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Once you have chosen the right DJ equipment, it can be really frustrating to find out that you can’t afford what you need. Rather than settling for lower quality equipment that may not really meet your needs, when you work with us at djkit you can enjoy CDJ and mp3 players finance options that are designed to meet your needs. No matter what type of equipment you need, we offer DJ finance options that are designed specifically for you and will meet your needs.

The right CDJ/mp3 packages provide DJs with the ultimate control over their music. No matter what kind of music you want to play for your performances or your practice, you can count on our gear to offer you the control that you need. Our CD and mp3 players are all high quality and designed specifically for DJs to improve their music.


Because we believe in providing the best equipment, when you decide to buy a new player, you can rely on us for CDJ and mp3 players finance. This allows you to enjoy the power of new equipment on finance so that you don’t have to worry about how you will afford it.

Get Your Brand New CDJ/mp3 Bundle Today Using DJ Finance

At djkit we believe in offering DJ equipment on/with/through finance so that you get the gear you need to perform. With our low cost finance options that only require 10% down, you’ll enjoy your new CDJ/mp3 bundles right away. Not only do we offer 6 and 12 month financing without interest, but the low interest on our 24 and 36 month financing means that you can improve your DJ abilities right away without worrying about overpaying. Additionally, you’ll get a response from our finance team in just a few minutes.


Filling out the finance application is fast and easy. Since it only takes a few minutes you won’t have to worry about answering really difficult or convoluted questions.

Thanks to our CDJ and mp3 players finance options, we are proud to help DJs get the equipment that they need. To learn more about the finance process and start your application right away, just click on the banner. This will take you to our main website so you can choose the equipment and gear that you need. After adding it to your cart, simply fill out some financing information and you are on your way to enjoying your new equipment.


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