Best Practice Guidelines for DJ Speaker Placement

Best Practice Guidelines for DJ Speaker Placement

There comes a time in every DJ’s journey where you become fully reliant on your own equipment, rather than simply plugging in to what is already set up at the venue, your full rig goes where you go. Having your own setup can be advantageous in numerous ways. Primarily, you will need to set yourself up with a full rig of performance gear to work as a mobile DJ. From weddings to private parties to corporate functions and so on, you cannot always count on the hardware you need being available. Set yourself up with some quality speakers and you are good to go if you know how to use them properly.

The Basics of Proper Speaker Placement

If bringing your own speakers to an event for the first time, there is one important thing to remember above everything else: All of your speakers should always be placed on speaker stands, without exception. Truth is, there are no instances where it is advisable to place any of your speakers on the floor. Likewise, speakers should never be placed on chairs, on tables or anything else that was not designed specifically for this purpose. This is basically the number-one rule of proper speaker placement; place them on the floor at your peril. In terms of positioning, you will want to ensure your speakers are elevated to the right level for the venue in question. If your speakers are positioned too low, the high frequency sounds from the tweeters will not be properly broadcast. They will simply bounce off the revellers at the front and be blocked from those at the back. Likewise, woofers positioned too low can be highly irritating for those at the front, while at the same time making it difficult for those at the back to hear your music. The key therefore lies in elevating your speakers to an appropriate level so that everyone in the room can hear your set. For obvious reasons, they also need to be of sufficient quality to fill the venue with sound at the appropriate level.

Keeping up Appearances

Along with ensuring your speakers are appropriately placed, you need to ensure they are in the best possible condition. Nothing screams amateur more than a damaged or deteriorating speaker. The same also applies to your speaker stands, which need to send the right message about your professionalism. For convenience purposes, sticking with black speakers and speaker stands is the way to go where possible. This is because all you will subsequently need to hide scratches, scuffs and damage is a can of black spray paint, or marker.

Care with Cables

Be extremely mindful of the positioning of your cables where setting up your speakers. For obvious reasons, they need to be laid as carefully as possible to avoid potential trips and tangles. As much of your cables as possible should be hidden behind your speakers and other on-stage equipment. Cables that are loose, hanging or poorly positioned give the impression of a DJ who is still learning the ropes, or set things in a rush with no real attention to detail.

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