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ST10 Speaker Stand with Protective Bag (Pair)

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Key Features

A high quality speaker stand made from aluminium and featuring a 35mm centre pole. Finished in Black and supplied with a protective bag. (Pair).



Product Description

Adjustable PA Speaker Stand 1m - 1.8m Black. 35mm Top Hat Fitting. Max Load 40Kg.


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28 March, 2014
This product is ok
The stands are ok and would be perfect for 12" speakers. They are light weight and don't take up much room. However i don't believe they are strong enough to support my ZLX-15P's I was expecting them to be more sturdy than they are.
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29 July, 2013
Good stands
Bought a pair of these! absolutely brilliant for the price! Great service from! Highly recommend product and company.
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DJ Mad Tunes
28 July, 2013
good product
these speaker stands are of a very good build quality and the price is quite reasonable, its an added bonus that you get a protective bag as they on their own cost quite alot of money...
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14 October, 2008
Speaker Stands
These speaker stands are excellent quality, and will certainly take any weight, constructed of thick tubes, and peg system insures that the weight of your cabinets will be on the metal peg, and not straining the screw thread. You know that they will not fall down. However, these are silver, and I would prefer to use black at disco for smartness. They definately withstand weight though, fully reccomended for heavier fifteen inch speakers.
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5 March, 2023
0 found this helpful
1 December, 2022
Great product
Top product ??
0 found this helpful
28 August, 2022
Stand up to the job
Exactly what it says on the tin, does the job perfect every timw
0 found this helpful
2 August, 2022
Love these
Good quality stands
0 found this helpful
16 July, 2022
Sturdy and well made
Packed away neatly, perfect for the speakers I purchased
0 found this helpful
9 December, 2021
st10 speaker stand
this stand it well build came free with some mackie speakers i got thank you but i would have paid for these there solid
0 found this helpful
2 November, 2021
Really good product
0 found this helpful
7 August, 2021
High Quality Stand
2 high quality stands. strong and sturdy very little wobble
0 found this helpful
1 July, 2021
Does the job
No problems here, coming in the bag is a massive bonus.
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8 June, 2021
Do what they're meant to do
Reasonable stands which serve their purpose. My one criticism would be that the speaker does not sit tight on the spigot and so spins with sound, wind etc. It's curable with a piece of material so not the end of the world.
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10 May, 2021
great stands
these have been great and practical for my gigs !!
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26 January, 2021
Good product!
Amazing item! Thanks!
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Richard Whitlock
19 November, 2020
Brilliant stands and bag
these are great pair of stands and the bag which comes with it, is decent quality. i got the stands for my devine onyx 15a,15 inch speakers. they work brilliantly for them. thank you, for the help also if they would fit for my speakers.
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12 November, 2020
Very sturdy speaker stands and the case is very handy to fold them into to move around.
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6 September, 2020
Very good product
These were part of an Active speaker bundle. Solid set, no issues and easy to setup.
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24 August, 2020
Solid Stands
Perfect for my Alto TS315 speakers, solid and stable! Easy adjustment and good build quality!
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25 April, 2020
Speaker stands
Good quality products and prompt delivery
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27 January, 2020
Had these for over a year and still going strong would recommend
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27 January, 2020
Easy to put up and Very good quality
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6 January, 2020
Great stands
Strong, Sturdy and light stands
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4 January, 2020
Great stands sturdy and dont wobble with weight
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20 December, 2019
Great strong stands
These are definitely the best stands I've had !!! There's no bung thing at the top to keep coming off in the speakers and then making things hard to fit properly!!!!
0 found this helpful
17 December, 2019
Superb, stabile
0 found this helpful
16 December, 2019
Truth Terrible
So easily broken even when handled carefully! Prepare to replace before 12 months in. I may be bias having used the old heavy ones before but Id rather the heavy ones compared to these.
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Undisclosed Reviewer
20 November, 2019
Speaker stands
Does what it says on the tin. 5*
0 found this helpful
18 November, 2019
Overall very pleased
Nice quality. Fair price
0 found this helpful
22 October, 2019
Sturdy stands!
Great value for money. Good carry case that prevents the stands from rubbing against each other.
0 found this helpful
20 August, 2019
Easy and Simple
Very easy to set up and great value
0 found this helpful
8 August, 2019
Quality not there for the price
Last nine months before one speaker stops working
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12 July, 2019
Sturdy and well built and comes with very handy carrying bag
0 found this helpful
25 April, 2019
Great compact speakers stands, easy to set up and carry around.
Both these products are great and were very helpful and proffessional with their advice too, recommend these guys 100%
0 found this helpful
Bavusani O
16 March, 2019
DJ Otis
Great customer service from the team, fast delivery service, I strongly recommend for the great service and support big up.
0 found this helpful
13 March, 2019
Good product
Good suede product very practical
0 found this helpful
1 March, 2019
Great product and great service from as always
0 found this helpful
17 January, 2019
These stands are great! What more can i say?
They arrived next day, really solid and they fit in the carry bag! What's more to like?
0 found this helpful
7 January, 2019
Great stands do the job perfect
0 found this helpful
22 December, 2018
Light weight stands
Nice speaker stands
0 found this helpful
19 December, 2018
Not bad, but not great
After around 14 months, the thread has completely gone on one of the stands. Also, from memory, I don't think the bag lasted particularly long.
0 found this helpful
13 December, 2018
Very easy to move and a small enough Carry bag for the back of the car trips!
0 found this helpful
23 October, 2018
Really happy with this product
Arrived very quick and was exactly is descried really happy with the stands
0 found this helpful
26 April, 2018
Do the job
Really good for their price. Material quality is not incredible which is the only thing preventing this frmo getting a five star.
0 found this helpful
23 April, 2018
Rugged n robust...
0 found this helpful
Adam R
30 January, 2018
Impressed - does the job
I'm amazed by how small the stand can shrink down to! When they are up, they feel solid. Very sturdy and holds my 15s with ease. The bag is a bit on the thin side but came free with the stands. Overall a good product
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29 January, 2018
Great Addition
Great pair of Speaker Stands, sturdy, very light and come in a good quality carry bag
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30 December, 2017
Light weight but strong
Not a fan of tri-pods (due to big feet and clumsiness) but these are a great build quality and smooth erection of them as some in the past have been a bit of a battle.
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9 December, 2017
Mediocre stands
The stands are ok, but not great for pro-longed use. Cheap materials are used and they wear quickly with the feet coming off overtime and the screws working loose.
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13 November, 2017
ST10 Speaker Stand with Protective Bag (Pair)
Stands are great and robust
0 found this helpful
9 November, 2017
i love it
great product
0 found this helpful
7 November, 2017
speaker stands
great sturdy product. capable of holding my 19kg speakers no problem. come with safety pins to ensure they cant fall. arrived on time, as always.
0 found this helpful
6 November, 2017
Speaker stands
Again robust, like the cotter pin security feature
0 found this helpful
6 November, 2017
Well made, Great Value
Purchased these recently from, use them all the time the build quality is good, the poles are thick and the bag is robust. Won't find better stands for the price.
0 found this helpful
Innov8 Djs
16 August, 2017
Super light, easy to assemble stands and the bag comes handy
0 found this helpful
12 August, 2017
Dj stand
Good stand..for lights..easy to set up..
0 found this helpful
BK Entertainment
7 June, 2017
QTX speaker stands
Superfast delivery. Superb quality, much better than I expected and compared to others I have tried in the past. Good weight and very sturdy. A great purchase!!
0 found this helpful
19 April, 2017
Good value for the money
These stands are good value for the money and well constructed. They are strong and can comfortably hold the weight of the EV ETX 15P speakers with no issues. The carry bag that these stands come in has failed however with the zip breaking.
0 found this helpful
30 March, 2017
Good while they last
Was good however one broke by like the 2nd/3rd usage unfortunately.
0 found this helpful
30 November, 2016
Good but bags a bit small
These are good looking stands and feel substantial enough for my speakers. My only issue is that the design of the supplied carrying case makes it tricky to put the stands back in as they only just fit if you tug hard on the case.
0 found this helpful
28 November, 2016
Great Stands
Great Speaker Stands come in a nice bag. Great service by as always
0 found this helpful
22 November, 2016
st10 speaker stands
nice and light bonus they come with a bag the thing that lets them down is the pole locking bolt and nut wouldn't take much to strip the thread wouldn't recommend they for heavy speakers unless you can find away of stopping the legs spreading out
0 found this helpful
19 November, 2016
Light And strong
0 found this helpful
Marcus Gaskell
16 November, 2016
Very easy to use
Very happy
0 found this helpful
6 October, 2016
Yeah, stands
Haven't used them yet but i'm sure they are great :)
0 found this helpful
4 September, 2016
Room for improvement but works fine
Nut and bolt fixing could be better quality. Tightening at same point over a period of time causes them to thread/fail
0 found this helpful
2 September, 2016
Really great
These are great stands! Would highly recommend and they are very strong
0 found this helpful
23 August, 2016
Great price, great build quality
0 found this helpful
21 August, 2016
Sturdy but not a professional product
These stands are great for mobile Dj / SMALL disco use to support small speakers, but they are not made for busy events and large speakers.
0 found this helpful
9 August, 2016
Brilliant stands
Great quality, sturdy and light weight, nice bag also, I am very pleased.
0 found this helpful
20 June, 2016
decent product
not the sturdy stands i hoped for but good enough for parties
0 found this helpful
20 June, 2016
They work a treat
Got these to go with my TS212'S AND THEY ARE PERFECT! !
0 found this helpful
16 June, 2016
Brilliant stands, does what you need and are nice and light. Bag they come in could be a little stronger as the zip has already brokebeen. Otherwise they are perfect
0 found this helpful
Bradley Shaw
16 June, 2016
Quality Stands
Very light but very sturdy. Glad I chose to get these!
0 found this helpful
24 May, 2016
Fairly good
Good sturdy stands. Link chain quite weak which holds the pin. Apart from that happy with my purchase.
0 found this helpful
21 May, 2016
Extremely easy to use and transport
the product does exactly as it should and is very easy to setup and pack away!
0 found this helpful
6 May, 2016
Not sure
Not sure about these yet, they seem stable when loaded, however seem thin compared to usual stands. Chain for the safety pin is very flimsy and breaks easily Overall pretty decent for now but time will tell
0 found this helpful
6 April, 2016
Great product
Great service from
0 found this helpful
Undisclosed Reviewer
5 April, 2016
Useful piece of kit
Great price, fast delivery and really handy to have a pair of stands in a carry case. Not only does it make transporting them easier but it helps keep them looking new. The stands are sturdy enough for some quite weighty 15" speakers although these are cheap stands using plastic components where possible. Used twice so far and they seem fit for purpose hence 4 stars.
0 found this helpful
31 March, 2016
These are very average stands for the price. They're not very stable and I fear that if knocked hard enough would break. Not great when they're holding up expensive speakers.
0 found this helpful
18 March, 2016
Speaker stands
Well packaged no issues with them at all
0 found this helpful
3 January, 2016
Worth it
Good stand (cheap) and not a bad bag, you get what you pay for but if used lightly and looked after they will do just fine for years to come. I usually prefere better but wanted cheap this time round and i was surprised, has good price for these as i can not find these cheaper anywhere else. Q - are they worth the money..... A - Yes
0 found this helpful
16 December, 2015
very good
Very pleased would buy again
0 found this helpful
14 December, 2015
These are awesome!! So easy to use I absolutely love them!!
0 found this helpful
9 December, 2015
Good stands
These are great stands lightweight, robust and the additional storage bag is very handy for keeping the stands in good condition.
0 found this helpful
14 September, 2015
They are nice and light!
0 found this helpful
11 September, 2015
Good stands
Good stands for the money very light weight and a good carry bag too
0 found this helpful
20 August, 2015
I love the product
Great Product did the job and fast delivery. Good delivery time by courier.
0 found this helpful
Cool Connection Productions
19 August, 2015
Sturdy and Smart
These will stand the test of time.......
0 found this helpful
27 March, 2015
this stands are so light weight and strong
0 found this helpful
5 February, 2015
0 found this helpful
Rohan Jackson
11 November, 2014
Does what you'd expect!
these are great for the price, wanted something cheap to hold two KAM speakers so decided on these. They're very quick to assemble and then pack up also they don't look cheap either! Very happy with them! Cheers
0 found this helpful
10 November, 2014
very strong
good to use and easy to pack
0 found this helpful
9 October, 2014
Good sturdy stands. Does the job.
0 found this helpful
23 June, 2014
Good for the price.
Very good value, though the retaining chains for the support pin and safety split pin are so flimsy as to be useless. One broke the first time the stands were used.
0 found this helpful
2 June, 2014
These stand are really sturdy and we'll made and the carry case makes them easier to store and transport.
0 found this helpful
29 May, 2014
good stands
Excellent stands and comes with bag which is always good
0 found this helpful
26 March, 2014
Prompt service!!!
Best service ever, prompt and efficient. Will be coming back for more orders
0 found this helpful


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Is it suitable for fbt jmaaxx 112a..? Or is there any other one better..? To thanks..
sanje74 asked 1 year ago
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ST10 Speaker Stand with Protective Bag (Pair)

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