djkit Discusses Virtual Parties and Post-Lockdown Celebrations

djkit Discusses Virtual Parties and Post-Lockdown Celebrations

One of the UK’s leading DJ hardware specialists has been discussing the importance of making every effort to continue enjoying an active and fulfilling social life during even the most difficult times. Echoing the sentiments of some of the biggest celebrities in the world (including the Queen), djkit is encouraging people across the UK to consider virtual parties as an alternative to in-person gatherings.

Armed with a decent sound system, a home computer and Internet connection, it’s even possible to put on DJ sets and creative virtual club environments for friends and family members. All of which provides the perfect opportunity to practice prior to the post-lockdown party to end all parties, along with a great excuse to pick up some new DJ gear in the meantime.

Staying Social During Lockdown

“The way we see it, the fact that Brits are currently barred from travelling anywhere or spending time together really isn’t the end of the world. It’s inconvenient, but it’s also the time to get creative and innovative with the stuff we’ve got at our disposal. If you can stream movies, gigs and DJ sets in real-time online, why not put on a show for your mates? Get your mates to hook their computers up to decent stereo systems, get your latest mixes on your computer and get the party started – even if you’re on the other side of the world from your buds!” djkit

A handful of high-profile events over the past few weeks have clearly illustrated the growing popularity of virtual parties. One notable example being a recent birthday party in Berlin, which involved 53 online guests, copious amounts of booze and one hell of a DJ set – all of which took place on Zoom.

Meanwhile, Victoria Beckham has taken things one step further by inviting each and every one of her 28.3 million Instagram followers to her virtual birthday party. “Tomorrow is my birthday. @dj_fattony_ has given me the best bday present. A playlist of all my favourite songs to share with everyone,” she announced.

If all this wasn’t enough, an Instagram event hosted by an American DJ was recently crashed by Michel Obama, while Queen Elizabeth herself has announced plans to celebrate her 94th birthday online, skipping the usual festivities. If it’s good enough for this lot, it’s probably good enough for the rest of us!

Making the Best of a Bad Situation

“Jokes aside, we’re strong believers in the importance of doing what you can to make the best of a bad situation. Things aren’t exactly ideal right now, but why not spend the time you’ve got doing something you’ve always wanted to do? We’ll all be celebrating like crazy when lockdown finally comes to an end, so why not take up the skills, knowledge and DJ equipment you need to put on the show of a lifetime? djkit

About djkit:

djkit is the UK’s leading DJ retailer, offering an unrivalled range of over 25,000 products and packages for professional musicians and amateurs alike. The team prides itself at being right at the forefront of the industry, stocking only the most cutting-edge technology, offering DJ finance as well as the highest-level of service and hosting regular events in conjunction with industry elite.

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