How to Select the Best DJ Equipment for Your Budget

How to Select the Best DJ Equipment for Your Budget

At some point on the path towards going pro, every DJ needs to carefully consider their equipment. More specifically, decide whether or not the DJ equipment they’re using is up to scratch. Going pro with amateur-grade equipment isn’t really an option.

From DJ decks to mixers to controllers and so on, the equipment you use says a lot about you as an artist. Of course, it also has a marked impact on the quality of your music and your capacity to perform.

Not every DJ (amateur or otherwise) can afford to spend huge sums of money on the latest DJ equipment. Precisely why it’s important to work within your budget and select DJ gear you can actually afford.

So with this in mind, here’s a brief summary of how to select the best DJ equipment for your budget:

  1. Calculate Your Budget

The first step in the process is to carefully calculate your budget and establish how much you can afford to spend. Budgeting for DJ equipment means ensuring you don’t spend money allocated for more important expenses, or wipe out your budget and leave yourself with no financial safety net. Spending more than you can afford to is never a good idea, but neither is cutting corners on quality to keep costs down.

  1. Decide What You Actually Need

One of the best ways of staying within your allocated budget is to think carefully about what you need and what you can live without. You may have your sights set on the latest £2,000 controller from Pioneer, when a £500 alternative from Denon would be just as suitable. If you’re working with a limited budget, try not to focus too heavily on the prestige of high-end DJ gear. Think instead about what you need to get the job done – nothing more.

  1. Read Product Reviews

Reading product reviews (independent only) is a great way of finding bargains to suit any budget. There are some devices on the market that deliver far more than you’d expect for the money. Just as there are some pieces of kit that pack a premium price for disappointing performance. Find out what real customers and DJs like you are saying about the gear that fits within your price range. Never buy blindly – it’s a risk not worth taking.

  1. Ask the Pros

Likewise, you could always reach out to an independent DJ hardware specialist for expert advice. Just as long as they’re genuinely independent (i.e. not tied to one specific brand), they’ll be able to point you in the right direction. They might also be able to offer you an unbeatable deal on the equipment you need, or even an affordable finance package.

  1. Consider DJ Finance

Speaking of which, DJ finance offers a flexible and affordable alternative to outright purchase. If your on-hand budget simply won’t stretch to the gear you need, you could spread the costs over several months or years. In many instances, with 0% deposit payable and no borrowing costs. Rather than selling yourself short or saving relentlessly for years on end, DJ finance can help you get your hands on the equipment you need now and pay for it later.

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