Pioneer DJ RekordBox 6 - What you need to know!

Pioneer DJ RekordBox 6 

New update, features, pricing… everything!


Pioneer DJ have just launched the biggest update to their industry standard software for DJs. RekordBox has long been the go-to tool for DJ’s to organise their tracks and prepare them for playing out, unofficially classified as ‘iTunes for DJs’. 


The new RekordBox 6 has so many updates that we’ll try and list them all here, although we’ll focus on the key changes and answer some questions about them.

First, what’s new in RekordBox 6?

Cloud library

You can now store and sync your music collection in the cloud. Although this is a top tier paid feature, if you have enough storage you can link your Dropbox account with your Rekordbox software and stream or synchronise your track collection, playlists, loops and cues from anywhere.


Mobile Sync

One great feature that works on all tiers (including free!) is mobile sync on a local network. 

How does this work? You ‘pair’ your iPhone to your Mac or PC using the RekordBox app, then decide which tunes you want to keep stored on your phone. 

Once there, you can add cues and loops, adjust beat grids, create or modify playlists or track info. This is great for anyone wanting to work on their collection while out and about or sitting in the garden, at dinner or even on the loo! 

When you reconnect your phone with your computer all the new data syncs straight away, even if the track is currently loaded ( there’s no real reason to want this, it just happened while I was testing it). 

Yes, I said iPhone, not Android or iPad. Apparently the Android  version is coming and you can run the iPhone version on the iPad but it’s clunky. Personally I think the iPad is a perfect device for editing and sorting tracks so I really hope there’s a dedicated app coming soon. 



3 colour waveforms 

For those that want a cleaner waveform display you can now opt to have the track shown in three colours representing bass, mid and treble. Not dissimilar to the Denon DJ Engine display, it gives a smoother looking and, for some, an easier to read display. You can’t have a mixture of both and existing data will need to be reanalysed although this is a quick process, as is flicking between full colour. 


New pricing tiers. 

Here’s the controversial part. 

Rekordbox 6 is free as standard with “Core” features. 

To unlock hardware controls you need to have a compatible unit. This currently includes all the Rekordbox DDJ controllers and most mixers. 

Extra features like DVS activation and video as well as cloud sync cost a monthly fee. Pioneer DJ are offering special prices to those signing up now. 


So, what happens to existing owners? 


If you have a DDJ 200/400/800/1000 or XDJ-XZ/RX2/RR you can use the same features as you do now (DVS requires paid subscription). So you’re safe to upgrade. 

Older Pioneer DJ Serato controllers will also work on the paid subscription too, although current models won’t.


If you just use RekordBox to organise and prepare then export to USB, again you should upgrade to v6.

Common FAQs:

I’ve paid for plugins on RekordBox v5 - do I lose them? 

Not exactly. You can continue to use v5 and all the plugins you may have. However these won’t work on v6 and those features require subscription. 


You can have Rekordbox 5 and 6 on the same machine. 

You can install RekordBox 6 on your computer, when you first run it you will be asked if you want to import your existing library. 

Doing so will bring in all your tracks, loops, cues, playlists etc. 

It takes a bit of time (approx 1 hour for 10,000 tracks) but once it’s done, you’re ready to pick up where you left off. 

Your RekordBox 5 library will still be there and you can still launch the program (though not at the same time as v6) and use it as normal. 

Any changes you make in v5 won’t appear in v6 (or the other way around)  and if you try to re-import the library it gets a little messy (I tried it!). But it’s nice to know you’ve got the older version to fall back on if you need it. 


Overall, the new RekordBox 6 offers some great new features and possibly a glimpse into the future of Pioneer DJ hardware.

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