Differences between the Pioneer XDJ-XZ and the DDJ-1000

As the newest Pioneer DJ controller XDJ-XZ boasts a 4 channel mixer in rekordbox and Serato modes, as well as standalone features, the question has arisen; "Why go for the XZ when the DDJ-1000 offers the same 4 channel feature?". So, it was time for a head to head comparison!

Although Denon DJ fans have been comparing the XDJ-XZ to the Prime 4, you can only use 2 of the 4 channel mixer of the XZ in standalone mode unless you have external turntables or CDs plugged in. However, the 4 channel control of rekordbox and Serato is a huge feature on Pioneer’s new controller. Anyway, you can read our take of that debate here:


So with the Pioneer DJ original rekordbox DDJ-1000 released in January 2018, and then the Serato compatible DDJ-1000SRT released in August this year, both with 4 channel standalone mixers and full sized CDJ 2000NXS2 jog wheels, surely this is the way forward for laptop DJs rather than the XDJ-XZ!?

Taking the standalone feature of the XZ out of the equation, what are the differences between the two controllers? Which controller is best for mobile DJs, or Club DJs, and are there any features such as beat FX missing from one controller compared to the other?

Product Specialist and regular Rat Cave resident Sami swung by The Ratcave to assist Ratzi in comparing the features on the XDJ-XZ in controller mode, against the OG and flagship DDJ-1000 rekordbox DJ controller.

Watch the XDJ-XZ video here:

Watch the DDJ-1000 vs DDJ-1000SRT video here:

Grab the Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ here:


Grab the Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 here:


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