What is the difference between the DDJ-1000 Rekordbox and DDJ-1000SRT Serato

The brand new Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000SRT has just dropped, but how does it compare to the original Rekordbox version? Basically the big question is, what is the actual difference between the DDJ-1000 for Rekordbox and DDJ-1000SRT for Serato?

Product Specialist Sami dropped in to the The Ratcave to help Ratzi point out the differences between the two controllers. Serato vs Rekordbox - which one is best for you?

Although the controllers are laid out pretty much exactly the same, and the mixer sections are identical, (apart from the silver trim on the DDJ-1000SRT) there are a few differences between the deck sides to cater for Rekordbox, or Serato.

The performance pads have different features, with the DDJ-1000 having the ‘Pad FX’ that trigger FX within Rekordbox, but there is no way to trigger any internal Serato FX on the DDJ-1000SRT.

Also, the built in jog displays differ, with the DDJ-1000SRT jog emulating the Serato display, rather than the Rekordbox boasting in screen waveforms.

So should you buy the DDJ-1000 or DDJ-1000SRT? Watch the video below to decide yourself!

More info on the DDJ-1000SRT here:


And the original Rekordbox DDJ-1000 here:


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