The Best Disco Lights for 2018

The subject of what exactly defines the best disco lighting is one of huge debate. After all, what some consider totally terrific others regard as terrifyingly tacky. As such, the whole subject of the best DJ lights is open to opinion.

But at the same time, when it comes to the outright quality and performance of the disco lighting hardware on the market, it’s pretty easy to draw concrete lines. The way we see it, the best disco lights are those that are easy to use, comprehensively reliable and easily integrated within a wider setup. Tick these three boxes and the rest comes down to personal preferences alone.

So with this in mind, what follows is a brief overview of just some of the best disco lighting effects hardware you can pick up right now:

American DJ Mega TriPAR Profile Plus

First up, the American DJ Mega TriPAR Profile Plus is all about proving that the best things often do come in the smallest of packages. Extremely compact and designed for stage lighting and up-lighting, the American DJ Mega TriPAR Profile Plus brings an exceptional visual dynamic to any party or event. The unit boasts an innovative “sit-flat” design to allow it to be used directly on the floor, with convenient DMX & power ports on the side, rather than the back. A solid performer for a price of just £69.

Marq Colormax P18

Featuring 18 x 1w LEDs (6 red, 6 green, 6 blue), the Marq Colormax P18 is able to produce an extraordinary varied spectrum of colours – without the need for an external controller. That said, the unit is nonetheless compatible with the Colormax IR remote control, as an optional extra. Featuring multiple presets and an intuitive user interface, the Marq Colormax P18 there is ideal for professionals and hobbyists alike – thanks to its extraordinary low price of just £19.

Chauvet Hurricane 700 & Smoke Fluid

Proving outright that you don’t need to spend a fortune to invest in a seriously capable smoke machine, the Chauvet Hurricane 700 really does live up to its name. Boasting a highly generous tank capacity, a rapid heat-up time of just 4 minutes and an impressive 1,500cfm output rating, the Chauvet Hurricane 700 is ideal for small and large performance/disco settings alike. An impressive package for a price of £45 – smoke fluid included!

Chauvet Beamer 6 FX

An excellent multi-effect system that dispenses an impressive all-in-one light show in its own right, the Chauvet Beamer 6 FX comes highly recommended. Featuring an array of sound-activated and automated programmes, optional IRC-6 remote and built-in motion effects, the Chauvet Beamer 6 FX makes a great starter-piece or extension to an existing lighting system. Currently priced at just £79.

American DJ Micro Galaxian II Laser

Last but not least, the American DJ Micro Galaxian II Laser really is in a league of its own when it comes to quality and performance for this kind of price. Incredibly easy to use – simply connect it to a power source and choose its sound-activated or automated programs. Complete with wireless remote control and an extensive contingency of safety features, the fact that the Micro Galaxian II is up for grabs for just £53 makes it an absolute steal.

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