasional, but will help me get back into doing the things i love. Had the numark mixtrack pro (1) and that was great but so far the Pioneer is awesome too. Would love the higher end products but in my budget this is more than adequate. Thank you
0 found this helpful
1 September, 2014
5 stars
As a beginner this is great. Easy to get to grips with. Very happy.
0 found this helpful
30 August, 2014
Great piece of kit
As a fairly new DJ this controler has been fantastic. I've learnt a lot from having a professional piece of equipment, well built and easy to use. Would recommend this to beginners and the more advanced DJ.
0 found this helpful
29 August, 2014
Great for the price although it requires the purchase of Serato DJ to access all features.
I bought this mainly for practice and the road. It is well constructed although plasticy. The platters feel nice and have a nice smooth movement. The pads are limiting as the bottom four pads are limited to the basic controls. The FX section feels empty but I am putting that down to Pioneer not wanting it to be "too good" of an option compared to the higher end DDJ products and the same goes for the lack of Serato as well. As I said in the title, to enable all of the features you need to have the full version of Serato DJ which is annoying, but not the end of the world as it is perfectly mappable to pretty much any other DJ software. Just ignore the Serato branding I guess. It does what it does well and I am very pleased with both the product and djkit.com.com's service. I ordered it yesterday at 4pm and received it by courier at 11 the next morning. Very impressed.
0 found this helpful
31 July, 2014
Great low end controller
Much better, than the ergo which felt very plastic and flimsy. Very responsive, shame it cant be used with Traktor yet. Great for beginners or professional DJs as a back up.
0 found this helpful
24 July, 2014
Great quality and value.
Great little deck. Fast delivery and best price I could find anywhere on the internet!
0 found this helpful
23 July, 2014
ddj sb
Great item! Will be upgrading soon!
0 found this helpful
10 July, 2014
fantastic product, delivered one day after i ordered it :) would tell anyone looking into buying a controller for the first time, to go for this......and if you really want the best from this, upgrade to full serato, like i did.....its top class......THANKYOU djkit.com :)
0 found this helpful
30 May, 2014
Pioneer DDJ-SB
Great piece of kit, reasonable price, excellent customer service from the djkit.com team 10/10 :)
0 found this helpful
27 May, 2014
For beginners
Love it! highly recommend for people starting off like me.
0 found this helpful
Undisclosed Reviewer
12 May, 2014
Great controller
Great controller, quick delivery - much better set than my old ddj wego
0 found this helpful
Remy Dolphin
9 May, 2014
I bought this and it's great
Brilliant bit of kit for any new face to build their skills on. 10/10 would mix again.
0 found this helpful
23 April, 2014
Brilliant entry level product, comes with everything you need to get started, EXCEPT rca cables, would be nice to be bundled along with and i wouldnt mind paying extra, but i am now waiting for my order to arrive to start using this properly! Thank you djkit.com
0 found this helpful
26 March, 2014
Great service, great products.
I purchased the Pioneer DDJ-SB, when it arrived the body of the unit was twisted and didn't sit flat. I called djkit.com.com and they were a great help, I don't blame them at all it's just one of those things. They kept in contact and gave me updates with the progress of my replacement which came very quick. Overall the unit itself is fantastic does what you need it to do. Would definitely be ordering more from djkit.com.com
0 found this helpful
20 March, 2014
Brought as a backup
Brought this as a back up for the business can't fault. With with full serato software this is nearly as good the sx. Typical pioneer build quality as you would expect. Worth the tiny price tag
0 found this helpful
20 March, 2014
Pioneer DDJ-SB robust!
I have had both the Pioneer and the Numarks in this class, and the Pioneer outperforms it for me. The Pioneers controls feel robust and sturdy whereas the Numarks felt cheap and plastic like. I would recommend this over the Numark Mixtracks any day. Bargain price as well.
0 found this helpful
20 March, 2014
Pioneer DDJ-SB Really good piece of equipment
Really good piece of equipment, worth the price and great for a beginner, has everything you will need
0 found this helpful
19 March, 2014
Really good and useful product
Really enjoying mixing on this, very handy, particularly for beginners!
0 found this helpful
2 January, 2014
Great piece of kit for the money. Absolutely loving it!!
0 found this helpful

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Pioneer DDJ-SB / DDJ-SB2
DJ Controller with Serato DJ Intro Software

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