Pioneer DJ Debuts Three New DM Series Desktop Monitors

Pioneer DJ Debuts Three New DM Series Desktop Monitors

Pioneer DJ has stepped up its summer hardware launch campaign with three new additions to its ultra-affordable (and supremely popular) DM desktop monitors series. Designed to bridge the gap between everyday entertainment and professional applications, the new BT variants of the DM-50D and DM-40D now also feature the convenience of Bluetooth technology.

According to Pioneer DJ, the new speakers have everything aspiring DJs and recording artists need to master their mixes at home. 

“You don't have to choose between DJ monitors and producer monitors, as the DM-50D speakers are perfect for both. Just put them in DJ or producer mode. This will optimize the DSP settings for your application, allowing you to concentrate on the mix,” wrote Pioneer DJ while debating the new speakers. 

“The DM-50D loudspeakers have a well-balanced, powerful bass and can make a lot of effort when needed, thanks to the new Class D amplifier and 5-inch woofers fitted to each monitor. Use a switch to go from DJ mode to production mode, which will automatically change the DSP settings to get the best sound for your application.”

Precision Engineered for Superior Performance

Each DM-50D-BT is powered by a Class D amplifier with 96kHz sampling and features a two-way design with a 5-inch woofer and a ¾-inch soft dome tweeter.  Incorporation of Pioneer's DECO convex diffuser ensures a wider dispersion of high frequencies, adding up to Superior Sound production for such a low-cost speaker. 

Connectivity has also been stepped up with the new additions to the DM desktop speaker line-up, enabling them to be connected to a wide variety of mixers, controllers and other devices.

“With RCA sockets, mini jacks and newly added TRS inputs, you can connect various types of equipment such as DJ controllers and mixers and a laptop or sound card that you use to create your own music. Connecting and disconnecting the headphones is easy thanks to the jack on the front panel of the DM-50D. There is no need to reach behind the speakers to adjust the volume as the control knob is also in front of you.” – Pioneer DJ

Two Switchable Modes 

The speakers can be switched between two modes, which use DSP to optimise them for either DJing or production. RCA, mini-jack and 1/4-inch jack input terminals are positioned to the rear, along with a mini-jack output and a volume dial up front. 

For those that feature Bluetooth connectivity, all efforts have been made to combat latency and boost reliability. Put to the test, both the BT variants of the DM-50D and DM-40D comfortably outperformed most comparable speakers within the same price bracket.

All models are available in a choice of black or white and are priced at £229 for the DM-50D-BT, £169 for the DM-40D-BT, and £149 for the DM-40D.


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