Good DJ vs. Lazy DJ Which Are You?

Good DJ vs. Lazy DJ – Which Are You?

Most professional DJs would probably consider themselves fairly hardworking. If you have invested years in your craft and built a successful business, you’ve much to be proud of.

Unfortunately, even the most seasoned DJs on the circuit are not immune from developing bad habits along the way. Habits which may be insignificant to you, but could paint entirely the wrong picture to everyone else.

With this in mind, here are just a few of the unfortunate habits of DJs on a slippery slope towards true laziness:

  1. Recycling the same set indefinitely

If you are playing to a 100% new crowd each time you perform, then yes – you can get away with recycling a solid set. But if you are playing regularly at the same place and/or to the same people, playing the same set over and over is unacceptable.

All this suggests is that you lack the creativity and motivation to come up with more than one set. You have found something that works, you’ve practiced it to perfection, and you can do the job with one arm tied behind your back.

Fair enough, but this will quickly fall out of favour with those already getting tired of your predictable performances.

  1. Using too many effects

This has a tendency to be the mark of a DJ who wants to sound like they know what they are doing, when the truth is quite the contrary. Overusing effects is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to hiding mistakes and covering for a lack of talent.

It is worth remembering that when people head out to watch a DJ set, they are not there to listen to a bunch of effects. They’re there to hear the music you play – not the stuff you use to cover it up; the better the DJ, the lower their reliance on effects.

  1. No pre-show introductions

Whether you are playing a small local party, a huge wedding or a massive outdoor venue, it is prudent and professional to organise pre-show introductions. This means visiting the venue in advance so you know what to expect, talking to the organisers and generally laying the groundwork for a quality show.

Some DJs do the opposite; they book a show and turn up on the day. Not always the end of the world, but hardly indicative of a DJ who really cares about their craft.

  1. Trash talking other performers

There is only one logical reason why a DJ would go out of their way to trash talk other performers.

If you are totally confident in your capabilities and you know you’re legit, you don’t have to badmouth others. If you are basically a bit rubbish and know you’re out of your league, you might resort to talking down other DJs.

Never in history has badmouthing others for the sake of it has been an indication of professionalism, talent or confidence. Hence, if you want to come across as a lazy amateur with little to offer, feel free to call out your fellow performers all you like.

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