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delivery delays

Where's the stock?


If you've been trying to buy some shiny new gear recently, perhaps a Pioneer DJ controller or new PA speakers, you have probably come across difficulties finding stock. Well you're not alone and you'll find this happening over many industries.

We're going to give you the three key reasons this is happening.


  1. Supply chain issues. 

For a while now there has been a global shortage of microchips, this is affecting all manufacturing sectors from car makers to computer companies well as DJ equipment manufacturers.

Other shortages have also compounded delays. For example, a lack of raw materials has held up manufacturing. We recently heard of a shortage of steel, no big deal to DJs you might think, but the steel is used to make speaker grilles on PA speakers and microchips are used in the amp modules  So, no steel, no speaker grilles. No microchips, no amp modules, no speakers.

So, the first part of the delay is getting the products off the production line.

Most DJ controllers that are anything more than basic also use micropchips.


  1. Shipping.

Many industries are starting to see a hike in the cost of shipping a container from China to the UK or Europe.  We're not talking about about a 10, 20 or even 50% increase, we're talking about up to 1000%. Shipping a container has increased from around £2000 upto as much as £20000. 

So, let's say a container can fit 500 controllers, where that would have worked out at £4 per box,that could now be as much as £40. 

Naturally the manufacturers are trying to keep this increase to a minimum which typically involves using slower shipping methods.


  1. Brexit.

Sorry, but this is a thing. When the expensive and slow containers finally arrive in Europe they need to come to the UK and since the start of 2021 this has seen delays. Both with paperwork and delivery times. 

For those containers arriving directly in the UK there is still a delay getting from the docks to the warehouses. The lack of HGV drivers has caused stock shortages everywhere from eggs to clothing, shelves across the country are empty due to this.


When you combine these factors,you have the "perfect storm" for delays. The product can't get off the production line, when it does, it takes longer than usual to get it to the UK or Europe and when it finally makes it to the UK there are fewer truck drivers to get them to the warehouse!

Some brands are working through reserve stocks while others are trying to source alternative components to speed up manufacturing. 

We're doing everything we can to source as much product as we can however many brands have stopped even estimating delivery times. So when you ask if we know when a product is coming back into stock, please don't be disappointed when we can't provide a time frame. 

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