Which is Better The XDJ-XZ or the Prime 4?

Which is Better – The XDJ-XZ or the Prime 4?

Two of the best-selling standalone systems on the market right now, the Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ or the Denon DJ Prime 4+ are evenly matched plus superior; both with endless points of appeal and their own unique features, making it difficult to choose between the two.

It is therefore a case of weighing up what matters most to you as a DJ in order to decide which way to go.

Which is Better - The XDJ-XZ or the Prime 4?

A brief comparison of some of the main features and selling points of these two high-end devices:


Too close to call, as both look absolutely fantastic. The Pioneer XDJ-XZ has a fabulously familiar look, which anyone who has used any CDJ or DJM before will know in an instant. On the Prime 4+, that enormous central screen lures you in at a glance; it is therefore a case of familiarity vs. big-screen appeal, the decision is more about preference.


The fact that Pioneer DJ has gone with such a familiar layout and design is a major plus point, but it does not necessarily give it the edge, as the Denon Prime 4’s design and layout are strikingly similar to that of the XDJ-XZ. Getting to grips with either is easy, the total package of innovation and intuitiveness.

Software Integration

This will undoubtedly be the biggest deciding factor for most buyers, as the two systems have been designed with entirely different software suites in mind. The XDJ-XZ is engineered to get the best out of Serato DJ Pro, which you can use at the same time as a USB stick as a failsafe. By contrast, the Prime 4 runs Engine OS, a software suite engineered by Denon to compliment Engine Prime for PC/Mac. The Prime 4 also is compatible with Virtual DJ and Serato DJ Pro, but has been built primarily with Engine OS in mind.


At the time of their launch, the XZ was priced at £2049 while the Denon DJ Prime 4 + will set you back £2299. At these standard retail prices, you could say that the Prime 4 delivers more features with it's higher price tag; the price adjustments over time have resulted in both often coming up for sale at more or less the same price. The Pioneer system is probably the better choice in such instances, however the Denon DJ Prime 4 + has a longer feature list. 

The only factors that split these two new-generation standalone systems are software choice and price. One of which is purely a case of personal preference, the other is more about hanging around for a decent discount to creep into the mix.

Either way, what you are taking home is a remarkable piece of DJ kit that will serve you proud for many years to come; one that is also guaranteed to hold onto much of its value when the time comes to trade up to something more sophisticated.


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