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Novopro PS1XL Moving Head / Podium Stand

robust and versatile solution for DJs

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Key Features

The Novopro PS1XL Moving Head / Podium Stand is a robust and versatile solution for DJs, venues, and event organizers seeking to showcase their lighting effects and enhance stage presence. Designed with professional-grade materials, the PS1XL offers stability and flexibility for mounting a wide range of lighting and special effects equipment.

Key Features

  • Adjustable height mechanism for tailored setup, ranging from 2.9 ft to 7.2 ft.
  • Durable construction with a maximum load capacity of 60 kg, ensuring safety and stability for your equipment.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly, making it perfect for mobile DJs and touring performances.
  • Includes a white scrim to create a sleek, professional look and a carry bag for convenient transportation.
  • Non-slip rubber feet for enhanced stability and floor protection.

Why Choose the Novopro PS1XL?

Whether you're enhancing your DJ booth, setting up a sophisticated lighting display, or adding a dramatic effect to your performance, the Novopro PS1XL Stand offers unparalleled support and versatility. Its robust design and ease of use make it an essential addition to any professional performance setup. Upgrade your show with the Novopro PS1XL today.



Product Description

1 PS1XL podium stand
1 PS1XL white scrim
1 PS1XL black scrim
1 Bag for main frames base and top support legs
1 Bag for top plate & base plate
1 35mm pole mount adaptor
1 8mm thumb bolt & washer pack
1 8mm standard bolt pack
2 Foam EVA foam pads
1 Instruction manual


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Do you own the Novopro PS1XL Moving Head / Podium Stand? Why not write a review based on your experience with it.
21 July, 2019
Great product
Couple of niggles, there are a few rough edges to the powder coating and some small areas untreated presumably where they were hung during the coating process but these aren't readily visible when in use. Also thread could do with protecting during coating process as first time using bolts had to be careful not to cross thread them due to coating ingress. I'll be cleaning them out properly using a thread tap.
1 found this helpful
8 November, 2023
Novopro podium stands
Team was great, super fast delivery too. Item great too, and as described
0 found this helpful
7 September, 2023
Podium stand
Absolutely perfect abit expensive but it does the job and if you put a ADJ hex par inside with the white shroud it all lights up so it gives you another option to take .
0 found this helpful
27 July, 2023
Best Podium
The best podium for the best price. Never looked back
0 found this helpful
27 January, 2023
Does what it says
Nice, simple addition to my kit. Easy to erect and storage bags are good (kit is heavy). If you are looking for a stand for lights etc this is for you
0 found this helpful
5 December, 2022
Amazing product and quick and easy to assemble and take down Adds that extra look to your event would highly recommend getting these
0 found this helpful
14 November, 2022
Solid Quality product
I have a similar podium unit that's about 5 years old made by Equinox, I have found the Novopro to be a better unit as it offers the flexibility of being able to adjust the height. It's well made, scrims are of good quality - It's BLOODY heavy though. N.B - Before building put a drop of liquid soap or WD40 on the threads as they're a bit stiff 1st use.
0 found this helpful
10 May, 2022
Strong and sturdy
When I bought one I actually thought they came in pairs because of the price (I didn't notice the buy a pair button underneath) so I was a little disappointed to see they came as singles but once I had put it together I really understood why they are the price they are. Instead of sending it back I bought a second one so don't do what I did just buy the pair because it works out cheaper. They have an accessory for a speaker pole so they can also be used as a secure platform for your speakers so there is also that option instead of tripods which can become a trip hazard. All in all a great little package and easy to assemble and disassemble and even comes with easy transportation bags.
0 found this helpful
Ralph @ Disco Magic
28 March, 2022
Solid, but nuts need threading in.
Like the stand and concept and once put together very good. But poor manufacturing process meant overspray into the bolt holes which meant quite a bit of treading through with the nuts and a socket set.
0 found this helpful
31 January, 2022
Great product
Very easy and quick to set up packs away compact
0 found this helpful
27 January, 2022
Great product
Very Sturdy Podiums, easily put together and very transportable! Professional look
0 found this helpful
24 January, 2022
Good set of trussings
Very professional at gigs, rather than just putting your moving heads out!
0 found this helpful
4 July, 2021
good little stands
good stands, can be slightly awkward to setup at each gig but still great stands
0 found this helpful
17 May, 2021
Well worth the money.
Great quality stands, easy to assemble and come with travel bags as well. Very sturdy even at full height.
0 found this helpful
14 May, 2021
What can I say. These are amazing, easy to set up, and they look stunning especially with a parcan inside it. order at 2:30pm yesterday arrived at 9:30am next morning Brilliant customer service.
0 found this helpful
24 June, 2020
Brilliant stand
I bought the pair of these to use for moving news stands, but they are soo much more. Since getting them I have used them for moving heads, speaker stand, podiums for flowers/ plants either side of an entrance, projector stand..... Uplighting with the scrim is easy, and really looks nice. Once thing to buy to go along with them is an ratchet ring spanner from Amazon. If you use the bolts rather than the wing nuts it will save you load of time.
0 found this helpful
30 April, 2020
Love these podiums, I bought 2 pairs and they've transformed my setups
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Wayne S
12 February, 2020
Compact Stands
Just taken delivery of these stands and got to say I am well impressed They seem very stable and go together really well The choices of heights and black or white scrims provides great versatility The bags that come with them will do a job but imagine they wont last too long Guess thats why you can now buy premium bags probably worth it and very likely be my next purchase Thanks djkit.com
0 found this helpful
17 January, 2020
Good product
These stands are perfect for saving space in a small venue look really professional really pleased with them
0 found this helpful
2 January, 2020
very smart for my mobile dj set uo happy day
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20 December, 2019
Very good product
Great product although a little heavy but I suppose it needs to be
0 found this helpful
11 December, 2019
Great for the ££££
Nice podiums , heavier than thy look & very sturdy.
0 found this helpful
5 December, 2019
Great kit
Sturdy enough for my speakers shud I want them with black scrim more appealing But works best with moving head and u plight with white scrim Only downside takes a wee bit time assembling which other than weddings you feel pressed for time so usually pre buld and just bring in
0 found this helpful
Spencer Carter
20 November, 2019
High Quality
Really good quality equipment really happy with this product easy to build and compacted Really good Delivery Time aswel
0 found this helpful
Undisclosed Reviewer
11 November, 2019
Great kit. Great service.
Really happy with the PS1xl's. Purchased two although one of them had a single spring pull that was jammed. But the guys at djkit.com had a new part out the next day and arrived the day after. Spot on service. Cheers chaps and great product.
0 found this helpful
30 July, 2019
Fantastic product
Love love love these. Such a great addition to any setup
0 found this helpful
23 May, 2019
Does the job
As above
0 found this helpful
13 February, 2019
Really good
Been looking at these for awhile and so happy I brought them. Really good, go fairly high and can't go wrong for the price. I went into djkit.com and as always first class service from these guys
0 found this helpful
14 January, 2019
Recommend these, very sturdy !
0 found this helpful
AWL Entertainment
7 January, 2019
Great Addition
I ordered one of these for a wedding as the Bride & Groom wanted a glitter ball on the other side of the dance floor opposite the booth. As the venue had nothing to attach it to in the ceiling & space was an issue for a truss, this was the ideal solution. Heavy & sturdy enough to be free standing without obstructing the enthusiastic dancers. Height for this is very impressive & with a par can inside, lights up the column well with the white Lycra sock. I used a 30 cm glitter ball with a hanging bracket attached to the top plate, using the speaker adapter provided. The Lycra is good quality Clients loved it :) Top class service from djkit.com as always
0 found this helpful
21 December, 2018
Does the job!
Good stands, no mounts for moving heads on the top as I might expect. However, great product. The bag and scrims are brilliant.
0 found this helpful
19 December, 2018
Great Value, Great Product
I was toying with buying Duratruss instead, but I am so glad I bought these, because 1. They're cheaper 2. They're adjustable 3. They look great with the scrims on with uplights at the bottom 4. They are sturdy.
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15 December, 2018
5 Stars for the PS1XL !!
Very good Podium Stand and very beautiful, with uplighting! Easy to set up [i need 5minutes for the 1stand (alone)] and with the two bags you can move it very quickly and easily! At the max height (1,78cm) it is steady for moving heads etc! But if you want to put a heavy moving head, such as a 7R, i think you will need the "Novopro Heavy Duty Plateset PS1XL/XXL". The shipping was very fast to Greece, only 8days, with DHL! I loved it already!! A big thanks to djkit.com.com too!! Very helpful & quick replies at Fb page!!
0 found this helpful
Undisclosed Reviewer
20 November, 2018
its ok for then money but they are a bit wobbly
its ok for then money but they are a bit wobbly
0 found this helpful
13 November, 2018
Very Good and performant
0 found this helpful
9 November, 2018
Novopro podiums
Great online buying tool and deliver was next day with a handy tracking tool. Brilliant
0 found this helpful
24 October, 2018
bit disapointing
When it goes up, there are traces left on the metal, a few holes were not large enough to put a screw inside, Used one time ponly so far, so we'll see...
0 found this helpful
15 October, 2018
Brilliant Product
Easy to transport, simple to assemble. and the visual effect is fantastic.
0 found this helpful
Undisclosed Reviewer
19 September, 2018
Great bit of kit
Perfect for my needs and practical
0 found this helpful
11 September, 2018
Love the stands but not the bags
I run a mobile dance business and use several venues and dismantling the frames every time was never going to work so we leave them assembled but have had to make new carrying bags as the ones provided only work flat packed and to be honest they won't last long anyway... maybe put the price up and better bags or give a up-grade option on purchase. the stands are great and going to purchase some more.
0 found this helpful
28 May, 2018
They look the business, but very cheap & nasty for the price. You have got to buy better wing-bolts as the ones supplied are so bad, the bags are paper thin made of very low grade cloth (on the first trip one has a hole rubbed in-not tear. That is how cheap it all is). The scrims are the thinnest scrims I have ever known? The metal work is good & they are solid, Note: I use a 15kg moving head on each stand & you still need to anchor the stand at any height, as it will wobble (have to put a bass bin on them). After the next few gigs I will have to buy some decent bags (calling them pro? They should have the same attention to detail as jbl srx, as even the bag is “bulletproof”). You are just buying the metal bit, & some extra rubbish.
0 found this helpful
25 May, 2018
Great podium
Great product. So versatile. All you need out of the box. I gave it 4* as still a slight wobble with my Showtec Phantom 70 Moving Head LED Beam on...only slight, very slight...no danger but would prefer it didn't. I'm told the others do too.
0 found this helpful
23 May, 2018
You won't find better stands!
If you were to design stands which needed to be built and dismantled every night, this is exactly what you'd come up with. When they're built, they feel solid and look great and you can pack them into two cases within a few minutes (four bolts). The pack comes with a whole host of accessories - black and white scrims, wing bolts for finger tightening, or alternatives standard bolts if you want to use an electric driver or build them for an installation, mount pole for speakers, ties for your cables and bags. When you get the box delivered you do worry that they're going to be too heavy but they feel fine when they're packed into their bags. The bags rip if you're not careful (as I found out :( ) If you want lights for below them, buy the Cameo FLAT PAR RGB10-IR White as they slot almost perfectly into the gap at the bottom (and even more so if you have angled IEC power connectors).
0 found this helpful
John P.
13 May, 2018
Versatile - Ticks All The Boxes
Podiums are exceptionally popular at the moment and this product from Novopro ticks all the boxes. The podiums are fully adjustable in height and use a secure locking mechanism once you have set the height you require. You get everything you need, black and white scrims, Velcro straps to secure cable to the legs, non-slip pads for the top plate (although I would rather bolt fixtures to the top plate to reduce the chance of them being knocked off - you can do this, there is a central hole in the top plate), two separate carry bags for the poles and top plates - you won't need anything else. The kit is supplied with both bolts and Large Wing Nuts to provide either permanent build or easy on site build - whichever you require. Also supplied is a 35mm adapter which fits to the top plate, allowing you to mount either a speaker or light fixture (with a 35mm top cap fitted) securely to the product. The finish on this product is excellent. I really cannot find any fault with these podiums, they look great and are well priced. Recommended, gets 5 stars.
0 found this helpful
Ryan Morris
2 May, 2018
These are great, portable, and best price vs the competition.
Things you should know: - product is great - quick & easy to set up - stores flat - comes with 2 carry bags, one for the base and one for the poles and top - heavy product, solid metal base, top and poles - hard to topple over due to heavy wide base - black and white scrims both easy to install and look good Notes: - comes with tophat mount for the top so you can install a speaker on it. It does feel solid and can take the weight on a big speaker but long term I'm not sure if it would last, so I would only recommend using a lightweight speaker on top up to say 12" woofer. Would highly recommend.
0 found this helpful
29 March, 2018
It great but should have been about 7 feet
Great piece but should have been 7 Feet as that could give nice look with moving heads on the top and speaker to be lower.
0 found this helpful
Glitter Events
19 February, 2018
Solid bit of Kit
A very solid piece of kit. Well made with good joints. Not sure I would put the maximum weighted speaker on it at maximum extension but that's down to individuals to assess. Fits snuggly in the bags with black and white scrims and cable ties to hide cables from whatever you place on the top. Very versatile and can take mirror balls, speakers, moving heads. Would definitely not recommend taking the legs apart as it all fits in the bag and the plastic square ring is a bit fragile which is why I give this kit a 4. Apart from that - an excellent job.
0 found this helpful
5 February, 2018
Flexibility is great
Specifically bought these to compliment my Chalet Freedom Sticks as they were the only kind of podiums that were ideal to have them stand inside without making any modifications.
0 found this helpful
Mark G
30 January, 2018
great product
Great idea by Novopro, once again adding a twist on similar podiums by making them height adjustable, I am currently using mine to support a 40cm Mirror ball on an Equinox Curve bracket. They would have attacted a 5* review but unforunately the 35mm adapter is slightly bigger than 35mm meaning the curve bracket does not fit on it properly.
0 found this helpful
29 January, 2018
These are an absolute must buy! great value for money is well built, very sturdy and extremely versatile. I bought a pair and love them. really easy to adjust the height so can change your set up look per event. you get black and white scrims to suit all events too. the white scrims look great with an up light inside. the setup and pack down in minutes and the carry bags make easy transportation.
0 found this helpful
13 January, 2018
Simple and easy!
Very good product, simple and sufficient. The one negative I will say though is not to listen to what it says in the instruction manual for set up. It says to take the inner legs out which I did for the first one and it took 30 minutes to get back. Second one I did it as one and was super easy and hassle free. Not sure why they get you to do that to be honest! Apart from that all good!
0 found this helpful


Considering purchasing the Novopro PS1XL Moving Head / Podium Stand? Have questions? Ask people who've recently bought one.
if using the top hat fixture for speakers - would my RCF 715 Mk4 be able to sit on the top of them safely?
joncolley11 asked 1 year ago
I put my QSC K12's on the top hat of these podiums. Not sure what weight your RCF's are but it copes very well indeed with the K12's. Just as with any tripod speaker stand, if someone falls into the podium at speed (or is just heavily built) then there is a possibility of them going over. At the moment I keep them close to my booth just in case but have been using them for every event for 18 months without issue. I had someone lean on once while re-tieing shoelaces and it moved slightly and also have had them nudged by drunken dancers with same result. Novopro also do these wider base plates for extra stability. https://www.djkit.com/novopro/novopro-heavy-duty-plateset-ps1xlxxl-premium-bag.html Think I might purchase some myself for the bigger rooms so i can feel more confident with them further from the booth.
Novopro Heavy Duty Plateset PS1XL/XXL & Premium Bag
sbdj answered 1 year ago
See all answers (2)
Which par cans will fit inside the stand?
mikkel.steen.oestervig asked 5 years ago
2 6x3w flat par leds are sufficient for 2 towers. You can buy 2 american dj mega tripar profile plus.
hola answered 5 years ago
See all answers (3)

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Novopro PS1XL Moving Head / Podium Stand

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