Pioneer XDJ-1000Mk2 and Pioneer DJM-250Mk2 Package

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Pioneer XDJ-1000Mk2 and Pioneer DJM-250Mk2 Package Product Description

This DJKit comes complete with everything to get started.
If you haven't got an Amplifier or Stereo you can add a pair of Powered Monitors or a Complete Sound System please see special offers below.

What you get:
2 x Pioneer XDJ-1000 Mk2
1 x Pioneer DJM250`Mk2 Mixer with Sound Filters
1 x Numark HF-125 Headphones
1 x Cable to link to Amp / Stereo system..

Pioneer XDJ-1000Mk2 and Pioneer DJM-250Mk2 Package Bundles


Technical Specs

Pioneer XDJ-1000Mk2

Playable mediaiPhone/iPad/iPod touch, Android phone, etc. USB storage devices (flash memory/HDD, etc.), PC / Mac
Playable filesMP3 (Sampling rate: 32/44.1/48 kHz, Bit depth: 16-bit), AAC (Sampling rate: 16/22.05/24/32/44.1/48 kHz, Bit depth: 16-bit) WAV, AIFF, FLAC, Apple Lossless (Sampling rate: 44.1/48 kHz, Bit depth: 16/24-bit)
USB storage supported file systems:FAT, FAT32, HFS+
Frequency response:4 Hz ~ 20 kHz
S/N ratio:115 dB or more
Total harmonic distortion:0.003% or less
USB ports :USB (Type A) ×1, USB (Type B) ×
Audio output ports :AUDIO OUT (RCA) ×1, DIGITAL OUT(COAXIAL)× 1
Other ports:LAN(100Base-TX)× 1
Audio output voltage:2.0 Vrms
Power requirements:AC 110~240 V (50 Hz/60 Hz)
Power consumption:30 W
Max external dimension (W x D x H): 305.0 mm × 382.5 mm × 110.0 mm
Weight    :3.7 kg

Pioneer DJM-250Mk2


Magvel crossfader, smooth channel faders and 3-band isolators
Mixing and scratching on the DJM-250MK2 feels instinctive and effortless. The Magvel crossfader – taken from the flagship DJM-900NXS2 mixer – is accurate, smooth, and durable for more than 10 million movements. Precise, fluid mixes are a breeze using the mixer’s channel faders, and the 3-band isolators give precision across the highs, mids and lows. You can use them to totally eliminate each frequency range when you turn the knob all the way to the left.

Flagship filter with nuanced control
Get creative in the mix using the filter inherited from the Sound Color FX on the flagship DJM-900NXS2 mixer. Simply turn the knob on each channel to apply the filter, then create unique textures by twisting the parameter knob to adjust resonance and add tension to your performance.

Built-in sound card and easy recording
Connect the DJM-250MK2 to your PC/Mac using a single USB cable. The USB connection supports sound input and output, so you can record your mixes to your computer’s hard drive.
Bundled licences for rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs
The DJM-250MK2 comes with free licence keys for our professional dj performance applications, rekordbox dj (requires rekordbox version 4.3.0 or higher, available from 1st of March 2017) and rekordbox dvs, worth €248 combined. Use them together to play digital tracks from your PC/Mac using either multi players or turntables and control vinyl (available separately).

How to use rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs:
Buy the RB-VS1-K Control Vinyl from a Pioneer DJ authorised dealer or directly from our website (limited countries only). Visit to download the latest version of rekordbox for free and enter your licence keys for rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs. Find out more.

High-quality sound
Hear the true, high-quality sound of your tracks whether you’re playing from digital or analogue sound sources thanks to the mixer’s dithering technology.  

Other features
XLR terminal – high-quality audio output
Two headphone outputs – ¼-inch stereo jack and 3.5-mm mini jack
Signal GND terminal – easily attach and securely hold ground wires from analogue turntables
Independent Mic section – use a microphone and the Aux input at the same time


Audio 2 channels, MIC 1 channel, AUX 1 channel

Input / Output terminals


LINE × 3(RCA), PHONO × 2(RCA), MIC × 1(1/4" TS × 1)




USB (B) x 1

Sampling rate

48 kHz

D/A Converter


A/D Converter


Frequency response

20 Hz to 20 kHz (LINE)

Total harmonic distortion

0.005 % (LINE-MASTER1)

S/N ratio

94 dB(LINE)

Power supply

AC 100 V to 240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz

Power consumption

DC12V 0.6A

Maximum dimensions (WDH) 

230mm x 319.5mm x 107.9mm

(9.1 in. × 12.6 in.  × 4.2 in.)


3.0 kg / 6.6 lbs.


Power cord, AC adaptor, USB cable, Operating Instructions (Quick Start Guide), License key card (rekordbox dj, rekordbox dvs)


Pioneer XDJ-1000Mk2 Videos

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Pioneer XDJ-1000Mk2 and Pioneer DJM-250Mk2 Package Reviews

Pioneer XDJ-1000Mk2 reviews

Do you own the Pioneer XDJ-1000Mk2? Why not write a review based on your experience with it.
10 November, 2017
The Pioneer XDJ-1000Mk2 is an excellent USB-only multiplayer which has excellent audio output especially with quality audio files. DJs can play their digital audio set on these units (in conjunction with a standard DJ setup) without the necessity for additional software licenses or a laptop. The unit is ideal for DJs who do not use CD's but want to play on a deck with a similar club layout to the popular CDJ-2000NXS2. The Pioneer XDJ-1000Mk2 is more affordable than the CDJ-2000NXS2 although it inherits some of its key features such as cue points and loops etc. These decks look and feel impressive with a responsive 7inch touch screen, vibrant color schemes, lights and high attention to detail. The unit is lightweight but looks and feels solid with quality build and materials. The unit's height and dimensions mean it sits neatly alongside Technics 1200mk2 turntables and the Pioneer DJM-900NXS2. Each unit is preinstalled with Pioneers own Rekordbox interface menus and features which allows DJs to easily add a USB flash drive, quickly search and play tracks and speedily navigate through the decks performance options. The unit plays MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF, audio file formats along with support for high-quality FLAC and ALAC up to 48 kHz/24-bit. Free Rekordbox music management software (for laptops) can be downloaded from the Pioneer website to organize and prepare digital tracks. The Pro DJ link is an Ethernet port on the rear of the unit that allows two XDJ-1000Mk2 units be easily connected directly together via a supplied cat5 Ethernet cable creating a data link. The link button on the 7inch touch screen quickly connects the units and both decks can share a single flash drive full of tracks and also Sync BPM etc. Additionally the Pro DJ Link, in conjunction with a simple LAN connection, allows up to 4 players or laptops to be connected. The Pioneer website has full specs and instructions. There are also some helpful product videos on the net. Overall very pleased with this kit.
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10 June, 2022
Good Product
Great Product, Had these for a few years now and never missed a beat
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6 May, 2022
Brilliant third deck for XDJXZ, some functions annoying as on the screen and not physical buttons but screen works well for beat jump and cues
0 found this helpful
5 May, 2022
Great product
Works exactly like it should with the 2 others I have!
0 found this helpful
18 March, 2022
Love them !!!
If your looking for something close to a club setup then these are just the ticket !!!
0 found this helpful
16 March, 2022
My first media players
Got two of these after selling my Technics. Seamless transition for me as I have been curiating my music in Rekordbox for years. Love using these things and I wish I had switch from vinyl earlier. The unit is really easy to use and understand. I have an XP2 as an add on to the XDJs and would highly recommend the upgrade. Greg
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1 November, 2021
Great, better than expected
I little dubious about getting a pair of these, but once you start using they are great. Especially if you cannot afford the 3000. The only disappointment is gready pioneer!!!!! You cannot use your laptop with the XDJ 1000's, I moved from controllers to these to find out you need to pay a subscription to use in midi or link mode to scroll your library on your laptop. You can pay £200 for a mixer and have more functionality than a £4.200 set up, disgusting.
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Lennox Junior
5 July, 2021
Great unit.
Top quality item, would definitely recommend!
0 found this helpful
3 May, 2021
The best of the best
I got this player in 2019 and after 2 years of using it I can say I chose perfectly. All the functions this bad boy comes with are great for a home setup. Once you get used to it and analyse your track trough Rekordbox everything becomes much more enjoyable. The only thing I don�t really like is the quality of the plastic body. It doesn�t feel premium but comparing to a high end players like cdj2000, you�re saving a lot of money. Apart from a couple of details compared to cdj2000, this player gives you basically the same functions.
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17 April, 2021
5 Star..
There's not much more to be said, other than "Outstanding"... Within 5 minutes of opening the box I had it in situ, with my RekordBox library at my fingertips, connected by wi-fi to my laptop via a spare wi-fi router. The sound quality is top notch. The build quality is excellent, and that screen... 5 Star. Thanks again to the djkit crew. Once again you've knocked it out of the park with your service.
0 found this helpful
8 April, 2021
Great bit of kit
Very nice bit of kit defo worth buying if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the 2000’s
0 found this helpful
28 March, 2021
Pioneer XDJ-1000Mk2
Great product easy to use and excellent features - would definitely recommend to any digital DJs.
0 found this helpful
15 February, 2021
0 found this helpful
10 September, 2020
Pioneer xdj1000 MK2
Great service as usual from djkit arrived next day.
0 found this helpful
7 September, 2020
Great customer service and great product
I buy all my DJ gear from DJkit, mainly down to their superb customer service. Would always recommend these guys
0 found this helpful
11 July, 2020
First digital decks I've used and loving them. Always used turntables so I was sceptical of cdjs/usb decks but these are brilliant. Quality crisp sound. Easy to mix. Progressing real quick on these. Would definitely recommend
0 found this helpful
22 June, 2020
Great product
quick delivery and good build quality
0 found this helpful
1 March, 2019
Excellent product
Excellent product. Everything seems to be in place and has an amazing interface
0 found this helpful
20 February, 2019
First class service
Delivered in good time very happy
0 found this helpful
16 December, 2018
Pionner XDJ 1000-Mk2
Very quick delivery and love the product and specs
0 found this helpful
27 September, 2018
Absolutely awesome, you don't get much better! Perfect for professional touring or installs in night clubs!
0 found this helpful
12 September, 2018
Love it
Delivered quick and amazing
0 found this helpful
18 July, 2018
The next best option to the CDJ2000NXS2s
I have always wanted to own my own setup at home to gain practice for the club environment. I had contemplated on buying the CDJ 2000NXS2s long ago but that plan did not work out as expected. So I opted for a pair of XDJ 1000Mk2s in a package with the DJM 900NXS2 and I can honestly say that I am completely satisfied with my setup! The build quality is very good (albeit on the light side), considering no cd player was implemented. My only problem is the lack of jog wheel adjustment, which in my opinion would have made this model perfect for a digital-only player. Still would give these a 10/10.
0 found this helpful
17 December, 2017
Great Customer service and quick despatch and delivery
I ordered 2 of these items on behalf of someone else on separate orders. Order placed Friday and was delivered Monday. Outstanding!!!
0 found this helpful
23 November, 2017
Love them
Love this mashers touchscreen is awesome!
0 found this helpful
6 May, 2017
this is a beautiful Player. its just perfect for us out there that don't carry cds anymore
0 found this helpful
2 May, 2017
Fantastic piece of equipment for any serious DJ. Very quick to load up tracks from flash drives. 128GB loaded in seconds, tracks load and all memories work effortlessly after using Rekordbox. Brilliant features including beat jump everything from the 2000NXS2 minus cue buttons and the CD drive. Awesome machines!
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Pioneer DJM-250Mk2 reviews

Do you own the Pioneer DJM-250Mk2? Why not write a review based on your experience with it.
19 April, 2022
What a little beast
Had this mixer for 4 years now and it still amazes me 😎👍
0 found this helpful
13 December, 2021
Always amazing service and products
0 found this helpful
12 December, 2021
Great service
Excellent mixer Great value for price highly recommended
0 found this helpful
25 October, 2021
Pioneer mixer 👍
Nice little mixer and good sound quality
0 found this helpful
8 September, 2021
Excellent service
Great mixer excellent service with speedy delivery
0 found this helpful
23 June, 2021
Very Good!
0 found this helpful
22 June, 2021
Great solid mixer
Really happy with this feels well built , awesome filter and faders
0 found this helpful
21 June, 2021
Excellent mixer
This mixer has great features. Love the eq range and cue functions. USB connection is great for Zoom sessions with friends. Great value for a top end mixer,
0 found this helpful
4 March, 2021
Brilliant Mixer for the Price
I needed a simple, functional mixer for my two turntables and this nailed it. Great build quality and a nice price point to match. First purchase with DJ Kit and will certainly be returning.
0 found this helpful
8 February, 2021
This is a very solid entry level mixer. I bought this after I dusted down the old turntables after 20yrs of storage.. very easy to set up and has enough features to keep the average bedroom DJ occupied for a while.. I quickly found its limitations tho and returned for a massive upgrade to an Xone96. Absolutely no complaints about this mixer tho. Top class service as usual from the guys at DJkit.
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Undisclosed reviewer
27 January, 2021
Great mixer for beginners but also those looking for DVS compatibility
Quality mixer, tough construction and smooth faders. The DVS sound card allows you to use the rekordbox DVS vinyl so it's a very useful piece of equipment for those who want that option.
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23 November, 2020
Perfect for what I needed, fast delivery as well spot-on!
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Undisclosed reviewer
20 November, 2020
Nice mixer
Just what i needed. Works well. Great product and price.
0 found this helpful
18 November, 2020
brilliant mixer
I am so impressed by this mixer for its price point. I have had many different mixers in the past. If you are looking for a simple high quality 2 channel mixer then this is the one!!!! Its solid, feeling great to use and sounds crystal. The fact that it comes with rekordbox & DVS built in......... Shibby! I could not recommend it enough! If you made me choose one thing that could be improved. The lack of a split cue is a bit frustrating.
0 found this helpful
9 October, 2020
Absolutely fantastic mixer perfect for what I need. I looked long and hard at a mixer to predominately use for vinyl at home and this also has the bonus of coming with Rekordbox DVS. Very well made and perfect size if docs is limited. My old Numark finally gave up after nearly 18 years and this was the perfect replacement. A well balanced price for the usual Pioneer quality. 9 out of 10 I’d say and enough features if you just like to let the music do the talking rather than FX overload.
0 found this helpful
9 September, 2020
Class act
Yeanot into mixing etc but great for what I needed
0 found this helpful
26 June, 2020
Brilliant mixer!
Fantastic bit of kit for the money, highly recommended
0 found this helpful
11 May, 2020
Great Product
Great product and sound quality
0 found this helpful
1 May, 2020
Brilliant product !
If you're not too fussed about effects and such this mixer sounds lovely and warm with its plug and play with the new rekordbox, comes with a licence for it but doesnt require it for the new version all you have to do is plug it in and it unlocks the software. Rekordbox dvs is also great btw feels like vinyl if you use absolute mode like I do... Plus if you want the in-software effects and grid sync all you have to do is switch to relative mode. The filters on this mixer are amazing also must I add...main selling point for me was suprised about the value. Amazing product
0 found this helpful
29 April, 2020
Djkit bought in Covid-19 Lockdown
I am very pleased with my purchase from Djkit and highly recommend their services.
0 found this helpful
29 April, 2020
Great mixer
Great mixer for starting out with , does everything I need it to do and sounds really good ... if your just starting out and on a budget then this mixer won't disappoint... Great service from Djkit as always ...
0 found this helpful
16 April, 2020
Pioneer djm 250 mk2
Delivery was a day quicker than expected, even though I live on a remote offshore island!!! Thank you!!!
0 found this helpful
8 April, 2020
For the price this is a great mixer, great build quality, just perfect.
0 found this helpful
22 March, 2020
Perfect quick delivery nice mixer
0 found this helpful
3 February, 2020
Great wee Mixer!
Fantastic wee mixer, totally mappable and easy to use with Traktor / Virtual DJ.
0 found this helpful
3 December, 2019
Very pleased with mixer and the service from DJKit
0 found this helpful
7 November, 2019
Great mixer
Paired this with a XP1 for the perfect (and cheap) DVS setup
0 found this helpful
9 October, 2019
Purchased for a Bedroom Mixer
Perfect for what I wanted the mixer for Only mixed vinyl so far though
0 found this helpful
26 August, 2019
Absolutely brilliant
Able to seamlessly mix between vinyl and then my Rekordbox digital collection via the control vinyl on the fly. The mixer is of very good quality, loud headphone output, great fx filter to add to the set. Mic output works well enough. Can't fault it.
0 found this helpful
2 July, 2019
Fantastic upgrade to my DJM500
Bought this as I was sold on the built in soundcard and it has not disappointed. Rekordbox DVS works very well and the mixer itself sounds great. I would highly recommend this for the price.
0 found this helpful
27 February, 2019
0 found this helpful
23 February, 2019
Great times
Fantastic machine and great service from the team
0 found this helpful
17 February, 2019
Great entrance into DVS
This mixer is solid and reliable but its real value is its gateway to Recordbox For this price its the perfect start for a DVS or CDJ digital set up Add on the XP1 and you have the similar functionality for a fraction of the cost
0 found this helpful
10 December, 2018
Loving this mixer
Great quality for the price. So much better than previous kit at similar price points. Also, quick delivery.
0 found this helpful
Undisclosed reviewer
13 November, 2018
Great service!
While this mixer is still wrapped up as its a Christmas present, I am unable to comment on the product itself......... HOWEVER, I have to say from the moment I started this journey of purchasing this gift for the hubby the service has been impeccable! I am clueless to these sort of items as Im not into DJing as much as the hubby is. From the minute I called and ask information on this mixer deck to the delivery of the product, it's been incredible. Great service, incredible customer help over the phone and they delivered on time! I am hoping the experience will carry on when he opens the present on Christmas Day and everything is in place and it works! Thanks for all your help and keep up your great customer service. This will bring return business back anyway!
0 found this helpful
17 September, 2018
Arrived very quickly
0 found this helpful
29 July, 2018
Excellent small 2 channel mixer ..i got it as a spare to my djm 450 mixer
0 found this helpful
20 May, 2018
Really good little mixer
0 found this helpful
Undisclosed reviewer
20 February, 2018
Superb Mixer
Superb mixer, build quality, a little pricey but that's because it#s pioneer, which is to be expected and is worth it for the peace of mind that it has quality components :o)
0 found this helpful
14 November, 2017
Highly functional mixer for a great price
Product arrived as described within delivery time and was kept well informed as my order progressed. Would definetly shop with DJ Kit again!
0 found this helpful
Undisclosed reviewer
9 November, 2017
5 stars
Really nice mixer . Thanks to the guys at djkit for suggesting i spend a little more . Well worth every penny.
0 found this helpful
8 November, 2017
Can't fault it.
0 found this helpful
4 October, 2017
Excellent Piece Of Kit ..
This may be the lower tier of the Pioneer mixer range, yet it oozes quality in its build, sound reproduction and the Magvel crossfader is the icing on the cake. One slight downside is it was shipped without a U.k power lead, easily sorted by using thieving one from the back of my Playstation, but is the reason i didn't give it 5 stars over-all. Hats off to the DjKit lads once again for their service.
0 found this helpful

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Pioneer XDJ-1000Mk2 and Pioneer DJM-250Mk2 Package
£2,533.00 inc. VAT


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Pioneer XDJ-1000Mk2 and Pioneer DJM-250Mk2 Package
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