Denon DJ Announces v1.0.3 Firmware Upgrade for the SC5000 Prime Media Player

Denon DJ Announces v1.0.3 Firmware Upgrade for the SC5000 Prime Media Player

Import Rekordbox® files and database content from an inserted USB/SD, directly into the SC5000

It’s the announcement thousands of DJs and recording artists all over the world have been waiting for! Denon DJ has finally announced the launch of perhaps its most significant SC5000 prime media player firmware upgrade to date, which will at long last enable Denon’s SC5000 media player to read any Rekordbox formatted USB - v1.0.3 importing in all the cue and loop points.

Back at the time the SC5000 was launched, one of the biggest (and indeed only) criticisms was the way in which it didn’t offer particularly convenient Rekordbox database integration. Meaning that those using this particular hardware and software combination faced the chore of having to redo their loops & cues manually.

Thankfully, this will no longer be an issue anyone has to contend with!

The announcement from Denon represents a huge step forward for DJs worldwide and marks a pivotal moment in the company’s progression towards comprehensive cross-platform integration. As of now, anyone using the industry standard Rekordbox software will be able to connect it to their SC5000 via USB and instantly import all the required information into the player and store it on the drive separately.

According to the official press release, the system will be capable of importing approximately 1,000 tracks per minute.

“The new 1.0.3 firmware delivers two important upgrades, which significantly improve the SC5000’s operational effectiveness:

  • Direct import of rekordbox® database — automatically and elegantly converts hot-¬cues, saved loops and playlists into Engine format, directly within the SC5000 player
  • Adjusted pitch resolution for more accurate BPM setting during DJ performance

The new 1.0.3 firmware is a solid indication of Denon DJ’s commitment to continuous improvement for their revolutionary Prime Series equipment.”

The update has officially gone live and Existing owners of the SC5000 can download this important update at

The Astonishing SC5000

“A quick re-­cap of the stunning Denon DJ SC5000 Prime media player: Winner of two DJ Mag Tech Awards for ‘Innovative New Product’ and ‘Ultimate Club Deck,’ the SC5000 Prime sets a new standard for ease of use and comprehensive creative features. It is a professional unit with 7-­inch multi-­touch display that enables gestures and swiping for the ultimate DJ expression and immediacy of interaction. Adding dual-­layer playback on a single unit, making it possible to mix a full DJ set on just one player, plus on-­board trigger pads for expressive live performance, the SC5000 represents the future of professional DJ performance, right here, right now.” – Denon DJ

The SC5000 itself remains one of the most extraordinary pieces of DJ technology to have emerged in recent history. Setting a new standard for creativity, intuitiveness and user-friendliness, the SC5000 became an instant classic the moment it was released and has since become an important part of modern DJ history.

Priced at just £1,499 or £2,898 for a pair, the SC5000 represents the digital DJ revolution of the past decade.

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